KSC Belize Parent Poems Wk 1 2010

June 26-July 3, 2010

It was so fun to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with some really great families this summer in Belize. This was the perfect way to start off our 2010 Kids Sea Camp season. We are just sad that it all went by so fast. We had a wonderful time with all of the Kids Sea Camp families and these poems bring back great memories and make us smile. It is amazing how many poets attend Kids Sea Camp each year (and some get started as young as age 6!). There were some really amazing prizes given out this year including a SeaLife DC 1200 Digital Underwater Camera which was awarded to our first place winners! We cannot wait to see everyone again next year! Our 2011 Belize weeks are June 11-18 & 18-25. Call us today to find out more- 1-800-934-3483. Is your poem missing? If so, be sure to email it to us (kids@kidsseacamp.com) so that we can post it! See you all again very, very soon!

Week 1  Grand Prize Winner!!! 

Kids Sea Camp Rap

We left our home – our first time –
Heading off to kids sea camp
But when we final –ly touched down
Everything was very damp

Due to rain – and hurricanes
We could not leave – from Belize City
With no hot water – and no A.C.
Man, this is really…. Lame

We finally left – and made it to
Our private island paradise
Where everyone — is catered to
And, boy, the staff is oh so nice

On the island – there’s soaring birds
And hermit crabs are everywhere
The only crabs – the Princess has
Are those found in your underwear

At Kids Sea Camp – the food’s first rate
And all the meals have all the trimmings
But late at night – when shots ring out
Beware! You might see Michael swimming

Every morning – at 8 o’clock
The boats are loaded up with gas
And at the elbow – you best take care
The current might just kick your … butt

But now it’s time – for us to go
Let’s pack up all our gear and tanks
And at this time – I’d like to show
Our deepest gratitude and thanks

To Margo, Sven – and Tabitha
And Nanette and ex-banker Matt
Each of you is just so cool
It’s true that you are just all that

To Island Matt – and all his crew
Always smiling and never flustered
Your attitude and constant care
It’s clear to me you all past muster

So thanks again – to one and all
I feel my eyes are getting damp
There’s nothing left – for me to do
‘cept plan my next trip to – Kid’s – Sea – Camp

By: Josh & Nate Comay


Second Place Winner!!!

Life is good

Life is good when you stay at the Princess Hotel due to Tropical Storm Alex. Yes, life is good when your AC goes out, shower is out, TV is out and you find that everyone is still alive after one night and not killed each other.

Life is good when you arrive at Turneffe Island to see familiar faces and know that this is now home for one week. From the fresh cut flowers on our bed, to the view to die for, and a bonus that the AC worked, shower worked, and there was not a need for a TV!

Life is good and got better when we found out that we did not have to clean our BC’s, do any laundry, or even shave.

Life is good even if your someone gets seasick or drinks too much! The reason life is good is because each challenge and opportunity makes us realize that it’s good to be alive!

By: David McKee


Honorable Mention!!

As the sun starts winking at the tallest palm
I am still from dusk to dawn
I extend my welcome to the day
To the cobalt blue and amber gold turquoise rays
The sea is my constant companion at once my friend and my foe
She soothes and rocks me to and fro.
But when she and the driving wind conspire
They beat, battle with and injure me dire
But alas I am wiser than their folly
And I know full well we need & are nothing without each other
Day after day, I am constant while the island evolves
I watch as trees grow tall and coconuts fall
As children play & the faithful pray
As cormorants nest and Jr. Open Water kids do their best.
I am blessed with wonderful companions
Tarpins, tangs, parrots, manatees
Dolphins who glide by and entertain me
As for the stealthy and slithering crocs
Well, I am bound to silence as they stalk
I listen by day and by night – I’m all knowing
I try to sooth as mothers pace and await their brood.
I smile as lovers kiss and dangle their feet
And make plans where the sea and stars meet
I am your gateway to diving wonders
And your welcome when the air is spent
I feel sad when Bella departs for a farewell dive
But offer up my warmth when new friends arrive
But of all the island wonders why am I the least appreciated
I am your bridge to the magical sea
I soak up your fears & joys as you walk on me
I am the first to open myself to you
and the last to say adieu
That you never notice me, I fret not.
For I am only so honored, so happy I can be your dock.

By: Corinne Dufka


Honorable Mention!!

I was so excited to come to Belize
And Turneffe Island made me so pleased.
My dad was upset about the England score
But at least the USA went out the day before.
Margo said hermit crabs were plenty to see
I found one that fit just right with me.
My SASY training was a great adventure
with Jet, Andrew, Tristan and Spencer.
Carlos was great at the snorkel tour
And Gorges bar tricks had my mom in awe.
The staff was great to my parents and me
Thank you Matt, Morag, Deb and JT.
So to my new friends, Cheerio
Tough luck, buddies, I have another week to go.
But don’t be sad and have good cheer
I am sure I will you all next year.

By: Sophie Purdon


Day by Day
Kids Sea Camp – Belize 2010

Rain, Rain — please go away,
Matt and some guests — will just have to stay.

The Manager says — “yes, it is done”
Again and again — to every one.

Nothing is done — everything is broken
But you can go bowling — and have a game token

A long night — with no AC to be had
We do not sleep well — and we get very mad.

A breakfast buffet — the Island still far away . . .
What’s this? Hooray! — We will go today!

We climb on the boat — with hopes in the sky,
Turn to the Princess — and wave happily good bye.

After a while — an island comes into view . . .
I’m so excited — how about you?

Met on the dock — with bright, smiling faces
A friendly manager — showed us our places.

A good hearty lunch — prepared with grace,
Then off to go diving — to dock how we race.

In the ocean — the fish do abound
And back on the boat — there are smiles all around.

Dinner is served — and the pasta is grand
Then the adults all relax – with their drinks in hand.

George is the man – in command of the bar
And at the ring toss — he is king by far.

Sound asleep in a room — that is as cool as can be,
Dreaming of all — the things we will see.

Good coffee and chatting — and new friends to be had
The kids off to camp — with the parents so glad.

Diving again — we just can’t get enough
Turtles, rays and spadefish — man this is tough.

Back to the lodge — and a peek at the pool
Our kids in SCUBA gear — is so very cool!

Sven and Matt in control — and driving the bunch
I think they’ll learn diving — I just have a hunch.

A new Matt arrives — after many tough hours
He dives right away — for all its healing powers.

Marcel and Brad — lead the troops underwater
For the lion fish out there — the stakes can’t get much hotter.

Fraiser is happy — to keep cameras on hand
And downloads the photos — when we get back to land.

The ladies in the kitchen — keep us fueled up with food
Always smiling and laughing — with good attitudes.

Carlos is the best guide — on the snorkeling boat
He finds all the lobsters — and keeps the kids afloat.

Friends like Michael and Monty — keep the pace nice and light
As we chill and relax — after dinner each night.

The little ones chase crabs — race and run all around
But funny, not one — single teen can be found!

JT is the master — with fishing pole in hand
And I’m sure that he knows — Nate’s his biggest fan!

Matt and Morag – run a tight ship
They keep us happy and safe — even when they take some lip.

Margo’s the one — to make Kids Sea Camp fly
And I still can’t believe — how fast it all flew by.

To all of our new friends — we’ve enjoyed meeting you so much
Hope to dive with you some day — and do keep in touch.

Thanks to Kids Sea Camp staff — and the whole Island crew
It wouldn’t be half as good — without all of you.

By: Liz & Melea Comay


Belize Kids Sea Camp  

On Arrival:  Welcoming, Beautiful
The Resort: Pampering, Wonderful
The Diving: Explorating, Spectacular
Kids Sea Camp: Educational, Exemplary
The Week: Love of Family, Love of New Friends

Betsy and Joe Bachety


Alex changed our plans
Blue Hole was elusive
Crabs were plentiful
Diving done well
Eagle Ray spotted
French Angelfish found
Grouper gazed at
Hot days, cool nights
Imaginations stirred
Junior Open Waters passed
Kids laughing
Lionfish hunted
Made new friends
Nudibrachs noticed
Often eating good food
Princess wasn’t fun
Quintessential Kids Sea Camp
Reefs visited
Sunburn gotten
Tubing in the caves
Underwater world
Visions of next year
Windy days changed plans
Exactly as desired, if not quite as we thought
Yellow sponges seen
Amazing time for all

By: David Binns-Loveman


Kids Sea Camp 2010
Belize it or not

We all climb on planes from near & far
For rest and relaxation, we only go 5 star.
To Turneffe Island Resort
For fun-in-the-sun and a little SCUBA sport.

But Tropical Storm Alex had another plan,
Your vacation now goes down the can.
Accomodations were 1 star at best,
But, at least (maybe) it is a place to rest.
Belize City’s only entertainment center,
The Princess Hotel-
Wasn’t the stay really just swell?
And, oh by the way, what was that smell?

The next day, the sun shone over the blue
Maybe dreams really can come true.
The ride was a bit choppy, but alas,
A little Dramamine helped the time pass.

Dive gear, luggage, Don’t worry, Don’t fret.
Let’s get everything together quick, it was time to get wet.
Through trials and training, they went through the paces;
But in the end, Jet won all the hermit crab races.

The week went on with-Seal Team and SASY who could want more
With Margo is charge Kids Sea Camp’s never a bore.

Jr. Open Water students studied hard, they can’t miss
They’re revved and ready to explore the great abyss.

The teens bob around on the Eagle Ray
For in one place they can never stay.

Miss Bella rocked us adults to and fro
And from her stern we jumped right in.
Hey Josh- don’t forget your fin!
Marcel and Brad guided us below
Follow drums to morays it was always a show
And at seven minutes deco, it was up we go.

Sad are the lionfish, what a terrible plight.
They want to live, they want to fight.
But in these Caribbean waters
It is shot to kill on first sight.
Liz was ready for the hunt
Kill one, kill all, even the runt
Seven in one dive,
And yet they survive.

A jail fish and candy cane shrimp
What can these strange creatures be
A grunt of some sort and red banded
Coral shrimp- quite obvious you see!

From SASY to SCUBA and time in the pool.
We really stay in the water just to keep cool.

The kids watched “Up” while we went down
At night the reef becomes a different town.
Slipper lobster, blood worms, and urchins
Seem like creatures from the past.
The dives, the day have gone by so fast.

Strangers we came to the Caribbean Sea so blue,
Friends we became, the old and the new.
Now is the time to depart,
However, please take heart.
Though we say Goodbye, Adios, and auf Wiedersehen
It is not the end-
Simply farewell, ‘til we meet again
My dear friend.

By: Karen Binns-Loveman


The sharks are swimming
The lights are dimming.
The crocs eyes glow in the night.

By: Spencer Henry


We saw lots of fish in the sea
A few even saw a manatee
Drums, angels, jaws and a doc
Permits, trumpets,  trunks and a croc
Departing will cause great misery.

By: Shellie Sandel


Day one of our trip began,
Four fair travelers looking for tans.
The Belize flight so smooth and so nice
No need, really, to think twice.

Hmm, well… the luggage is here,
But what of our dive gear??
No worries, or frowns for equipment not found,
Only smiles all around.

On, on to the Princess we go,
With Matt and JT whom we now know.
Alex met us with blowing gales,
And what to think of those 8 foot swells?

One room with hot water, but no sign of air.
In another the smell was beyond compare.
But all met and laughed and made the best
Of what some would say was a royal mess.

The blues, the greens of the ocean scene
Erased the nightmare of the Princess dream.
Sand crabs on the run from kids having fun.
Why even manatee and crocs come here to enjoy the sun.

Real enjoyment comes after the breakfast bell has rung
We ride, we splash, we dive to thrive
Because it makes us feel so much alive.

What surprises await us under the sea
We anxiously want to see.
From the minute we enter till the moment we leave
God’s creatures come out and greet us with glee.

Back at the island with tummies so full,
The grown ups gather and shoot the bull.
Morag and Debbie tend to the guests
Making sure to give their best.

Jorge and Omerylon serve up the drinks
To refresh the weary divers and help them to think.
As we drift off to sleep to the sound of the waves,
Thoughts of Kids Sea Camp fill kids’ brain waves.

By: Mark Brown


Margo and the crew
Have taken us some place quite new
A private resort
Or something of that sort
An awesome paradise
That’s amazingly nice

Beaches of sand
That when you hold in your hand
Remind you days of full of fun
Except the fun is here in the sun
With palm trees California wishes they had.

The staff is very polite
You come home to a clean home each night
And food almost as good as a mom’s
Spectacular diving

The fish here are thriving
Theres so many species to go “Woah!”
Hermit crabs at night
Give some quite a fright
But truly they aren’t all that bad

Where the teens go
No one really knows
Sometimes we wish we had an intercom

The bugs are pretty bad
But that doesn’t make me mad
I can deal with a few mosquitoes.

So thank you everyone
Its been so much fun
Don’t want to go
But we have our own lawns to mow.
Yet, I am glad for this once in a lifetime trip.

By: Jeanne and Jane Colon-Bonet


Sitting nude in our cabana
Puffing on my big Havana
Looking out over the ocean,
I think to myself, “This is the life!”

By: Michael Simmons


Hermit crab
Hermit crab
Scampering in front of our porch
At night I can only see you,
If I have a torch

Hermit crab
Hermit crab
Races each and every day
You help make camp fun.
I just can’t wait to play

By: Jace Hirsch


I was really happy that we came to Belize. The Kids Sea Camp was the best. I really loved seeing all of the hermit crabs crawling in the sand. I liked when we went Scuba Diving in the ocean. I loved it when we used the cameras and took pictures underwater. I am sad that we are leaving tomorrow.

By: Hannah Geoffrion