Top 10 list for world’s favorite family experience 2018

Kids Sea Camp is top 10 in world 

Kids Sea Camp client comments sent to Scuba Diving Magazine Top 10 list of Worlds Best for their favorite family experience 2018 readers choice awards.

  • A family experience like no other. Amazing to see teenagers sharing their experiences with other young divers.
  • As a dive instructor, I have certified many boy scouts destined to go to sea camp. They do an amazing job educating kids and their families.
  • They are absolutely an amazing outfit for dive travel, second to none, and I LOVE them!
  • Cool organization
  • I sent my daughter to them, We didn’t know it was also for adults
  • They take families diving around the world with your kids and with other likeminded diving families. . . adult dive with adults, kids dive kids, vacation within a vacation!
  • Awesome educational dive trips
  • Expertly run and very safe family dive vacations
  • Fun family vacations
  • Good programs for all ages
  • Good way to get kids diving
  • Great for families with young ones who want to learn about the ocean. SASY and Seal Team
  • Great for kids to get a chance to learn in a friendly safe environment and to make new friends.
  • Great for kids.
  • Have only heard good things about Kids Sea Camp
  • Have only heard Its the best and great way to get kids diving
  • I have been on 8 trips with Kids Sea Camp and every one was terrific. My 15-year-old daughter is a master diver and committed to studying marine science because of her experience with Margo Peyton
  • Best Interesting idea ever! Thank you
  • It has something for everyone regardless of dive experience level or age
  • kids love it and so do parents and grandparents
  • Big kids loved it
  • Kids love this and learn about ecology and care for the ocean
  • Making friends and learning safe diving is key and a priority with Kids Sea Camp
  • Margo Peyton and Kids Sea Camp are perfect for the whole family!
  • Most amazing, well organized, family oriented business ever. They take safety seriously. One of the best weeks of our life!
  • Our family will complete its 11th consecutive year with KSC this summer. An amazing experience — well organized, great leaders, safe environment, the WORLDS BEST!!
  • Service, safety, great diving, wonderful family-friendly resorts and personal care from the company, Margo, and Tom
  • Sheer beauty of an experience you will remember forever
  • Spent a week with 3 grandchildren. Very attentive and accommodating to various needs of the three.I was able to do advanced dives and then dive with my grandchildren when they had completed their training. As they say, a priceless adventure. Kids Sea Camp is #1
  • Super-friendly and extremely competent dive team
  • The best family dive adventure ever!
  • The best family dive experiences EVER! #1
  • There is nobody who knows better how to run family diving holidays than Margo Peyton and nobody does a better job.
  • They are amazing, safety-oriented, kid-friendly, special-needs-accommodating, fun organization.
  • They have such a passion for the ocean and for kids.
  • This operation is safe and experienced with regard to kids. They have certified well over 7,000 kids with zero accidents. Its special needs friendly and caters to every member of the family. for families of 4 or 25, they provide memories to truly last a lifetime.
  • Total family experience with like-minded people. There is no substitute. Locations are all well scouted and planned near-perfect family vacations.
  • Very organized and well run!
  • We have been to two KSCs so far, and our third is booked for next month. Margo and Tom are simply the best at providing a family dive vacation where everyone can get in the water and enjoy diving at their own ability level. We are hooked and will be traveling with KSC for years to come!
  • Wonderful program for families covers all ages and well supervised.

Thanks, Margo, for everything. All best,

Patricia Wuest: Editor in chief
Scuba Diving Magazine