Liveaboard diving for kids

2019 Socorro Islands Kids Sea Camp Liveaboard Diving Trip on the Rocio Del Mar

Kid Sea Camp, what a great start to my year
Something we all will remember and keep so deer
When I got on this boat there were three things that would determine my mood
And one of those things was the quality of the food
But as it turned out the food was astonishing
And that’s when I knew the trip would be promising
Another thing that I was worried about was the diving
Mainly getting on a boat with strong currents and actually surviving
Waking up at 6’oclock was not a great start
And putting on wet wetsuits was not my favorite part
But seeing Mantas, sharks, and dolphins expanded my mind
And put all my troubles far from behind
The life underwater I have witnessed my past 20 dives
Will stay with me for the rest of our lives.
The last thing that worried me the most
Was interacting with people and not acting like a ghost
But I didn’t need to ask people to be my friends or plead
Because apparently, you’re cool, if you play bs and speed
So by the end of this week, I had quite a blast
But the trip ended to quickly and definitely to fast
At the beginning of this week, I felt anxious and stressed
But I ended this trip thinking this week was the best

Poem By Hunter Hopkins