Top tips for travel safety and being ready for emergencies.November 21st, 2019

Top 10 questions you should ask when booking a liveaboard dive trip.  By Margo Peyton - Owner of Kids Sea Camp Inc. Family Dive Adventures PADI Instructor 57474
Be prepared, ask the tough questions when searching for your next liveaboard trip.  Make sure that you are qualified for

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Diving with kids on LiveaboardsSeptember 25th, 2019

Liveaboard travel is a great way for any diver to see the best dive sites a destination has to offer. It allows divers easy access to long-range dive sites and more secluded or remote areas that cannot be reached by day boat. Some might say Liveaboards are

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The search for the perfect dive vacation is overSeptember 17th, 2019

“Honey, I think we found our family dive vacations!”

By Patti Snyder

In the spring of 2010, I sat at my computer late one night, searching for a family dive vacations. Sam was 5, and

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Top 5 best family dive adventures with younger divers ages 4-16March 15th, 2019

MARGO PEYTON'S: Top 5 best family dive adventures with young children, plus many more.

1. Bonaire: This island is at the top of my kid-friendly list because of many of the condo properties such as Buddy Dive, Capt Don’s and Bel Mar. They

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Scuba Diving resorts can make better decisions on safety when it comes to kids and family.January 18th, 2019

Keeping families and kids safe should always be the only priority!

Today was a day for me to write, from the frustration of having to plead a case of safety over and over when it should just be common sense. So I really want to share this for

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My Ultimate Dive BuddyOctober 9th, 2018

A father's ultimate dream comes true at Kids Sea Camp!

By Eric Michael

“My kid’s a diver!”  Shouting these words from a mountaintop has been a dream for 11 long years. The day my daughter, Hailey, was born, I began fantasizing about

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Grandmother uses KSC for quality family timeSeptember 25th, 2018

Discovering Kids Sea Camp is a real gift to my family  

My two adult sons Danny and Chris, are divers, and they convinced me, 25 years ago to become a PADI certified diver.  When they married their wives Celenie and Stela, they also

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Kids Sea Camp gives young diver’s a life changing cultural experienceSeptember 25th, 2018

Fiji changes a young adult's perspective on life

By Liam Sallee, age 14

I took a trip with my family to Kids Sea Camp at Beqa Lagoon Resort on Fiji, an island in the middle of the Pacific, I view my life

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Best practices and etiquette for underwater photographersMay 11th, 2018

Photographers best practices

By Josh Comay and Margo Peyton: (Professional Dive Travel Photographers)

After years of speaking to frustrated guests, photographers, and divers. I felt compelled to put helpful etiquette tips together for photographers. I have been diving for 30 years, and I

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Kids Sea Camp is so much more than that!January 18th, 2018

I’m not technically a kid anymore

Kids Sea Camp is for family, but it’s also the perfect place for young adult divers ages 13-19, who are ready for some independence, advanced adventure, and continuing education and who want to have memorable experiences with other teens.

I’m not technically

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