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Family Dive Adventures and parent poems from Palau trips.

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Palau is truly amazing and these poems say it all..

‘Twas the first day of Kids Sea Camp and all ‘cross Palau
Sea Creatures were stirring, getting ready to wow

The wetsuits were bundled in dry bags with care
In hopes that our boats soon would be there

The children were sleepless, pulled out of their beds
Soon millions of jellyfish danced round our heads

We snorkeled through corals and saw war canoes
Enjoyed dancers at dusk and longed for a snooze

Then out came the dawn and off came the flannel
We sprang from our beds to see German Channel

Away through the rain we flew like a flash
Swam with mantas and shark, which made quite a splash

Then sun atop water which Heaven bestow’d
Gave the luster of mid-day to objects below

And what to our wondering eyes should appear
But fantastic Blue Holes and sea life so near!

With Neil and Marine, our incredible guides
The currents took us on magical rides

Past snappers, past sweetlips, past spotted rays (eagle)
Post turtles and triggers and angelfish (regal)

Now whitetips! Now morays! Now lobsters and clams!
Now pufferfish, anthias- We love you, Sam’s!

From the depths of the holes to the top of the wall
We reeled in the glory of seeing it all!

After checking the tires and climbing aboard quick
We sailed through the islands to our daily picnic

As bentos appeared and a fire lit the dark
We were joined by the teens and our friend, a Bull Shark

By: Jennie Savage & Cam Cronwell



It’s not of fame for which I sleep
But instead for raptures of the deep
No cause for alarm when I dream
Instead it’s colorful fishes with which the corals teem
Others should know that what brings my heart delight
Does not force upon the world by might
Science shows the creatures coexist in delicate balance
It’s only man that can alarm natures dance
For all our clan it’s for us to show
that all the world must unite to save what’s swims below.

By: John Meyer


Kids Sea Camp

K-Kids have lots of fun every day
I– I love  to scuba dive
D-Diving is so much fun and amazing things to see
S– See all the spectacular underwater world

S– Sun drenched beaches
E- Explore the oceans
A– Awesome experiences

C- Capturing all the memories
A– All the people are kind
M– Millions of jelly’s in Jellyfish Lake
P– Pleasure to be here









By: Tia


I give thanks:

Heavy bags, long lines, my feet ache
Up the stairs, then down again, my back makes me scream
I want to sit, I want to sleep
But I give thanks for I can walk

The morning is early, the breakfast is fast
The rain is hard, the wind is cold
I want to stop, I want to dry
But I give thanks for all the food

The water is warm and oh so blue
The rain is far, the shark is near
I want to sing, to laugh
But I give thanks for simply being here.

By: Steve Salika


We had the idea; let’s go where it is warm
If we stay at home, we’ll be trapped in a storm

We figured that the ocean 
Would be our magic potion

The travel was long and late
But we made it through all the gates

On the island folks were nice
We felt we’d reached the prize

We got a boat that could float
Went snorkeling and saw a shark
That lit a spark…

They dropped us at the reef
Said: look at that ray
It’s hunting for prey

We observed the colorful coral
Reminding us of something floral

There were eels, tuna and wrasse
Schools of “change color fish” hid near the grass

Soon our time on Palau will be over
We’ll return home to face a different season

Filled with memories of sharks, turtles and groupers
We’ll shovel the snow and remember the sights and good times.

By: The Hedqvist Family


The Sea

We saw a shark that started to bark
And then it lit a spark
It led us to a reef that looked like a great big leaf
The leaf started to move
It wasn’t a reef
It was a ray hunting for prey
The ray lead us to the warm
So we wouldn’t be in a storm
The storm didn’t lead to warm
The storm led to the octopus form
The octopus looked very funny
When we said we would have fun
We said we would have fun in the sun
Who says the ocean isn’t sunny

By: Sofia Hedqvist

Photo by Annie Crawley


Wow in Palau

Here we are, strangers in a marvelous place
Right here on earth
Not far up in outer space 

We relish in the new found scenery
Envy of all the greenery
Surrounded by the deep blue tranquil waters

Enjoying the company of our fathers
Our mothers are diving and playing too
In the wonderful sanctuary of the Palauan Island Blue

The kids are diving, swimming and gaining skills
As the parents foot all the bills
Yes they are experiencing the same deep island blue

Be it pool or sea, land or history, old or small
We all partake in the same infamous call
Sharks, manta and a multitude of sea life abound

In all the joys of this new found land
As we sit and give thanks to our founding fathers
We are enjoying best underwaters

We dive until our hearts content
Seriously hoping we don’t get bent
Or ears are plugged and may be sore, but never have we found it a bore.

Eating and drinking on our holiday
So we will board that dreaded plane
And end up far away

But home we will all be tired and dreamy
And thinking of that place all hot and steamy
The place is Palau out in the ocean and damp

But we survived and came alive with compliments of Kids Sea Camp

By: Nancy Hedqvist


What is it here
That brought us to Palau
To inspire our kids
And do it now.

They came with little more
Than just one wish
The only thing they really expected
Was to see lots of fish

Then they met Ron and Matt
And Ocean Annie too
Which made them soon realize
There’d be much to do

The diving itself
Would be lots of fun
And despite some early rain
We’d have plenty of sun

Jellyfish lake
Was totally bizarre
Swimming with these creatures
Would not leave a scar

Photo by Steve Bucher

On the first dive some saw mantas
Gee, what a place
With their wide mouths and wing spans
And incredible grace

At dinner that night
Ronnie gave them a chance
To try something new
The Manta Ray Dance

So as we share this Thanksgiving
With new friends we’ve made
I trust this special feeling
From my mind will not fade!

By: Rainer Jenss


A Wonderful Poem

I love Kids Sea Camp,
The fish and the sea
Won’t you come on a dive with me
Jump off the boat
And yell “whoopee”
Oh, I love Kids Sea Camp,
The fish and the sea

By: Tristan Barrett


In the middle of Jellyfish Lake
I said, “For heaven’s sake,
These jellyfish do not sting a thing
I shall look them up on Bing
I held one in the palm of my hand
And sung for him a song from my band
When finally It was time to leave
I said farewell and did greive


Thanksgiving in Palau 2010

In the middle of November
Amidst the changing weather
We heard the calling of Kids Sea Camp in our brains.
We packed our gear and towels
And we set out for Palau
For an experience that would be hard to explain.

The travel was extreme
And we all ran out of steam
As our journey brought us to the Rainbow’s End.
But we bounced back fairly quickly
As we found new friends and lots of activities
Led by Megan, Ron, Matt and Sam’s Tours friends.

Our first day was amazing
Even though it was rainy and hazy
As we enjoyed milky mud baths and snorkeling too.
But the best was saved for last
Snorkeling with millions of jellyfish without getting a rash
A memory that won’t dissolve a bit too soon.

We went diving come rain or come shine
With the Bullshark diveboat captained by JS
As Robin and Torston led us to amazing wonders beneath
We can never forget Blue Corner, German Dropoff or Blue Hole,
It’s like “fish soup” for the soul

Always enough activity to guarantee a good night’s sleep. 
Trey and Aubrey did SASY and Seals
With lots of smiles, laughs and squeals
As the learned for Shirley, Sam and Joedyn
The completed aqua missions in the pool

Painting with Ron, beach fun with no problems, staying cool in the rain
And the sun and everything in between
So all in all our trip was a success
Without the everyday stress
That our normal lives always seem to bring

Thanks Kids Sea Campfor the 4th trip of a lifetime
And again making us come up with a rhyme
I guess it’s better than having us sing!
Happy Thanksgiving in Palau!
By the way….. has anyone seen our kids???

By: “Jellyfish Joy” Bucher



Our goal was to be here last year
It was not to be, so we shed many a tear,

2010 was a different time
Much to our delight Palau was in line

The family together for many a flight
The more the merrier with nary a fight

Some familiar faces and new ones as well
Our friends the Barrett’s sure are swell.

Rotten Ronnie and Matt and Megan are sweet
Being taken care of this week sure is neat

We’ve heard the diving is not to be compared
Even though our kids seemed to be scared

The Blue Hole, a dive like no other
I surface and say…
And then I repeat it the very next day

The marine life is abundant
No dive is redundant

Sharks and rays over multiple days
Jellyfish Lake was quite the craze

Torsten and J.S. and Robin left nothing to chance
We saw turtles and clownfish and natives that dance

The group was a pleasure
Truly a treasure

Much like these islands a sight to behold
Unfortunately I missed a day with a cold

Today was amazing, 12 sharks in all!
All of us divers were having a ball

Until the wreck dive when the viz was nil
For the first time this week, we surfaced without needing a fill.

Our family of five are all certified
Thanks to Alex, even though Sydney cried

Thank you to Kids Sea Camp and Margo and Tom
You guys are great, truly the bomb!

By: Pat and Janet Severo


And then back to the water and the wonderful news
We were off to Blue Corner where sharks like to cruise
With Carol and Nancy beside me on deck
We soaked up the sun and forwent the wreck

Hooked in on the reef, we sailed up like kites
Over schooling grey sharks, to our endless delights
The turtles and ‘cudas came round the bend
Would the magnificent ocean show wonders not end

At last back to the hotel all dived out and tanny
To be treated to lecture by Ron and Ocean Annie
Matt’s cheery help in the pool gave us rest
While our children painted pictures with wacky Rogest

Kids Sea Camp and Sam’s- you’ve given us treasure
The gifts of the ocean which are beyond measure
Now its up to you new certs, you SASY, you Seals
To ensure that its creatures always get fair deals

Conservation is key if the ocean’s to thrive
We give thanks for its wonders, its reefs so alive
For healthy blue waters we all should strive
Cheers to you all and to a good dive!

By: Jennie Savage