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Bonaire: Buddy Dive Resort KSC family weeks

June 20th to June 27th and July 25th to August 1st  

Buddy Dive

Kids Sea Camp is proud to host Buddy Dive family week at Buddy Dive resort in Bonaire. The week: 7 nights, 6 days of diving, sunset Cruise, 3 meals daily, live entertainment, unlimited shore diving, and 3 dive package options for adults.  Longer stays, additional nights and additional dive days and courses are available to add on to your Kids Sea Camp week. Book Buddy Dive Bonaire with Family Dive Adventures and receive an additional 5% off your reservations, that are not Kids Sea Camp family weeks.

Choice of packages for Kids Sea Camp Bonaire 2015:

Package 1: 6 boat dives with unlimited shore(Free rental truck for week included).
Package 2: 11 boat dives with unlimited shore
Package 3: Unlimited shore diving & non diver rate(Free rental truck for week included).
Kids: Adventure Diver cert: (Kids that are certified to dive and are ages 10 and 11 years old.
 Jr. Advanced open water cert: (Kids that are certified to dive and are ages 10-14)
Jr. Rescue Diver cert:  kids that are 12 and older years of age, are currently Jr. Advanced or Advanced open water certified.  Participants must have their EFR / First Aid current within 24 months, and must complete the PADI E: learning with this course before arrival.   PADI Rescue and Jr. Rescue will be offered to both adults or Kids, please call us for more information.   The for E:learning, please make sure to click on Kids Sea Camp as your PADI store information is on our reservations page in the forms section.


Coral Restoration Certification: This is New with Buddy Dive Resort:  For all kids that are certified to dive from age 10 and older that already have their Adventure diver, Advanced diver and would like to gain another eco friendly certification.
Free Nitrox Certification included: For adults and kids age 12 and up, gain your Nitrox PADI certification at Buddy Dive this summer and dive with Nitrox all week for FREE! log books, JOW ERDP, Sasy, Seal team. PADI diving Society  membership, 1 year subscription Sport Diver Mag. All the dive gear is included for kids.
Fun stuff: Private dive boats, private resort week just for Kids Sea Camp.There’s the donkey safari, slack line, tubing and  poetry contest.
Sponsor giveaways and discounts: SubGear, ScubaPro and PADI
All courses are E:learning with PADI  Log onto click on E: Learning and Kids Sea Camp as your store click on your course and you are on your way.  We will offer a FREE Nitrox course to anyone over the age of 12 that does the E: learning portion as well.(E:learning costs not included in package)
Please make sure to advise us that you wish to participate in the Nitrox cert.  This must be pre reserved prior to arrival.

Margo Peyton at Kids Sea Camp, Bonaire.

Margo loves the donkey safari during Kids Sea Camp at Bonaire.

Buddy Dive is simplicity, its charming

and very family friendly.

by Margo Peyton

If I don’t feel like getting on a boat with other divers first thing in the am, I can hang back and enjoy a later breakfast and coffee by the sea. Then when at my leisure jump off the dock with another parent or even my own kids and have just as good a dive as those on the boat. I can go at my own pace every day. No hustle no deadlines and no worries.  Buddy Dive is a perfect place for adults that have always wanted to start diving, or try diving to begin that dream.   We will arrange a discover scuba dive or even provide full certification for adults that want to learn.  Just give me a call and lets get you diving.

I love Bonaire because it’s easy diving for all.  Wrecks, reefs and a mini wall are just a jump off the dock, and tanks are available 24/7 with a full service dive store.  The entire  staff is family focused and ready and willing to please.  The food is a mix of fresh baked breads and full dinner buffets that include salads, meat, fresh fish and fruits daily, as well as fresh baked  goodies for the sweet tooth.  Frozen cappacinos, delightful drinks,no one leaves hungry or thirsty. I have yet to experience  ocean front dining as amazing as the sunsets I dine infront of at Buddy Dive.

I love the home away from home feeling I have with the one, two and three bedroom villas, my husband and I have our own privacy and the kids enjoy their own space too.

Kids Sea Camp, Buddy Dive has something for all ages, Adults go diving in the morning, kids have a host of activities from tubing, diving, snorkeling, photography, painting, kayaking, tubing, slack line and a treasure hunt. All awhile the non divers can relax and read a book, paint with KSC guest artist, kayak, bird watch, shop or take an Island tour to see the history and culture of Bonaire.

The weather in Bonaire is 99% sunny and beautiful above and below. Jump off the dock or off a boat and it’s mostly calm, clear and beautiful.  With Kids Sea Camp, we have Pizza and movie night under the big thatched roof pool bar, live music on Friday nights and a host of slide presentations by SeaLife.

Afternoons are at your leisure to enjoy some amazing shore diving with your kids. Evenings are full of new friends, laughter and family time.  The kids Sea Camp group enjoys private boats, instructors and guides. The kids enjoy the same with a little more fun added with other activities as stated above.

I chose Buddy Dive because it’s a family owned, family operated and family focused!  Buddy Dive Resort is PADI Career Development Center.  The staff is kid friendly and both trained and experienced to teach and dive with kids.

Michelle and Paul Coolen are the GM Team and also have two beautiful little girls Nordja and Pleun who will hopefully join us soon in our Sasy program.

The Dive shop is up-to-date with equipment and maintenance.  The staff is medically trained and full service.  Safety is #1 and fun is #2. Augusto is the Buddy Dive Shop manager, as well as dad.

What the kids will do

Kids Programs:  All include: dive rental gear, course materials, books, instructor, class room sessions, PADI certification card, 5 days if diving with unlimited shore diving + family day dive at Klein Bonaire, hats, T-shirts, tote bags, marine arts and crafts, tubing, photography, pizza movie night, slack line, donkey park, sunset cruise, slide shows, marine lectures, conservation speaker,  in addition to all that follows:
PADI AOW & Jr. AOW program ages 12+ divers: Private group, PADI certification,  boat dive, photo dive, navigation dive, buoyancy dive, deep dive. night dive, reef dive, coral restoration dive, treasure hunt dive, and family dive.
PADI Adventure Diver Program ages 10 &11 divers: Private group, PADI certification,  boat dive, photo dive, navigation dive, buoyancy dive, fish ID. night snorkel, reef dive, coral restoration dive, treasure hunt dive, and family dive.
PADI Jr. Open Water program: Kids must be age 10 prior to start of course.   PADI E: learning program. Kids are on vacation, so now they don’t have to worry about reading a 250 page book or taking a written exam. You can go to and click on e: learning and Jr. Open water and Click on Kids Sea Camp as your store, Columbia SC,  We will receive your quizzes and test and be available to assist you as you learn on line.  When kids arrive in Bonaire, they will complete their 5 confined water and 4 open water dives as well as a review.  Then you get to  enjoying your new world as a PADI certified diver in beautiful Bonaire. Moms and dads will have plenty of time to dive with kids.  This group will start with a  quick review, then 5 pool dives, 4 open water dives and graduation dive with parents by Wed of the week.  Once certified, they can enjoy jumping off the dock with mom and dad and will dive with the other certified kids with a Maximum depth profile of 40ft.
SASY program, ages 4-7: This is such a fantastic program in Bonaire. The little ones get lots of sun block and suited up in  mini sets of snorkel  gear as they learn  all about the ocean and its critters. Treasure hunt, donkey sanctuary to feed and even ride a donkey. Painting fun and lots of pool and ocean time.
PADI Seal Team, program Age 8+: This program gives kids that are 8 years old or older  a sample of what its like to be a diver.  Kids must be 8 years of age before the program starts.  This is the first stage of diving and kids will truly enjoy the fun. There is no test!  Kids will learn to do some basic skills, and learn how to use scuba gear through some fun activities called Aqua Missions.  In Bonaire, Seal Team kids also get to do a Salt Water dive at the Buddy Dock and schools of fish and log a real dive. There are 5 missions to be completed along with a crew pack and certification that is provided. Painting, treasure hunt and Pizza movie night are also apart of this great program in Bonaire.

Kids Sea Camp Bonaire video by David Espinosa

Why Buddy Dive?

I have been diving and staying with Buddy Dive since 1996. Its  a place I trust and feel safe for myself and my family.  I feel welcome and relaxed, its easy and its lots of fun.  I enjoy 100% the staff, they care and they are the best at what they do.  Being at Buddy Dive is like being part of their family.  There is something for everyone.

I recommend Buddy Dive year round and Im happy to happy with any trip your family wants to take to Buddy Dive Bonaire.   We provide reservations on a year round basis and our big event that is 100% families.

Margo Peyton, founder and owner of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures

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