Dominica Poems

From Fort Young Hotel on the island of Dominica 2017

Here’s are the poems from the families from the Kids Sea Camp in Dominica.

Ryan’s song

By Ryan White

Tom is the bomb,

Kids Sea Camp is best

Ryan is calm,

when he is with Tom.

So come to Kids Sea Camp and friends will abound.


By Lisa White

Waitukubuli, how you move me

Speak unto her English, French or Caribe.

Her salty breeze

Traveling down I soar,

Privates hidden love,

Nine depths of earth’s core,

Arise, Arise, I must wake!

My air supply is running low,

Time now is my foe.

Waitukubuli, living grace.

First KSC

By The Erkart Family

Our first Kids Sea Camp,

was so much fun.

We traveled to Dominica

to scuba with our son.

Mrs. Margo and Mr. Tom,

organized the dives,

and  created the adventure,

that changed our lives.

The staff was amazing,

and the food was great, 

together among our new friends,

for the next Sea Camp I cannot wait!

By unknown

Sponges eels rays trunkfish,

undersea another world,

If you clear your mask!

By unknown

Kids Sea Camp was great!

The last dive, we saw a turtle.

But no camera!

By unknown

I’m gonna tell ya story,

and it ain’t no jive!

About Dominica,

and learning to dive!

We learn from the sea,

But of the people too!

We travel to beautiful places,

and islands that are new!

I enjoyed our week of discovery,

Both on the land and on the sea!

Travel is education,

and learning with Kids Sea Camp is the key!