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    Sea Dragon Duo 9000F Set - SALE!

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    The Sea Dragon 4500F photo-video lights each deliver 4500 lumens in an even 120° wide beam. Side by side they offer even more complete coverage of any subject at nearly any shooting angle including usage with wide angle dome or fisheye lenses.


    Two powerful 4500 lumen LED lights with color enhancing COB LED array technology.

    96 (+/-1) CRI (color rendering index) that mimics natural sunlight.

    Auto Bright mode adjusts from 10% to 100% (450 to 4500 lumens) to preserve your eye’s natural night vision and extends battery life.

    Auto Flash Detect mode. Light turns off for 1 second when detecting external flash.

    One button control for easy operation. One button to power light on/off and select brightness.

    Five brightness modes: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and Auto mode (10% to 100%).

    Hidden emergency signal mode. 1 sec blink interval and SOS Morse code. Push and hold power button for 4 seconds to activate (from off state).

    4 hour burn time at 1125 lumens and constant brightness (55 minute burn time at full power).

    Easy to expand with YS or Flex-Connect™ mounting system of arms, grips, trays and adapters.

    Quick-release button to detach light and aim in crevices and hard to reach areas.

    120° wide beam angle evenly illuminates the subject with no hot spots.

    Depth tested to 330ft (100m).

    Corrosion-proof alloy light head for heat dispersion and durability.

    Removable 50W Li-Ion battery w/ charger and international plug adapters included.

    Protective circuitry – The light and battery feature integrated protective circuits that cuts power in the unlikely event the light overheats or short circuits.

    Safety pressure release valve – one-way waterproof valve releases battery compartment pressure in the unlikely event of battery malfunction.

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