Compared to Travelocity or

I have to write this. I don’t see how anyone could compare Kids Sea Camp to or Travelocity.  Seriously?  I was able to ask The fish Guy, Adam Summers ten questions in Bonaire, received free UW photo classes, dives with Josh Comay in Palau. Had my pictures critiqued by Patric Lengacher, who also gave me advice.  I got to watch my son sing karaoke, more times than I asked questions of Adam.   I dove with Chris and Susan, who like looking in holes like Alice and I do.  That doesn’t include the many presentations we experienced  Palau.   Maybe I am a geek?  I’ve never felt more of a connection to the ocean than I now have. 
BTW, I heard more than one voice who said the same.
Thank you
Ross & Chen Family