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Family Dive Adventures

We create and customized international family dive vacations

EXPERTISE: We are family-owned and family-operated for 30 years. We were rated The Travel Channel’s Best choice for international family dive travel. Our specialty is understanding and meeting the needs of each individual family member from ages 5 to 80. That’s right we have grandparents diving at 75 and 80 years with us all over the world.

We inspire families to travel and create memories that will last a lifetime. Family Dive Adventures was created for families that expect more from a dive vacation: education, safety personalized service and fun for each traveling family member.

family, Family vacations, Family and diving, Kids Sea Camp, Family Dive AdventuresWe are the US reservations for family dive travel, family packages, and kids diving programs and training for each of our represented and family-friendly dive resorts. Family Dive Adventures Dive Travel provides year-round reservations on our Family Dive Adventures pages. We have handpicked and custom designed family dive packages to provide individual families that want to travel on their own. These are not Kids Sea Camp weeks. But, we provide you the same care and professionalism that we do with our Kids Sea Camp trips.

The main difference between a Kids Sea Camp vacation and a Family Dive vacation is that with KSC trips you are guaranteed to have our staff and other KSC families and kids on the same trip. With Family Dive Adventures, it’s just you and your family. We will customize your family vacation your way. Family Dive Adventures puts everything in place to keep your family safe and having fun the way you have come to expect. 

TRUST: Over the many years of traveling with us, families have learned that we put our focus on the safety and security of your children first. We put our family stamp of approval on everything we provide.

YEAR-ROUND RESERVATIONS: We provide dive travel reservations year-round to a select group of family-friendly PADI resorts around the world.

OUR MISSION: Family Dive Adventures mission is to inspire families to travel and learn about our big blue underwater world. We want to encourage them to become educated divers. And divers who will be enthusiastic about sharing their love of the ocean. We strive to help them to become confident divers who will protect our underwater world the rest of their lives.

DISCOUNTS: Your diving dollar is our diving dollar. Book through us! We want you to save time and money. Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp supports our active military and PADI Pros.  Ask us about our promotions for you.

WHAT IS THE FREQUENT TRAVELLER DISCOUNT: Book through us! We will give you 5% off the total price of your package. Whatever package you see on our site or any other site, we will match it and provide you an additional 5% discount.

THANK YOU FOR SERVING: We waive all change/cancellation fees for the military (Thank you for serving and we provide all military personnel a 10% discount.) Padi Pro instructors, fire fighters, school teachers and police officers all receive a discount when they book Kids Sea Camp or an individual family dive vacation through us. (Discounts can not be combined. One discount or promotion per person and current active ID is required at time of reservations).

QUALITY: With over 30 years of experience in the dive industry and teaching and diving with kids. Kids age 4-7 can participate in a program called SASY. Kids age 8 & 9 Seal team, Kids age 10 and up to 15 can do Jr. Open Water and kids age 15+ can get certified to dive and also enjoy over 15 specialty courses that are fun, educational and even college accredited. We have selected resorts with family-friendly staff that will take their time to serve you and professionally provides training, support, and guides you in the water.

We cater to both beginner and advance diving families. Our companies have great long-term relationships with the resorts around the world. These resorts we have chosen to work with and they have requested us. Family Dive Adventures act as their family experts and reservations services.

Benefits of booking with Family Dive Adventures Dive Travel & Kids Sea Camp:

1. Family Friendly Dive Resorts

We provide family-friendly packages from 22 different countries, we’ll help you pick the ideal option for your family. Special needs, younger drivers, training, certification or just enjoy diving as a family with peace of mind. We can provide you with private guides, private boats, and private instructors..

2. Expert advice

We are the experts with over 30 years of experience traveling and diving with family and diving and traveling with kids, elderly, nondivers and divers of all level of experience. We have over 7000 youth certifications and zero dive accidents.

We partner with the resorts and dive operators we represent worldwide. We have maintained long-term relationships over many years.  Our operators and resorts are personally vetted and approved by us for diving with catering to kids and family. We have been to and personally have experienced every operation and destination we provide.

3. Dive destination expertise

Our scuba travel experts are all dive Pro’s and have deep knowledge and understanding of every dive operation and resort we represent in the world.

4. Take out the risk

Let us plan everything for you from the moment you arrive on island.  We are the experts and will handle every detail of your trip. For groups, we will handle menu, rooming list, tours, training, and even special occasions. We have a 75% repeat business that have been traveling with us for 10 years or more.

5. Concierge service

We are experts’ and our only job is to serve you.  We have been doing this for 19 years with Kids Sea Camp and Margo Peyton has been doing this for over 30 years in the dive industry.  We will provide romantic getaways, weddings, family reunions, family holidays, quick getaways, empty nester trips, small groups, large groups etc.  You only need to pick up the phone and call 803-419-2556 and you will get a caring experienced person who can answer your questions, and design your trip.

6. Global network

Benefit from a global network of multilingual dive instructors, special needs dive instructors, private guides, expert photographers and divemasters, biologists, and videographers ready to join your trip (on demand). We offer special instruction for high functioning autistic divers, deaf divers, handicap divers and even those that just want to be pampered and not lift a finger or touch their gear.  We have air consolidators, group discount rates for air, transfers and partners around the world ready to serve you.

7. Best Price

Benefit from our experience in being able to customize your trip to suit your needs.  We offer 5% discount for all repeat clients and 10% to our active military, PADI Pro’s, school teachers, active firefighters, active police officers.

8. Group deals

We provide free spaces with groups and will help you build your own group trips.  We pay travel agents and dive shops 10% commission. We are the best in family, best in kids, the best that the dive world has to offer for family travel. Why call anyone else.  We know what you need.

8. Trust

We travel with you and are there for you every step of the way with our Kids Sea Camp trips and have a private guide with you on any trip we provide. We are parents, we are divers and we are well traveled and have personally set up each trip and its inclusions and detail to meet your family needs

9. One point of contact

All you need to do is contact us, we will take care of everything else, hotel, tours, diving, training, forms, room requests, and meals.

10: Deep down you want the best

That’s us! Book today

Give us a call today to book your next great adventure 803-419-2556.


All travelers must have a current passport, adequate funds to support themselves, and a return airline ticket to travel out of the USA. Travelers must have a passport that is valid for 6 months from the date of entry to any foreign country.

It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper documentation to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Please check with the appropriate consulate as well as your chosen airline carrier to ensure you have the proper documentation. Always check your passport and visa requirements. US citizens may go to the US Department of State website at for more information. The website also has information for consulates by country to assist with requirements.

There are special requirements for children leaving the US and many countries have adopted special requirements for the protection of children. If you are traveling with a child that is not your own, a single parent with a child, a child with a different last name, or traveling without both natural parents of the child, you will require documentation proving your right to travel with children. Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country and visit the immigration site of the country you are traveling to for the requirements. Kids Sea Camp Reservation Office and staff will not assume responsibility for passengers not having the correct documentation.