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Dive training forms and waivers

Dive training waivers needed to begin your PADI dive trips and continued education 

Our families are all coming to Kids Sea Camp or Family Dive Adventures to go diving. But in order to get in the water with us — you need to fill out some waivers.

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PADI diver forms and waivers: These forms must be printed, completed and brought to you to be turned in at the dive shop.  If you do not bring these forms with you, you will be required to fill them out upon arrival, before participating in any dive activity. Each link contains the PADI form required for each PADI course you have requested. We are providing these forms for you to review, ask questions and check with your doctor about any concerns or requirements. PADI forms are mandatory for each student participating in PADI programs. Please download, read and complete, bring the original forms with you and turn them in at the dive shop upon arrival.  

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  1. Seal Team: Kids must be age 8+ (1 set per child participating) 
  2. SASY: Kids must be age 5+ (1 set per child participating)  
  3. Merged Files_AOW  for any participant in the Jr. Adventure or Jr. Advanced or Advanced Open Water courses (1 set per child participating)
  4. Merged Files_JOW  foe PADI Open water course or  PADI Jr. Open Water course adults and kids 1 per student. 
  5.  Continuing Education form is required for any PADI specialty classes, including Zombie Diver, Photo, Nitrox etc. One set per participant adult or child.
  6.  PADI_KSC_Waiver(1 form per certified diver. (kids) Parents or guardians are required to fill this form out for each certified diver between the ages of 10-17)

Adult certified diver forms: Adult divers who will be participating in a PADI course. Rescue, Dive Master, Nitrox, Lion Fish, Shark Aware etc.  These 2 forms are needed:

  1. Medicalform16 This form is a statement in which you are informed of the established safe diving practices for skin and scuba diving.
  2. Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding (1 per certified diver must be completed, and originals brought with you.)

Parental Release for Emergency Treatment Consent V11 – 10088 the need for all certified diving kids:   fill this form out for each child that is a certified diver not in a course. This form has already been included in the above-Merged files for courses. This is required to be filled out by a parent or guardian print out, complete and hand into dive shop.

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Regardless of our commitment to the highest safety standards in the dive industry, we highly recommend DAN Trip and DAN Dive Insurance in the event something unexpected happens on the island or a liveaboard. Please note: Most liveaboards will not let you on their boat without dive and trip insurance. Below are important links.

Dive Insurance

Travel Insurance