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    Kids Sea Camp Bonaire
    At Buddy Dive

    THE RESORT: Buddy Dive Resort, the family-owned and operated resort has the casual, relaxed atmosphere you want for a family vacation. It is an unhurried, unspoiled natural diver’s paradise that offers spectacular sunsets, comfortable diving, and crystal clear water.
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    Kids Sea Camp Galapogos
    With Galapagos Sky

    July 15th-22nd

    Really, what do you want us to say — It’s the Galapagos! Kids Sea camp has planned a milder diving schedule and itinerary suited for family diving in the famous Galapagos Islands. We know our clients, and we know the Galapagos. We think we have planned the perfect high-adventure, but safe epic family dive vacations.
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    Kids Sea Camp Philippines
    At Pura Vida Homes, Dauin with Sea Explorers

    July 10th-22nd

    Introducing the magical islands of the Visayas Sea. Immersion travel begins and ends with this family adventure! Kids Sea Camp is ready to take you on a journey of a lifetime, full of culture, history and biodiversity.
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    Kids Sea Camp Palau
    At Palau Royal Resort and Sam’s Tours

    June 21st to July 31st -AND- July 21st to August 4th

    Palau is an incredibly unique country and should be on every diver’s bucket list. Palau truly one of the best diving experiences in the entire world. There is no “real” excuse for any diver, who loves to dive to not take the remarkable journey to the eight world of the world. Yeah, it will take time and money, but the memories and the adventure are priceless.
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    Cayman Brac Kids Sea Camp
    At Brac Reef Beach Resort


    Cayman Brac Beach Resort offers the finest accommodations and amenities on four and a half acres of beautiful milky-white beachfront property. Located on a private beach on the southwest end of Cayman Brac, Cayman Brac Beach Resort’s architecture reflects the quaintness and charm of the Caribbean. Family-owned and operated, This Beach Resort boasts 40 spacious and tastefully decorated beach view rooms.
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