Family Divers


We take your international family vacation personal.

The services we provide:

1.Private instruction  2. customized trips for your family  3. Dive gear outfitter for kids 4. Custom group trips

5. Public Speaking  6. location scuba weddings  7. PADI Pro training  8. Private tour guides  9. Private family reunions

10. Dive shop consulting on stating your own kids dive programs  11. Travel Agent and Dive shop consulting on selling family travel 12. Consulting on how to put together your own group trip 13. Consulting on school dive clubs and trips

14 Custom travel programs for dive clubs  15 Assistance with special needs dive vacations and trips  16: Internships 17. Young adult diver mentor programs 18. Free advice any time for parents as an information dive resource  19 free consultations for parents, dive shops and instructors on training tips for kids  20 private boats, guides and training for your family, kids or group

Call us: One of the first things you will notice when you call us. We answer our phone, we will spend as much time as you desire to answer any and all of your family travel questions.   You can directly speak with one of our owners, Margo or Tom Peyton or one of our well-trained and experienced dive trip vacation experts, who are all divers.

Why us? Because we feel the personal service we provide is the best way to build trust and create memorable adventures that will give your family and kids the best possible dive vacation they could have.  We have a 75% repeat client base that returns year after year because we meet their expectations, keep kids safe and create happy scuba diving family vacations for all.

We are rated #1 in international family travel by Scuba Diving Magazine, Diver Magazine, Dive Training, PADI, Scubapro, Sealife, USA Today, National Geographic Traveler, Buddy Dive Bonaire, Sea Explorers Philippines, Reef Divers Grand Cayman, Divetech Grand Cayman, Sam’s Tours in Palau, Dive St. Lucia at Anse Chastanet, Jade Mountain, Sport Diver Magazine, Family Travel Association, and many others. 

We have 30 years experience in creating epic family dive adventures. We are special needs friendly, cater to elderly divers, and we are experts with regard to children and scuba diving training.  We have certified well over 7,000  youths with zero dive accidents.  

Diver Placement: What is diver placement? Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures specialize in putting your family in the right kind of diving experience at the right time for your family. Because we are ourselves are experienced divers and world travelers we know where you are going. We know the resorts, the type of diving and the kind of travel you will experience. We know because we have been there to better serve you. We know because we take our fun-filled job seriously — to make it safe and enjoyable for your family.  We ask many questions and learn what you’re looking for, the skill level is and needs are and match you with what we feel from our experience is the perfect location for your family.  

Long-term diving planning: Say, you want to go to the Galapagos, but you only have ten dives. KSC and FDA will work to help you fulfill that dream when you and your kids are ready.  We will ensure you understand exactly what is needed for you to be able to safely dive your dream destination. We know It’s not safe to put inexperienced divers in an advanced diving destination like the Galapagos.  This is “vacation mapping” and only comes from our dive travel experts speaking directly to our clients and asking the right type of questions to ensure a great adventure.  

You can’t book online without giving us a call the first time: Because of our commitment to safe and fun dive adventures for you and your kids or grandkids, you can’t book with us the first time unless you talk to us. That’s right, you have to speak with one of us, we want and need to know your kid’s ages, level of experience, special needs, and expectations.  This creates a trust of us from you and allows us to deliver what is promised. 

The owners of Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp are dive parents too: Tom, Margo, Rob, and Jen are PADI trained experienced divers.  Margo started Kids Sea Camp when Rob was 6 and Jen was 4.  Now 24 and 22, they have much experience to share. Having their own kids grow up within Kids Sea Camp, they have the best understanding of your family needs from kids age 4 -7 in the SASY programs, Kids Age 8 & 9 in the PADI Seal Team program that allows them to learn to dive in confined water conditions with an instructor in a 1:2 ratio. Then PADI Jr. Open Water that teaches kids to dive at age 10 they become certified jr. divers with a 40ft max depth and can dive with their parents or a dive pro.  At the age of 12 they can become Jr. Advanced Open Water certified and that means learning more about buoyancy, navigation, fish ID, night diver, Deep, and even digital photography,  This PADI rating gives kids age 12 – 14 a depth of 70ft.  Once a child turns 15, they are then diving adult profiles.


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