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For divers looking for an ultra-compact cutting tool that takes up very little space but gets the job done when it’s time to do some slicing, there's SCUBAPRO's WHITE TIP. Made of 304-grade hard-tempered stainless steel, the WHITE TIP's blade provides both an excellent cutting edge and good resistance to surface oxidation. It includes a serrated edge for sawing through rope, a conventional edge for making clean slicing cuts, and an angled Tanto tip, one of the strongest knife points available. A slot in the handle provides a place to string a lanyard. The WHITE TIP is the perfect compact knife to attach to a hose or your BCD as a primary knife, or stow in an easy-to-reach pocket as a back-up tool.
Classic stainless steel blade features both conventional and serrated cutting edges.
Compact size means it can fit just about anywhere.
Tanto tip increases cutting versatility.

Includes locking sheath and kit for BCD/hose attachment.

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