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    We are experts in the family travel business

    Your dive shop underperforming? You repeat client rate falling? Then give us a call for a private resort and dive shop consultations 

    Kids Sea Camp is now 22 years old and we have been traveling around the world bringing our families to some of the best dive resorts on the globe. We know travel. We know kids and families. We know how they travel, what they need and what they expect. Because of over two decades of experience, we offer special family travel services consultation for resorts and dive shops. We are experts in family travel planning.

    Margo Peyton, Kids Sea Camp, Family Vacations, Family travel planningMargo Peyton, the owner, and founder of Kids Sea Camp, Family Dive Adventures and Ocean Wishes. She has over 31 years of travel business experience. She knows the in’s and outs of how a dive shop and a resort should be servicing and catering to their families and their kids. She knows because it’s what she does. Margo is an expert in family diving and travel. She is also in the Women’s Divers Hall of Fame for her work with children, families and dive training.

    Thomas Peyton, our vice-President has over 15 years of family travel experience, diving and vacation planning. Tom understands you’re on vacation and sometimes it’s not all about diving. He specializes in creating unique land-based or different water-based adventures. If you want to know which restaurant has the best food, or where is the best place to have a drink or which vendor is the best fly-fishing our charter captain. Tom is the person to call.

    Mr. Peyton also spent 25 years in newspapers, marketing, and social media expansion. He knows how a resort can be marketed and how and what the family market is looking for in a resort and vacation. He also is the primary web designer for the three companies.

    All rates are determined by the needs of the resort and dive shop. Give a call 1.803.419.2556

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    • Resort consultations
    • Travel presentations
    • Guest speaking
    • Diving with kids
    • Diving and traveling with families
    • Dive shop analysis
    • Food and Beverage analysis