KSC Belize Parent Poems Wk 2 2010


July 3- 10, 2010

Week 2- Grand Prize Winner!

Sang to the tune of “Gilligan’s Island”

Now sit right back and you will hear a tale, a tale of “Kids Sea Camp”, that started from the Port of Belize, upon the good ship Bella.                                  

Margo is a mighty “Diving Mom”, her instructors brave and sure. Sixty three passengers that sail that day for a seven day tour. A seven day tour.

The weather had already been rough the week before, so the tiny ship sailed smoothly. If not for the great “Turneffe Island Staff”, the customers might be lost. The customers might be lost.

The ship docked neatly on the shores of this an exclusive island resort.

  • With Margo…, and her staff…
  • The “camera guy” (Fraser) and his wife (Tracy)
  • The “Magazine Girl” (Linda)…
  • The X Banker (Matt), and Nanette…

Here at “Kids Sea Camp”……

By: The MacDonald Family


 “Our 5th Attempt”

It was a musty and cold Saturday in September
and we could not believe we would soon face winter
So we booked again with Margo for the 5th time
while enjoying a few Corona’s with lime

Because we knew Belize would be hot
And enjoyable and fantastic I bid you not
Kids Sea Camp took Marie from SASY to SEAL
And Junior Open Water Looked like a sweet deal

Cause we share a passion for diving that never ends
Once again new people became our friends
Matt and Nannette, you were awesome teachers
But don’t follow Matt while tubing, you look at disasters

We keep telling people our awesome experience
But you we believe you must live it, so it will make sense
Eagle Rays and Sea Turtles are terrific
But there’s much more to Kid Sea Camp’s magic

Because over the years, we have met the McKees
The Shaffers, the Velasquez, to name a few
We say to all of you “Thank You” for this special week
And to Turneffe Island Resort whose valet diving was so chic

Evan though it was our 5th year
We still can’t write it good enough and clear
And first place will sure elude us
That is why our luggage is close to the bus

Nannette, Margo and Matt, thank you again for the memorable vacation
We are sure to come again to a wonderful destination.

By: Liz, Marie-Eve, JP


Two years ago we went to Grand Cayman
Turned our son into a SEAL,
And said “how does that feel”

He replied “I like it a lot….
Is that all you’ve got? “ 

So now that he’s 10 here we go again,
Having a ball so far away from it all

The Resort has been great
And oh man all that we ate
The drinks, the people – all were the best
Evan managed to sneak in a little bit of rest
But the reason we’re here,
Of course it is clear

Dad loves to dive, says it makes him feel alive
Now my boy is a diver too, what’s a mother to do?
We couldn’t be prouder, couldn’t say it any louder

So I’m sure we’ll be back, another time or three
To new island paradises, how great will that be?

By: The Turners


Kids Sea Camp to Belize
Was just not for mezz
It was for my childs
hoping they would not get too wild

Thanks to Margo
for not booking us to Fargo
We love Turneffe Island Resort
for keeping the kids at the pool fort

And one thing is for sure
you can Belize it
We all came as strangers
But we are leaving as friends

By: The Pigg Family


Starfish are yellow
And sting rays are mellow

The ocean is calm
like sea life rest in your palm 

Diving is cool
Kids Sea Camp rules!



Sea Life Cameras never stop
If you forget to clip them on
They float straight to the top

By: Vanessa Clark


Oh! we are divers.
Our hair is sea weed
Our ears are made of clam shells
And they flop in strong currents 

Oh! gosh a reef shark
We are tough as turtles
We are the kids from
Kids Sea Camp….hey!

By: Matthew Family


So came the day we decided on
Our yearly adventure
We knew no Theme Park, water park,
Water slide or magic make-believe land
Would be in our future 

Kids Sea Camp was the obvious choice.
It was clear in everyone’s voice
Reservations were made and the gear was all set
We were ready for our latest adventure yet

So early we wake up and rush to the airports
I pray they didn’t forget to pack in my dive shorts
To our dismay the lady at the counter said
“Guess what folks your flight was cancelled just now

No way we said, we have to get to Belize today
Not tomorrow or later, please let us know how?
An alternate route was planned so by bus to Chicago we’ll go.
They fly to Houston from there don’t you know?

In Chicago the Ticket Agent said; “I don’t think you’ll make it” as she typed on the keyboard ever so slowly.
I said; “hurry up with the typing lady and don’t think so lowly” 

So we rush to the gates clutching wallet, cell phone & belt.
I was so shaken & nervous I started to welt.

Finally we get to Belize; our luggage was missing,
So again with the fear and the loathing.
No worries said the crew, it’s in the last container
that they were still unloading.

So at last we make it to the ferry boat
We made it just in time.
We make it to Turneffe Island Resort
Oh so cool and sublime.

So to Kids Sea Camp we say we’re glad to be here
With Blue Hole diving, excellent food,
Great friends old and new, we couldn’t
Help but cheer.

With dive lessons, tubing rides &
Hermit crab races
You couldn’t help notice all the big
Smiles on all the kid’s faces.

And now as it ends we sit and
Think, what about next year?
No sweat, we’ll do it all again
To dive with sharks in Palau
No fear.

By: Joe Abadsantos


Vacations are a time of family renewal.
Children have their parents all to their own and don’t feel they are being cruel.

KSC is that perfect venue to achieve all that and more
Parents get to relax, without much chore 

Kids get to explore
a whole new world

Parents get to indulge in their favorite vocation.
While not feeling like they have to kill their kids by suffocation.

Leave it to Margo to make it all happen
You can probably get it all booked without even robbing Wells Fargo 

New destinations all over the map
So get on board and don’t get caught taking a nap.

You’ll want to come back year after year
Much to everyone’s cheer.

By: Benjamin Schaffer and Stephanie Van Zandt


2010 SASY

SASY SASY what can I say
We have the best adventures every day
We snorkel with dolphins that was so cool
with Annalise, Rordon, Lilly and Amberleigh
How much better could a child’s life be
With Angela, Olivia, Bev, Brook and Me
We have a treasure hunt with real money,
And ran around hunting on a white sand beach that’s very sunny
We hope Ronnie will be proud
Athough Margo does not bark or bite or yell out loud
She brings canvas and paint and did her best
To laugh and giggle and dot alot just like Rogest
We had so much fun
And we are sorry the summer is done
We will not shed a tear
Because we know we will see you all next year.

Big hugs to all my SASY’s… Thanks for sharing your summer with me.

Margo Peyton