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We take your vacation, personal

One of the first things you will notice when you call us. We are on the other end of the line answer your questions personally building your dream dive vacation. There no call center quickly move you through the process of booking. You are directly speaking with one of our owners or well-trained and experienced diver/ vacation experts.

Why? Because we feel personal service is the best way to build and create an adventure that will give your family a vacation they will remember forever. We also know after 25 years of creating epic dive adventures, diver placement is a huge part of our success.

Diver Placement: What is diver placement? Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures specialize in putting your family in the right kind of diving experience at the right time for your family. Because we are ourselves are experienced divers and world travelers we know where you are going. We know the resorts, the type of diving and the kind of travel you will experience. We know because we have been there to better serve you. We know because we take our fun-filled job seriously — to make it safe and enjoyable for your family.

Long-term diving planning: Say, you want to go to the Galapagos, but you only have ten dives. KSC and FDA will not sell you that trip. It’s not safe to put inexperienced divers in an advanced diving situation. We would walk you through how we can get you to the Galapagos, which all divers should enjoy. This “vacation mapping” only comes from speaking directly to our clients and asking the right type of questions to ensure a great adventure.

You can’t book online: Because of our commitment to safe and fun diving, you can’t book with us unless you call us. That’s right, you have to speak with one of us — and yes it may take a little more time. But don’t you want to know, without a shadow of a doubt that the company you are booking with really knows what it is selling? 

The owners are dive parents too: The owner’s children have been through every level of PADI training your kids will experience during one of our dive adventures. Both Jen & Robbie started as at the sasy level and now are diver instructors. Margo and Tom Peyton know the issues and concerns of every dive parent.