2019 Poems from Kids Sea Camp St. Lucia

Family Poems from Kids Sea Camp family dive vacations. This is a very special part of our Kids Sea Camp dive trips. Each family writes and reads a poem or a song at the end of every week at KSC. The Family poems night is a celebration of creativity, the ocean, family, and Kids Sea Camp.

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Chris’s Poem (A Shout Out to Sam’s Crew)

My Man Marc, the mix-master of logistics

Jessie knows everything you want to know, including the statistics

Frenchy, his care was quite supér

Sharon laughing like a hyena with long blonde hair

Eve, she’s pretty hip, even with a big fat lip

Sergi, when he dives, he really knows how to let it rip

RD always got us where we wanted to go

Lulu expertly guided us way down below

Bell… who says Palau is my office every day

and Ray, who truly knows the Palaun way…

Thank you to SAM and the whole Sam’s Crew – you guys were awesome !

Susan’s Poem (haiku):

WWII wrecks, yeah?!

Destroyed the natural beauty

Thank you Palau Pledge


A poem from mother earth to the human race…

Help me my children

I’m dying you see

There’s coal in the air

And plastic in the sea

I’m hot and I’m choking from all that you’ve done

To take a lesson from your book “go get me a gun”!

4 billion years in the making

(I know some get confused)

And here we are

You took all the land and covered it with tar.

You cut down the forests of mangroves and trees,

And little by little you brought life to its knees

My oceans are full

Of the crap you’ve put there.

I had filled them with fish but now they are bare.

You caught them by the billions

And some of them you ate

But from others you made oil and lipstick and fertilizer and pet food and vitamin supplements, and glue, and jewelry, and nail polish and sandpaper, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

I gave you a brain that nothing can match

But what you have done with it has been sad to watch

Now I know there’s been cool stuff you invented like medicine and paint

Yea ok and the Avengers and Star Wars and Woody the Saint.

But you learned early on how to dig, and dig deep,

You came up with coal, oil and gas and

Enough money to make Solomon weep.

But the greenbacks have drawbacks

And now it’s apparent

that that stuff from the ground

Is an environmental accelerant

But the earth doesn’t care

Whether you make it or not

If you poison yourselves

It cares not a jot.

Life will go on, just in a different form but

The human race will no longer be the norm.

So now to Kids Sea Camp a shimmering light of

Hope and education to take forward the fight.

We’ve had lot’s of fun to be sure and seen amazing things

We’ve met many cool families (some of which can sing)

So thanks to Margo and Tom for making it so

But thank you to all the instructors and educators

Who play a huge role

In shaping young minds and preparing their hearts

For the struggle ahead by bearing witness

to both the beauty and destruction of all our surrounds.

Your final gifts, my dear human race

Your brains and your children

May be the last you will ever be given.

So listen well and hold fast.

Get your shit together or

You too, will soon be in the past.

ET3 Mitchell Ayer on CGC Bibb 1971-1974

The story I tell is true

About the finest cutter to sail the ocean blue

In the darkest days of World War II 

In nineteen hundred and forty three

Wolfpacks of U-boats prowled Atlantic seas

Looking to send freighters to their doom

Sailors fearing the Nazi torpedo’s deadly boom

The ships gathered together in convoy groups

Surrounded by cutters to protect the troops

An evil U-boat torpedoed the freighter Mallory 

Dumping men in waters icy

The cutter Bibb sped to their rescue

Before the cold waters turned the men blue

The convoy commander signaled “Come back, come back”

For I fear the wolfpack’s deadly attack

But the Bibb was skippered by Captain Raney 

Who answered “Not turning back, no sirree”

There our boys in the sea 

From the sunken ship the Mallory 

The Bibb’s brave crew 

Rescued a total of two hundred and two

Many years later I served on this warrior of the sea

And met the men of the Mallory 

The old salts shook my hand saying

“Thank you, thank you for coming back for me”

The Bibb still serves in the Florida Keys

As a reef hotel in the deep blue seas

Her sister Duane sits by her side

As they still stand watch from tide to tide

ET3 Mitchell Ayer on CGC Bibb 1971-1974

Mitchell Ayer (copyright)

Lillyana McGowan 

My first dive I saw a white fish with a brown stripe

I was so excited my heart took flight

We had so much fun sitting on the front of the boat

That’s when my heart began to float

When I first hit the sea floor I was amazed and all in wonder

With my ears popping away it took me a while to get under

When I laid down in bed, like the waves I was still rocking

I was like a boat not returning for docking

An urchin I spotted on my first night dive

I’ve never felt so new and alive

This experience has been so eye opening and amazing

Even at night in the pool I back float stargazing

In my passport I have my first stamp

Thank you everyone and Kids Sea Camp

Kai’s Poem

As we arrived at Oslob nobody could sit

When we hear we needed a briefing some people had fits

All of us jump into the water

Only a bathing suit needed it couldn’t be hotter

As we look down at the sandy reef

A whale shark emerges from beneath

Trying to keep up and stay away from the tail

So we can take cool photos and not get nailed

Diving down to take a cool pic

The shark doesn’t notice us as if we were ticks

All the bubbles no one can see

Holy crap there’s one under me

All you can do is swim around

And try not to get hit by 100,000 pounds

As you watch and observe the huge things eat

You realize they’re kind of neat

How can a whale so big eat something so small without a fuss

Then grow as big as a city bus

At last it’s been 30 minutes and it’s time to go

Everyone shouts woah I don’t think so

On the way back to the boat the last one comes up to say bye

And you truly see that to them your nothing bigger than a fly

As it descends into the deep

It leaves a great memory for you to keep

Diving at Night: 

By James Gilmore

Stealthily hiding in the waving soft coral

A spotted moray looks for a bite

Then lithering along the sandy bottom

A sharptail eel slips away from sight

At last looking out from its daytime home

A Chain Moray comes out for the night

So many varieties of crustaceans to be seen

Some in abundance while others quite rare

Countless arrow crabs and banded coral shrimp curiously look on

With their antennae and tiny pincers ready, they stare

Ready to clean and take those pesky parasites away

Purple cleaner shrimp surprisingly came as a pair

Finally three new crabs seen on this adventure

Batwing crabs, a Hairy Clinging Crab and a Nimble Spray Crab make this trip hard to compare

As we look to end this literary torture

And hoping you forgive its writer for a few more lines

As there were too many things seen and not enough rhymes

A few more favorite moments together

That high five flyby in the dark

And finally the Avatar movie-like experience watching Ostracods

Performing their dance in the dark

All while diving at night!

Hello Gramma, hello Gramps

Hello Gramma Hello Gramps,

Here I am at Kids Sea Camp

Camp is very entertaining

I just wish they would provide us towels daily

Hello Gramma, Hello Gram

How is life with Instagram?

Here we unplug, leave the rat race

Wonder if non-diver activities will take place

I shouldn’t moan, don’t want to piss and moan

But cruise ship folks are rude

At least we have our separate food

Hello Grammy and Grampy,

My tummy feels a little  crampy

Don’t Drink the water or so they tell me

What did I do to deserve dysentery

Instead of Woody we have Patric

Good thing is he’s fantastic

He excels at all his duties

Except for joining in karaoke

I shouldn’t groan, I really don’t want to piss and moan

But I can’t post any pics

At least i’ll get some from Patric

Well I guess I should be going

Dives are nice here, skills are growing

All the rest of my companions

Take each day in stride like champions

We’ve seen lots of pretty fishes

And the dive sites exceed our wishes

We’re so happy. Dear Grammy and Gramps

Please send us next year to Kids Sea Camp!

Lloyd Kaufman – Reflections

I look at the reflections in the mirror
A vision I have taken from the past
I can feel my heart growing nearer
To home

Early 2004 my bride and I
Took to the sea on our first dive adventure
A little one 4 years old
At home

Sold for life my partner and I
Traveled the Caribbean ocean when we could
While the family welcomed another
To home

As the years past the wife and I
Continued to frolic in the warm waters
While the little ones yearned for the same
From home

2010 arrives and the eldest
Takes to the quarries
For open water certification
At home

Luck would have and a little research too
A growing company of like minded folks
Offering underwater family adventure far
From home

Both boys took to the water like fish
Earning accolades from the family divers
And supplemental education
At home

At 18 and 14 and bride and I at midlife
Reflection is natural
Aided by many years of accessible photographs
On the road or at home

As we near the time where our boys
Start to leave, wonderment of preparedness
Abound and wonderment of returning
To home

Cliches notwithstanding I do have hope
That the adventures these young men
Have encountered along the way will bring fondness
Of their home

Kudos to kids sea camp and family divers
For being a willing participant in the journey
It’s not nearly done yet as we prepare for our journey
Back home.

St Lucia, Anse Chastenet, and Scuba St Lucia
Have earned our forth kids sea camp visit and 7th visit overall
Which easily makes it our second home away
From home

So thanks abound to kids sea camp
In hearing my reflections and aiding in the adventures
That our family will continue to enjoy 
in our ocean

Poem Hikeu by Saralyn Lehman

Open divers log

Then forget where I have been

Then remember again


There was once a girl Ellie Bean

Who loved keeping the ocean floor clean

Mesh bag in her hand she finds trash in the sand

And the result is a reef that’s serene.


There was once a boy with blond hair

who could flip and swim with much flair

He flew down to St. Lucia

To learn how to Scuba

And became a master diver extraordinaire!


There was once a diver named G

who loved to be upside down in the sea

She has fun with her friends

looks at fish like they’re gems

A child of Neptune is she

The forest is always greener
From the Kuppenheimer room.
If you can’t escape this heat then
You’ll end up inside a tomb.
Just look at the beach around you,
Put up a yellow flag
If Hayden steals that cocktail,
It’s gonna make him gag.
Uh oh
Where is j-t
Where is j-t
He’s not on the boat
And we gotta float
Where is j-t?
We’d like to thank Allie Gigi and Jay
For taking us diving every day
Creating lion fish kills
It was a thrillah
Under the sea.

Our certified PADI divers
Cooper, Macky, Maddie, Sav
Cuz now in the ocean blue
A PADI card they have.
Now the dads are getting old now
And they’re heads are getting bare.
OH QUICK look at that gage now
Oh crap I’m out of air.
I have to pee
I have to pee
Grant is drinking
Darcy is sinking
Lime and honey!
I love the fishies in the bay
Kim is a vegan now NO WAY!
Bump it for Hayden
Cooper is playin
Where we can’t see.

The tea Macky’s spillin
The Latin is chillin
Grant has a girlfriend
He got her at church camp
The certs we have earned
The facts I have learned
Micronesia is smaller than nesia

The fish guy has fish
I ordered that dish
The ears have the pain
The sky has the rain
Keither and brad
To leave here is sad
It’s gazpacho time!

Thank you family
Thank you family
Brings up the past
The time goes by fast
Those dads were crazy!!
What do they got a shining star
We’ve got Bucknell’s own K-D-R
Turtles are hatching
Able is smashing
That’s why it’s coolah
Down in St.Lucia
Frat guys are meeting
Their hair is receding
Thank you familyyyyyyyyy

Lucky Lucky Lionfish

Lucky lucky lionfish
Come and swim with me

Lucky lucky lionfish
It was meant to be

Lucky lucky lionfish
Have no fear

Lucky lucky lionfish
Daddy is not here

Lucky lucky lionfish
You don’t see a spear

Lucky lucky lionfish
No one will come near

Lucky lucky lionfish
You are safe this year

Lucky lucky lionfish
Daddy is not here in Belize

By: Abby Zanelli

Lionfish, Belize, Tarpon Fly Fishing, Kids and Fishing, Bone fish, Permit, Kids Sea Camp
Belize i a wonderful place to hunt for Lionfish.

Bonaire Thanksgiving 2018 Poetry

Thanksgiving 2018 Bonaire Roger Cruz

Roger Cruz

Thanksgiving in Bonaire with KSC was so cool,
And I got to skip 3 days of school.

My dad said it was a life lesson,
So I came tol get my advanced certification.

I met my instructors, Lars and Menno,
And quickly got some gear for a demo.

I learned to find directions,
With a compass and sea formations.
I also got a camera to try
And spend my dive as a spy
Some amazing shots were had
So you better watch out Brad!

My first night dive was quite exciting,
And nothing at all frightening.
My dad lent me his video light,
Which turned darkness into daylight.
Not happy was a moray eel,
hissing at me for how I made it feel.
So I turned down the brightness,
and used a red light for politeness,
Making happy the sea creatures
which now could sleep without seizures
Best of all, was beating my dad
By finding an octopus, a seahorse and a crab

After my dives, I met with my new friends,
To jump off the wall for rapid descends
Though we never touched the bottom
My dad constantly worried about hitting the rocks with our bottoms

Donkeys were fed some moldy bread,
but some wanted some fingers instead

The soccer match was run, run, run
But leaving behind the out-of-breath adults was so much fun

Woody, Woody, Woody leaves you guessing,
About his next underwater dressing.
Santa Claus and a tuxedo,
Maybe next time a torpedo?

Finally, I say thank you to Margo and Tom,
For making this vacation the bomb

The Divers Dream

Lloyd Kaufman

(Set to phrasing and lyrical styling of "the Gunner's Dream" by Roger Waters)

Floating down, to the ocean floor
Memories come rushing to great me once more.
But in the space between the corals
And the vis limit of the ocean blue
I had a dream
I had a dream

Dolphin culls
Plastic trash
Seems inevitable that many species are going to crash
With 24 hour news and documentaries singing the blues
We witness all the signs
And many still deny
But we hold on to the teachings of groups like PADI and kids sea camp
We take a surface breathe
And hold on to the dream

A place to swim
Good food to eat
A place where buddy dive allow all species safety on the reef
Where we can speak out loud
About our ocean fears
And no one will discount observable science with political rhetoric as we witness the beauty offered...above and below

We can relax
with surface interval to the max
Friends and family abound, common goals and good all around
And with all goodwill shown my mind is at ease
That our children will save the seas
All of our children will save the seas

Night after night
Going round and round my brain
This dream cannot be in vain
In the corner of this beautiful dive resort
The diver sleeps tonight.
What's done is done
We cannot just write off this final scene
Take heed of the dream
Take heed.

Kids Sea Camp Palau 2018

Bicycle Race by Queen - Scuba Version

Summer and Megan Geall

Kids Sea Camp! Kids Sea Camp, Kids Sea Camp!

I want to dive with Kids Sea Camp at Sams Tours in Palau.

I want to see some manta rays at the German Channel.

I say shark. You say “ray”.

I say “boat”. You say “bay”.

White tips were always my thing, and I do like starfish.

Kids Sea Camp! Kids Sea Camp! Kids Sea Camp!

I want to dive with Kids Sea Camp.

I want to dive right now.

I want to dive Kids Sea Camp, diving in Palau.

The best diving is coming your way, so forget about your troubles, oh yeah!

The Geall sisters are diving today, so look-out for those beauties in BCDs.

Ready Set! Let’s Dive!

Palau Poem

Diane Hughes

No Time for TV but,

The Plane, the plane

24 hours later,

Night of the Living Dead

Zombies disembark

Next Morning-

The love boat, oops, I mean, the dive boat at the dock.

Julie, aka, social director Marc

Sets the tone for the day with a smile.

Some need a bit of liquid courage but where is Isaac?

New season of Kids Shark Week begins.

Survivor Palau filmed here-

Kids Sea Camp survived Blue Corner, Uulong Channel & more

No tears or drama in this

Paradise, no commercials either

Only great new friends and wonderful memories.

Thank you Sam's & KSC.

Kung Fu Diving

Lyle Ross/Alice Chen Family

Everybody was scuba diving

Those fish were fast as lightening

The sharks were a little bit frightening

Of mantas there were lots of sightings!

There were funky dive masters

In funky dive suits

They were taking me up

They were taking me down

It's an underwater art

And everybody knows their part

Swimming in pairs

While drinking in air.

Everybody was scuba diving

Those fish were fast as lightening

The sharks were a little bit frightening

Of mantas there were lots of sightings!

Alii Belau

Nicholas Equitz

While in Belau our journey begins for some summer fun

Where the Rays can amaze whether manta or Sun

We had an awesome driver named Swell

He drove us downtown and treated us well

Papaya and Twix

for Greg will never mix

Kayak in the water to climb a tree,

but top we will never see

Half moon, full moon, blood moon

If you pay attention you will escape the hidden lagoon

Every day is a new surprise

Just after you see the sun rise

First you must start with a cup of coffee

Then you run down to the hotel lobby

When you have hunger after a triple dive

Enjoy a 10 course meal at Elilai (Ellie lie)

These 10 days are coming to a close

Which destination comes next - no-one knows

Philippines 2018 from Kids Sea Camp

Dora Nathanson

Dora Nathanson

Diving in the Philippines
With Mamas Biggs, Tess and Suzette
There’s nothing we have needed
That they couldn’t 
Somehow get

Diving in the Philippines 
We braved jellyfish with some dread
But all of that was worth it
For Margo’s shot of three whale sharks, Dan 
And his conehead

Diving in the Philippines 
Competed with time in Vida spa
We all indulged quite heavily
But no one more than
Our mascot and her ma

Diving in the Philippines
Is like glimpsing parts of heaven
But nothing quite compared
To seeing Raymond 
In his new Adidas, size eleven

Diving in the Philippines 
Has been an experience of our lifetimes
Thank you all for the laughs and conversations 
And to Kids Sea Camp 
For the chance to share these rhymes

Orisel Gonzalez

Orisel Gonzalez

I just want to be a Seal

La La-La La

I just want to be a Seal

La La-La La

At Kids Sea Camp in the Philippines

I just want to be a Seal

I don’t want to be a Shark, No!

I don’t want to be a Shark, No!

Because they don’t have the cool bark

I don’t want to be a Shark, No!

Don’t want to be a manatee

Don’t want to be a manatee

‘Cause they aint in the Visayan Sea, Nope

Don’t want to be a manatee.

Bonaire summer of 2018 Poems

Helena Lubnow

Helena Lubnow

Sunday was the first day of it all

Everyone’s excitement was either too big or too small

There was introductions and diving to be done

We all had fun, that first day

And there were more adventures on the way!

For the rest of the week, there were activities galore

From night diving to tubing from kayaking and more!

I don’t think anyone could bore!

It was even tough to stay alive in Woody’s zombie dive

When Saturday comes, pack up your stuff,

The fun had gone on for enough,

Come on everybody, let’s say farewell,

Goodbye, Kids Sea Camp Bonaire, See you next year!

Matthew Sircy

Matthew Sircy

Always be nice to a diver

We know places where nobody can find you

Smith Family Poem

Smith Family

My first Kids Sea Camp in here
The ocean adventure is near,
But first I must know the facts
From Pepe, Menno and Dax
Got my snorkel
Got my mask
Got my gear, I know the tasks
With my friends and teachers,
We leave behind the land and beaches
To the jungle down below, we search for animals galore
Lions – Parrots – Porcupine fish and more
My parents, they share,
Of the seahorse and frogfish they stare
And I can’t wait to see
With my own eyes and BCD
… But … if it weren’t for my darn ear,
I’d be able to clear
I guess I’ll be back to Kids Sea Camp again next year
- Dara, Clay, & Sierra Smith

Ryder Sircy

Ryder Sircy

Kids Sea Camp Bonaire

Was just right for this brothers’ pair

Roatan Summer 2018 Kids Sea Camp Poems

Under the Sea with KSC

Boney Family

The seaweed is always greener
When you go with KSC
There’s plenty of scuba diving
And wonderful things to see
They’ll take you to see the island
And bring lots of things to you
Fire dancers and Garifuna
The culture will shine right through
{chorus} Under the sea – under the sea
Life is just better down where its wetter take it from me
You’ll see the turtles and the rays
You’ll see the chorals and the bays
Whether you’re boating or your just floating
Under the sea!
We came to the Mayan Princess
On beautiful Roatan
We dove with the Mayan Divers
And met other scuba fans
Aly, Robbie, Lilly and all staff
They made sure that fun was had
And woody led zombie diving
When he didn’t feel so bad!
So now that we’ve come to Friday
The day we must pack our gear
We wont have to say ‘good bye’
Instead we say ‘see you next year’
So many destinations
And marvelous sights to see
Are waiting the whole world over
Lets go there with KSC!

Pretty Lilly

Logan Lavinsky

P- pretty
R- rad
E- elegant
T- tall
Y- yogurt lover

I- intelligent
L- likeable
L- laughing
Y-yellow lover

Aly is so pretty
She is so witty
I asked her to marry me
And she said maybe

‘My Favorite Things’ at Kids Sea Camp

Eldridge Family

Turtles eating coral and groupers hanging out with me,
Octopus gliding through the night that I barely see,
Meeting new people who go diving with me.
(If you like pina coladas)
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the ears hurt,
When the fish hide,
When the jellies sting.

I simply remember my favorite things... and then I don't feel, so bad.

2018 Kids Sea Camp Poem

Scuba Dive

We dive through our lives in the same routine
not adventuring or exploring anything
Then all at once, the wind unfurls
we dive into a separate world
A world of rhythm a home to fish
a place of peace for those who wish
and me a guest a mere spectator
who’ll just take pictures to look at later
I grab my reg, check my mask, it’s clean
And I cover my pasty white face with sunscreen
I dive into an ocean of coral and sea,
might see a nurse shark if I’m really lucky
But the dives weren’t the real thing that made this trip neat
It’s the divers, the staff, and the friends that I meet
Because I think that the dives would be a huge bore
Without friends to come with you to help you explore
By: Matthew Boney

The Philippines poems

2017 Poems from Kids Sea Camp Philippines

Here are the poems from the summer weeks of Kids Sea Camp in the Philippines in 2017. Kids Sea Camp hosts a poetry presentations every Friday night at the closing celebration.

Dive it off

By the Geall family

I wake up at 6, to make sure I don’t miss,

my dive boat mmm, my dive boat mmm.

They may think I’m crazy, well they ain’t wrong baby,

crazy for Kids Sea Camp mmm, crazy for Kids Sea Camp.

So I keep diving can’t stop, won’t stop diving.

It’s like I got the ocean in my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright, cause the fish are gonna

swim, swim, swim, swim, swim, swim,

and the turtles are gonna flap, flap, flap, flap, flap, flap.

Yeah I’m just gonna — dive, dive, dive, dive, dive

I’m diving on my own diving, on my own got my friends here,

so I not alone, so I’m not alone, 

that’s what they don’t know, mmm, and that’s they know mmm

(Chorus) I dive it off, I dive it off, I dive it off, I dive it off

Hey, Hey, Hey just think while  you’ve been getting down and out,

about the Lionfish and the dirty, dirty crown of thrones of this world

You could’ve been getting down to 40 feet.

My old friend brought her new dive gear she’s like “Oh My Gosh”

I’m just gonna dive to the fella over there with the really good hair,

won’t you come on over now and we can dive, dive, dive.

(Chorus) I dive it off, I dive it off, I dive it off, I dive it off


Palau Poems

Palau poems from the Kids Sea Camp week 

Here are the poems from the Kids Sea Camp week. Kids Sea Camp has a poetry presentation every Friday night at the closing celebration.

Out of the blue

The Baylee Adair family

Out of the blue

Into the ocean

All so brand-new

Into more blue

Under the sea

Just me and you, feeling so free

Deeper into the ocean blue

To black to dark

Nothing here for me and you.

Then gliding through the blue, a Manta!

So real and so true, a Manta!

Now I’m here

Just me and you

Under the sea in the ocean blue.

Good night Palau

The McClure family 

Goodnight Palau with your beautiful sea,

Goodnight to the divers, that’s you and that’s me.

Goodnight Milky Way with your white mud and day,

Goodnight to yet another wonderful day.

Goodnight little jellies in Jellyfish lake,

Goodnight birthday kids and chocolate cake.

Goodnight Blue Corner and the late flying there,

Goodnight to the sharks, and walls, oh so fair!

Goodnight Ulong Channel, away we all go!

Goodnight simple life, with its ebb and it’s flow.

Goodnight sing mermaids and your underwater flips,

Goodnight to our new friends — until our next trip.

Goodnight Sam’s, Frazier, Margo and Tom,

This trip to Palau has truly been the bomb.

Kids Sea Camp isn’t one color it’s a rainbow

The Sarin family
There’s red,
On the diver flag and fingernails.
On the roofs of boats, sunburnt kids,
Even on adults toes.
What’s here that’s blue?Every shade of blue in every drop of sea,
Curtains, bedspreads, sam’s boat tops.
Pools and fins and so much more!
Now the orange we shall explore!Orange clownfish and coral,
The pool barrier, if you go lighter.
There’s yellow to see,
sunshine and sand and a nudibranch baby.
Raisin cake we devour,
And straw baskets we wear,
It’s also green that’s filling the air!Green means nitrox and mangroves, grass mangroves
Grass necklaces and mats.
Mandarin fish,
Jellyfish Lake and turtles galore,
Now black that’s that.There are wetsuits and mantas and all sorts of gear,
And silver zippers, sharks and dolphins, and tanks.
And lastly, there’s gold in the hearts of everyone here.

Kids Sea Camp isn’t one color it’s a rainbow.

Finding our Scuba Sensei

The Quast & Jones family  ( write about finding their scuba sensei in Palau.)

There once was a gray shark for Nantucket

Some Mandarin fish in a bucket,

Nudibranchs here, there and everywhere,
Giant sumo wrestler clans that bit me in the derriere.
Half moon, quarter moon, rastaman jellies,
Fourth of July feast that filled my belly.
You see we are here in Palau,
Where the best time to here is “right” now.
With all our friends from Kids Sea camp,
And our Scuba sensei Margo who is a true Sea camp Champ.
And though our time here is running down,
We are quite sure will be back in town. 

Dreaming of fish

By The Abad Santos family (The Santos family have been to over six family weeks with Kids Sea Camp. They dream of fish every year.)

“I dream of fish”
I dream of fish that all swam by.
Of jacks and my napoleon wrasmer,
Of spiny urchins and anemones of giant clams and squid and stingless jellies.But the sharks came out at night,
How I dreamed that they would eat me,
But I soon learned they were nice,
]And they all became my friends.One more dive, another day another destiny,
another chance to test my buoyancy.
One more dive, another day at Kid Sea Camp
Oh, it’s the best,
I’m afraid it couldn’t lastOne more dive with Margo, Frazier Sven oh what a team,
With JC and Leon, oh what a dream.
One day more,
One more swim,
One more dive!