Kids Sea Camp Event Calendars

Kids Sea Camp & Family Divers group trips event destinations for 2019 & 2020

Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures have created unique and exciting family group trips for every member of your ocean-loving family. In addition to all the fun your family will have diving and explore the globe with us, you will meet like-minded families and make new friends. The event dates listed below are a range of choices to fit your family needs, budgets and diving experience level. We offer affordable room choices as well as five-diamond luxury resort choices.  We offer Kids Sea Camp group trips for families with kids and grandkids to travel around the world with other families.  We offer Empty Nester dive trips for families who no longer have kids to travel with and just want to get away and dive with the same top level of care we have always provided you with your families.  We offer privately chartered and hosted group trips for adults divers and family divers.

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Check out our Kids Sea Camp and Family DIve Adventures plans for 2019 and 2020.

Kids Sea Camp group dive trips: These trips are inclusive of meals, diving, tours, other activities like sunset cruises, presenters, slide shows, free use of underwater cameras, and dive gear rental for kids. They include many PADI courses and training in each location as well as educational and cultural activities.  They are privately chartered weeks with other diving families around the world with kids ages between 4-18.

Our Kids Sea Camp calendar is full of new and interesting adventure dive weeks for 2019 and 2020. Each event includes 7,10 or 14 night stays, all meals, diving, excursions and selected PADI dive training based on the destination you choose.  Each highlighted link will take you to that destination information and provide you with a list of room types, activities, and destination information. We offer PADI training courses, specialty courses, and PADI Pro Courses, so give us a call today to start your training.  803-419-2556

Our dive operations are 5-star PADI dive centers. We have hand chosen these operators because we consider them to be the most family-friendly dive resorts in the world. Margo Peyton, President of Kids Sea Camp and her husband Tom Peyton, personally put together and customize each trip with the utmost detail.  Each trip includes private boats, private group meal seating and all meals, round trip airport transfers, private dive guides, and is fully escorted by a member of our team.

Join us at Kids Sea camp where you will find the world’s best family vacations!  Call 1-803-419-2556 today.

2019 event dates and destinations

Spring Break trips:

Feb 22-24 Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show- come see us! Tom and Margo

Feb 22 – 23 Baltimore DC Scuba Show- Come see us! Olivia

March 29-31  Beneath The Sea Show New Jersey- Come and see us! Tom, Margo, Woody, Jen.

(New) Family Dive Adventures: BONAIRE: Buddy Dive Bonaire, March 23rd-30th: Limited space- Family Dive package, 7 nights, 11 boat dive, breakfast, lunch & dinner daily from $1,995 per diver +VAT; Olivia

(New) GRAND CAYMAN: Cobalt Coast, April 13th – 20th, with Margo & Tom, Olivia & Aly (sold out)
(New) GRAND CAYMAN: Cobalt Coast, April 20th – 27th, with Margo & Tom, Olivia & Aly (Only 1 two bedrooms left)

(New) DOMINICA: Empty nester week: May 11th to 19th ADULT DIVER WEEK, Tom Peyton and Josh Comay

Anse Chastanet special offer to all Kids Sea Camp families: $200 off pp on any custom 7-night package we create for you.  Free upgrade from standard to a superior room. Book 10 nights get 1 free. Group special not to be combined with individual special: 7 pay -1 free. Contact Margo for more information 803-419-2556.  

The Summer trips:

May 4th- 5th  Long Beach Scuba Show- come see us! Tom & Margo

Kids Sea Camp is spending the entire month of June in the Philippines!

PHILIPPINES: 5-star luxury at Amun Ini,  Ando, 4 nights 3 days, (June 11th- 15th)  Ando offers some of the best macro diving in the Philippines, Ocean Vida Cabilao   June 15th -20th (5 nights, SOLD OUT) or Pura Vida Homes; Dauin (7 nights) & June 20th – 27th (FIVE ROOMS LEFT) KSC staff: Tom, Margo Peyton and Jesse Alpert

GRAND CAYMAN: Cobalt Coast, June 15th-22nd (3 ROOMS LEFT) (Extend your stay in one of the Cayman sisters add-on Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, we are happy to arrange.) KSC staff: Aly, Olivia & Conrad Rucker, Cecilia Rucker, Fraser & Sophie Purdon, Sven Blank, Rob Peyton

ROATAN: Turqoiuse Bay Beach Resort:  June 29th- July 6th (All-inclusive) Join us for both weeks and save 10% off the second week. KSC staff: Patric & Aly and Woody Tinsley

ROATAN: Mayan Princess: July 6th – 13th (All-inclusive), KSC staff: Patric & Aly,  Woody Tinsley

PALAU: Sam’s Tours, and Palau RoyalJune 29th – July 9th (10 nights), KSC staff: Tom & Margo 

BONAIRE: Buddy Dive Resort, July 13th – 20th, KSC staff: Tom & Margo, Woody(FOUR ROOMS LEFT)
BONAIRE: Buddy Dive Resort, July 20th – 27th, KSC staff: Tom & Margo, Woody

ST. LUCIA: Anse Chastanet Resort, July 27th- Aug 3rd (THREE ROOMS LEFT) & August 3rd – 10th, KSC staff: Margo, Aly & Olivia

FIJI, Jean-Michel Cousteau, August 10th – 17th, KSC staff: Tom, Margo, Brad Holland & Woody Tinsley, Sven Blank

Indonesia-Lembeh: Sept 30th to October 11th Empty Nester week: 

DEMA TRADE SHOW ORLANDO FLORIDA:  COME AND SEE US THERE.   NOV 13-16 – Margo, Tom, Aly, Jen, Olivia, Rob, Fraser, Woody

 (New) Thanksgiving trip: LITTLE CAYMAN, Little Cayman Beach Resort,  November 23rd – 30th, KSC Staff: Tom, Margo, Aly, Olivia & Brad Holland, Woody Tinsley

Call (803) 419 -2556 or email Margo, Tom, Olivia  

2020 event dates and destinations

Spring Break Trips: 

(NEW)DOMINICA: Fort Young Hotel and Dive Dominica, March 7-14st 2020; KSC Staff: Margo, Tom, Brad

GRAND CAYMAN: Cobalt Coast, March 14th to 21st;KSC Staff: Aly and Olivia

ROATAN: Mayan Princess: March 21st to 28th, KSC Staff: Woody, Patric, Brad

ROATAN: Turquoise Bay Beach Resort: March 28th to April 4th, KSC Staff: Woody, Patric, Brad

(NEW) BELIZE: Thatch Caye Resort, April 4th to 11th; (Family Fly Fishing with Tom and Tony)  

(NEW)DOMINICA: Fort Young Hotel and Dive Dominica; April 11-18th, KSC Staff: Olivia, Margo

(New) May 11-18th- Possible Empty Nester Wakatobi, KSC Staff: 

2020 Summer Trips:

PHILIPPINES: June 13th to June 23rd; KSC Staff:   Margo, Olivia

TBA: Caribbean week: June 13th to June 20th, (Possible Cayman), KSC Staff:  Woody, Brad, Jen

(NEW) TURKS & CAICOS: On the Turks & Caicos Explorer II, June 20th to 27th; KSC Staff: Aly – Jen

(NEW) KOMODO: On the Arenui, June 26th to July 5th, (1 cabin left) July 7th to July 15th KSC Staff: Tom & Margo

ROATAN: Turquoise Bay Beach Resort: June 27-4th KSC Staff: Aly and Patric 

ROATAN: Mayan PrincessJuly 4th to the 11th (All-inclusive); KSC Staff: Aly and Patric 

BONAIRE: Buddy Dive ResortJuly 11th -18th; KSC Staff: Woody, Olivia, Rob
BONAIRE: Buddy Dive Resort, July 18th -25th; KSC Staff: Woody, Olivia, Rob

PALAU: Sam’s Tours, and Palau Royal; July 18th to 28th (10 nights), KSC Staff: Margo  & Tom, Jen

ST. LUCIA: Anse Chastanet, July 25th to August 1st; KSC Staff:  Aly, Jen
ST. LUCIA: Anse Chastanet, August 1st to the 8th; KSC Staff: Margo, Aly

(NEW) BELIZE: Hopkins Bay, August 8th to the 15th; KSC Staff: Olivia, Tom, Woody

Indonesia:( 11-night trip )Bangka Resort Sept 30th – Oct 5th & Lembeh Resort Oct 5th-11th,  Empty Nester Week (staff- Margo, Tom, Olivia)


Thanksgiving: 2020
(New) FIJI: Jean-Michel Cousteau, Thanksgiving week, November 21st – 28th; KSC Staff: Tom & Margo Peyton, Brad Holland,  Sven Blank, Olivia, Woody, Aly, Jen



20/22- Contact us.

June 24 – July 3rd Komodo  Arenui luxury liveaboard

June pre and post dive packages-Indonesia -Wakatobi/Lembeh & Bangka  



13 nights  SORONG

Family Dive Adventures travel specialists: We provide vacation packages on a year-round basis for all our family-friendly resorts around the world that have met our high-quality standards for training, safety, and service. If you are looking for an individual family vacation or planning a customized small or large group dive trip and would like to work with an experienced family friendly staff that understands your needs and has 25 years of experience the best the world has to offer in diving, then give us a call at 1-803-419-2556.