Kids Sea Camp healed my familySeptember 17th, 2020

Lilly Blakey PADI Open Water Instructor with Kids Sea Camp 2020

Lilly Blakey was only 8 years old when she attended her first Kids Sea Camp in Roatan in 2006. "My parents

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From 12 to 20, my first dive trip was the GalapagosSeptember 15th, 2020

The Lavinsky family. Rob, Max, Kylie, Bailey, Logan

Max Lavinsky's first open water dives were with his dad Rob Lavinsky in the Galapagos, on a Kids Sea Camp liveaboard dive trip. Max

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A love of diving, travel, and the ocean runs in the familySeptember 15th, 2020

Sydney, Todd & Kendal Williams

Kendall Williams age 21 understands focus and discipline. The New Mexico native in her senior year at Emporia State University, where she is majoring

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What’s on your vision board?April 23rd, 2020

By Carolyn Pascal, founding member of Kids Sea Camp

In the old days, I would pin sayings, pictures, fortunes from cookies, and special notes on a bulletin board in my closet. It was my vision board. Every day when I went

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Take Time To Savor Life’s TreatsSeptember 26th, 2019

Taking time to savor life's treats is not something I did on a blazing summer day in Santa Monica, at a house party with a pool, and me a thirteen-year-old boy who had assembled his own gear. That’s how I experienced my very first dive. As I

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