Top 10 list for World’s Best family dive vacation Again.

Kids Sea Camp is #1 in the world again! 2020

Scuba Diving Magazine’s Worlds Best. Thank you for voting Kids Sea Camp your #1 choice for family dive travel every year! 2015, 2016, 2017,2018, 2019, and now 2020 #1 family dive experience readers choice awards.

Here’s what families have had to say about Margo & Tom Peyton and Kids Sea Camp over the past 20 years.

  • “Kids Sae Camp! A family experience like no other. Amazing to see teenagers sharing their experiences with other young divers.”  Conrad Rucker – PADI Course director.
  • “As a dive instructor, I have certified many boy scouts destined to go to sea camp. They do an amazing job of educating kids and their families.” Woody Tinsley – Instructor, Police officer, Scout Master
  • “Margo & Tom and the Peytons are absolutely an amazing family and Kids Sea Camp is my #1 for dive travel, second to none,  I LOVE them!” Rainer Jens- National Geographic Travel / Family Travel Association.
  • “Coolest organization ever” Bigs Eggert Sea Explorers
  • I wanted to send my daughter with them, We didn’t know it was also for adults and the whole family. We have all been diving with them ever since.  Our whole family is certified and now my kids are all grown up and we still travel with Tom and Margo” Susan Blakey
  • “They take families diving around the world with your kids and with other likeminded diving families. . . adults dive with adults, kids dive kids, a vacation within a vacation! I love it! I love now that my kids are all grown up, Margo has created Empty Nester Dive Travel, and I’m still traveling with the Peytons.”  Carolyn Pascal
  • “Awesome educational dive trips for my entire family”. Michael Lee
  • “Expertly run and very safe  family dive vacations”  Dan & Betty Orr
  • “Super fun family vacations that provide so much culture and experience with local communities around the world.  I believe as a single dad that this family vacation has positively impacted both my kids and helped forge the awesome people they are today.  It surely gave them global views and allowed them to realize how connected we all are. They have friends all over the country and the world thanks to growing up at Kids Sea Camps.  As a dad, it created memories for us that will last a lifetime.  My kids are now 18 and we are still diving with Kids Sea Camp.” Skip Salee
  • Great for adults, plenty of time together and time apart. The kids stay busy and off their cell phones.  Just love these trips and meeting other like-minded families.”  Sean Barrett
  • “Good way to get kids off the computer, out of their phones and actually engaging each other and the outdoor world” Tutti White
  • “Great for families with special needs who are qualified to dive.  My son has autism and loves the ocean and loves to dive and Kids Sea Camp created a safe place for both of us to enjoy the ocean and each other.  We have traveled around the world with Kids Sea Camp since Jake was 10, he is now 18 and looking forward to his next adventure as a PADI rescue diver.” Alison Herzig
  • “Kids Sea Camp is a great family dive vacation for kids to get a chance to learn about the ocean and diving in a friendly safe environment and to make new-like. minded friends.” —  Amos Nochoum, photographer/ film producer
  • “#1 Best ever for family vacations!” Dr. David Wakely
  • “I have only ever heard extremely positive things about Kids Sea Camp, and that is also my own personal experience with my wife and daughter”  Al Hornsby– PADI World
  • “Off the well-beaten path and full of culture, history, and family fun.” Betsy Royal- Body Glove
  • “I have been on 8 trips with Kids Sea Camp and everyone was more terrific than the previous. My 15-year-old daughter is a master diver and committed to studying marine science because of her experience with Margo Peyton” David Benz- Sport Diver Magazine
  • “Best Interesting idea ever! Thank you, Margo Peyton, we love what you do and we are proud of you.” Theresa Kaplan- PADI World
  • “Kids Sea Camp has something to do for everyone regardless of the dive experience level of diver or age of diver.  We love spending time each year with our grandchildren and we make Kids Sea Camp an annual family reunion.  We love Tom, Margo, Brad, Jesse, and the whole KSC team.”  Carol Danks
  • “We kids love Kids Sea Camp and so do our parents and grandparents”  
  • “Big kids loved Kids Sea Camp and it’s an awesome place to dive and enjoy your grandkids.” Lee Seleski
  • “Kids love to dive and learn about ecology, sharks, history, and how to care for the ocean.  They participate in all that and more at Kids Sea Camp.”  Marc Bauman – owner Sam’s Tours Palau
  • “Making friends and learning safe diving practices is key and a priority with Kids Sea Camp.  Kids Sea Camp provides family-friendly locations around the world for families to come in an exclusive family week to dive with your kids.  The focus during those trips is 100% family.  I look forward to Kids Sea Camp Buddy Dive and having my daughters join in the fun each year.”  Paul Coolen – Buddy Dive Bonaire
  • “Margo Peyton and Kids Sea Camp are the perfect hosts for our family! We do not trust anyone else with our kids when it comes to diving.” The Olson family
  • “Most amazing, well organized, family-oriented business ever. They take safety seriously. One of the best decisions we made as a family!”  Josh Comay, PADI dive professional
  • Our family will complete its 20th consecutive year with KSC this summer. An amazing experience — well organized, great leaders, safe environment, the WORLDS BEST!! ” The Wakely family
  • “#1 in Service, safety, great with children, wonderful family to work with Margo, and Tom Peyton create incredible programs for kids and we are very proud to have a Kids Sea Camp & Scuba St. Lucia partnership.” Karolin Troubetzkoy -Jade Mountain/ Ance Chastanet
  • “The sheer beauty of the diving experience you will experience with your family is like no other ever created. Margo gives each member of the family memories to last a lifetime. The experience with Kids Sea Camp is priceless.  We attended Kids Sea Camp Grand Cayman and it inspired me to write and share with the world what Margo has created. ”  Richard Stewart – Publisher of Ocean Realm Magazine
  • “Spent a week with 3 grandchildren. Very attentive and accommodating to various needs of the three.I was able to do advanced dives and then dive with my grandchildren when they had completed their training. As they say, a priceless adventure. Kids Sea Camp is #1”. Whittaker family
  • “Super-friendly and extremely competent dive team. I’ll always dive into the world with Kids Sea Camp. “ Rob Lavinsky
  • “The best family dive adventure ever!” Mary Cheney
  • “The best family dive experiences EVER!” #1.” Heather Poe Cheney
  • “There is nobody who knows better how to run family diving holidays than Margo Peyton and nobody does a better job.” Dr. Lisa Hunsicker
  • “They are an amazing, safety-oriented, kid-friendly, special-needs-accommodating, fun organization.” Jim Elliot– Dive heart
  • “Margo has such an organic passion for the ocean and for kids.” Tom Peyton
  • “This operation is safe and experienced with regard to kids. They have certified well over 7,600 kids with zero accidents. Its special needs friendly and caters to every member of the diving family. Very proud of you Margo Peyton from all of us at DEMA.” Dane Farnum
  • “Total family experience with like-minded people. There is no substitute for this type of children’s dive program. Locations are all well scouted and planned for the perfect family vacation.” Jim Hepple 
  • “Very organized and well run, I was so proud to meet this fine young lady and share a stage with her. Keep up the great work Margo!” Earnie Brooks-Ambassador to the Marine Environment Photographer, Adventurer, Diver, and Educator
  • “We have been to two KSCs so far, and our third is booked for next year. Margo and Tom are simply the best at providing a family dive vacation where everyone can get in the water and enjoy diving at their own ability level. We are hooked and will be traveling with KSC for years to come! ” Peter Higgens
  • “Wonderful program for families covers all ages and well supervised. I truly enjoy traveling by Kids Sea Camp and working with Tom and Margo Peyton.” Brad Holland – Photographer, writer

“Thanks, Margo & Tom, for everything you do and have done for our dive industry and for our oceans. All the best, Margo thank you for being our SeaHero!”— Patricia Wuest: Editor in chief Scuba Diving Magazine