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    Seac Modular Package is a scuba diving equipment kit consisiting of Seac Modular rear bladder BCD, Seac DX200 INT regulator + Seac X100 octo, Seac Action HR dive computer and a compact pressure gauge. .

    Seac Modular is a rear-bladder BCD that takes up little space and weighs just 6.6 lb. It has an harness with removable shoulder straps and soft backbone with removable steel core, a 30 lb donut double bladder, 2 quick-release pockets for weights. .

    This package includes Seac DX200 INT 230 bar first stage and second stage regulator, plus the Seac X100 octopus. These regulators are also suitable for cold water. .

    Seac Action HR is a wrist-mount diving computer for scuba and freediving. Easy to use. Scuba, gauge and freediving mode. Improved resistance. LCD screen with contrast and adjustable-intensity backlighting. Long-lasting CR2450 battery. .

    Compact pressure gauge with 80 cm high pressure hose, luminescent face, scale 0-5000 PSI. High resistance polycarbonate glass.

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