YAP Wow is all I can think right now.


Kids Sea Camp Yap & Palau


An amazing Whale shark in Yap on the surface with very happy Kids Sea Campers.


Julie Wettstein

Wow is all I can think right now.

We are a family of five, submerged in the beautiful turquoise waters of Yap: a tiny island, off the beaten path for sure, located in the Micronesia. You see, we live in Hawaii, so when I contacted Margo Peyton with Kids Sea Camp the bar was set pretty high for taking a family vacation. Margo guided us through a magical family adventure that we will, like her tag line said, remember forever.
I am surrounded by a pristine reef and schools of fish, many of which are large and pelagic. On the list in Yap was sailfish, reef sharks, manta rays and a whale shark. As I descend with my family into the sea below a euphoric feeling overcomes me. But what really is on my mind is the fact that all of my daughters are getting this experience along with my husband and myself together. It is amazing to have us all be experiencing this amazing, beautiful, untouched, unspoiled, majestic destination together.
Moments to remember forever: My youngest daughter, Emma, floats above my head and dives down for a high-five as she is only 7 right now and is still dreaming of the day she can officially dive with us. For now she is snorkeling with sharks and learning about the ocean. The view she is getting is fantastic. She is being circled by schools of fish and small white tip reef sharks. She shoots me a huge smile and a great big Shaka from the surface and an OK signal. She is totally stoked to be part of this!
Sierra is out in the blue, following in her dad’s footsteps with her camera just waiting for that chance to log the perfect shot. She is in the zone: perfectly focused and ready for the shot. She signals me a huge OK and I know all is good. Her wish is granted as a juvenile whale shark poses inches from her lens and she has the shot.
Jos is busy being Brad Holland’s photo model. The perfect fit: a teen diver that has her buoyancy and diving down like a master diver. She is so into the dive that she doesn’t even notice all of the attention she is getting from the photographer. During the one-hour time frame that she gets to spend with the loves of her life, manta rays and sharks she is in heaven. She’s soaking in the experience. These moments at Kids Sea Camp are magical.
Jeff is taking the opportunity to spruce up his photography skills and is loving it as well. He has been spoiled by having a professional photographer spend a week with him, sharing tips of the trade. He is stoked to be using his newly found skills, and I even have a few photos of him taking photos which is rare since he is always the one shooting the photos (thank Brad for that).
And me, I’m just thrilled to share this unforgettable journey to Yap and Palau with my family. This type of experience cannot be purchased in a store or found in some prepackaged deal online. It’s not going to be on a cruise ship or in a theme park. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity created and personally hosted by Kids Sea Camp for us to all connect and embrace the majesty of the underwater world. We don’t have to say a single word, we just look at each other and smile when we surface. We all know what each other feels, it’s written all over our faces.
This is the perfect family experience and one of many Kids Sea Camp offers. A trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much.



2015 Parent poems



St. Lucia 2015:

Kids sea camp 2015

We have mixed Henry Rollins, frank Zappa, and Kurt Vonnegut to present this
This is the central organizer.
We begin our story with a mild mannered family from Midwest suburbia.  The
smith family consists of the father Floyd, who puts in 8 to 5 as an
accountant. The matriarch breanna smith is a door to door makeup salesman
who also runs the household.  Elder son aiden smith is an all star high
school athlete who texts his high school sweetheart Buffy nightly.  And
finally the youngest Alex smith just started his gig as a part time foot
model.  The smiths have saved their Michigan 10 cent bottles for the year to
take their dream vacation at kids sea camp on the mystic island of St Lucia
in the West Indies.  We now take you through their adventures as told from
the tongue of Brenna smith.

Long long long travel first day
We made it just after sunset to Anse Chastenet

Day one of diving Was a bit hectic
But it all got better when aiden saw an eagle Ray

For Alex Sunday was his first ocean dive ever It was exciting for him to see
an eel For Mom and Dad 3 dives in one day was a steal

***new  movement ***

Monday brought more diving specifically at Turtle Reef It’s not known for
turtles but two turtles were spotted Even the divemasters were in disbelief

But Monday didn’t end there the smiths went rogue Headed down the road of
death for some zip line express!
Dad that’s a mango tree not Mahogany tree get guitars off your head

*new movement*

Day 3 was Tuesday brought a sea horse for us to see We cannot forget we had
garden eels too.  They may be small but they are cool Teen boat had
stonefish and flounder abound Floyd and I  went jungle biking and I fell on
the ground


Hump day!  Hoot hoot! We had so much fun Floyd and Brianna went kayaking
before lunch and only one oops plunge That was Floyd!
 By afternoon parents got a frog fish it was as yellow as yellow can be And
because everyone has their favorite snail.  Floyd got flamingo tongues
galour The kids went jungle biking and hit an extreme trail Good thing they
had helmets Alex went over the handle rails


The smith family adventures pause on Thanksgiving day, where oddly enough
the local French creole culture has prepared an American traditional
thanksgiving dinner for lunch…and doubly oddly enough have arranged for an
American football game to be played in the local town colleseum.  We return
to the tales of the smith matriarch.


Thursday Turkey day.  Or should we say 7 – 7 tie football game day
Competition was high but fun and sun was in the air In the end all was well
and even got the Lee Family photo done And do we mention Detroit Lions won
and the Cowboys lost…no Romo savior today!


Friday family dive day and we finished our vacation on a high note First
Pinnacles with both a small and large porcupine fish Then on to Turtle Reef
for none other than 2 turtles again!

Kids Sea Camp provides a week for families to be families And enjoy a really
cool activity of diving Thanksgiving week is the holy triumvirate Kids Sea
Camp Anse Chastenet And Scuba St Lucia thumbs up we say We hope everyone
here had a fantastic Vaca!

Fiji Bequa Lagoon resort Kids Sea Camp week 2015

Song by: Kimberly O’Young (Molkentin)
Let Us Dive – Fiji style. (sung to the tune of a Disney hit, Frozen’s “Let It Go”)
Moonlight glitters cross The ocean at night
An eagle ray glides along on its wing
The sea is alive with creatures
And Old Neptune is their King
The waves are rolling, but the fish don’t really care
They’re quite content in. their A qua-tic lair
The gobi fish play hide and seek
Look quickly in the sand and take a peek
Ribbon eels are  black but then turn blue
It’s true.
Let us dive, Let us dive
With Kids Sea Camp in Fiji
Let us dive, Let us dive
In the West Pacific Sea
We love the corals and anem o ne
But the water’s cold
When diving in Fiji
You’ll wanna pee and pee
Barracuda, sharks and turtles
Make Everything seem small
What used to be so scary
Now doesn’t frighten me at all
Teeming with life and vibrancy
The ocean’s secrets, now revealed to me
Fish swim and play, no boundary-
They’re free
Let us dive, Let us dive
With Kids Sea Camp in Fiji
Let us dive, Let us dive
In the West Pacific Sea
The shark dive rocks
Every one agrees
But The water’s cold
When diving in Fiji
You’ll wanna pee and pee
Explore a sunken boat wreck
From the bow down to the stern
See the    colorful soft corals
Explore and you will learn
How feathers and anemone
Now call the boat their home
for all to see.
A beautiful sight
When you dive Fiji…
Let us dive, Let us dive
With Kids Sea Camp in Fiji
Let us dive, Let us dive
In the West Pacific Sea.
Our favorite site were the corals At Fantasy
But the  water’s cold
When diving in Fiji
You’ll wanna pee and pee
Visit nemo’s garden
There’s not much down below
But you’ll see some magic coral
An electric clam will glow
Safety stop atop at twenty feet
Surge across the middle of clownfish beat
See some popcorn shrimp
A nudibranch or two
Woo hoo!
Let us dive, Let us dive
With Kids Sea Camp in Fiji
Let us dive, Let us dive
In the West Pacific sea.
Corals and anem. O ne
The water’s cold
When diving in Fiji
You’ll wanna pee and pee
Take me on a shark dive
To cathedral there and back
Mind the choppy waters
Watch your head so you don’t get whacked.
The current there is very great
But the shark dive rocks,
Just don’t tempt fate
Sil very  remora swim round and round
As sharks come to ground
Let us dive, Let us dive
With Kids Sea Camp in Fiji
Let us dive, Let us dive
In the West Pacific sea.
The shark dive’s cool,
Every one agrees
But The water’s cold
When diving in Fiji
You’ll wanna pee and pee
Chum the site with fish heads
So big sharks will know      to come
We want bull sharks, lemons and tigers
Cuz seeing them is fun.
Hump headed wrasse come over too
Plenty food for all the fish to chew
A huge feeding party in the sea
Brings the sharks to me.
Let us dive, Let us dive
With Kids Sea Camp in Fiji
Let us dive, Let us dive
In the West Pacific sea.
The shark dive’s cool,
Every one agrees
But The water’s cold
When diving in Fiji
You’ll wanna pee and pee


Intelligent Travel (Kids Sea Camp Palau) by National Geographic author Rainer Jenns

Amazing traveling with your kids

Intelligent Travel (Kids Sea Camp Palau) by National Geographic author Rainer Jenns

Anyone with young kids certainly knows about the lifestyle modifications that need to be made in order to raise children. Among other things, you just can’t go out as much or stay up as late as you did BC (before children). And when it comes to traveling, most parents somehow feel obligated to forgo their dream trips or favorite vacation activities for more family-friendly destinations and accommodations that cater to kids.
This seems particularly true in the case of scuba divers, who too often take a complete sabbatical from the sport while bringing up their kids. After all, how are moms and dads supposed to go diving with young children in tow?

My wife and I found ourselves in this boat after our boys were born, and although I still managed to finagle my way back in the water every now and then, Carol and I rarely”‘buddied up” underwater, and we certainly weren’t planning vacations that revolved around diving like we once did.

I learned that compromising our love of scuba diving for the sake of our two young sons proved unnecessary. Not only was I enlightened to the fact that children as young as 10 years old can now become certified divers, I discovered a tour company that catered to families like ours: parents who want a family dive vacation and the kids get a chance to make new friends and participate in their own underwater adventures.  Kids Sea Camp (KSC) was started 14 years ago by Margo Peyton, a travel consultant, dive instructor and mother of two who wanted to bring together like-minded people who love the ocean, diving, beaches, snorkeling, and travel, and offer them the opportunity to share their passion as a family. After initially launching with just one trip and one other family, KSC now offers hundreds of kids and adults each year the opportunity to learn and enjoy scuba each year.  In honor of her dedication toward helping kids and adults gain a greater appreciation for our oceans and creating family diving events around the world, Margo was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2009 and has contributed to 5,000 certified divers to-date.

It didn’t take a lot of persuasion to get Carol and the boys on board. After perusing The Kids Sea Camp list of itineraries, which now include destinations like the Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Yap, Utila, Fiji, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Roatan, Australia, Greece, Florida and the Galápagos, we decided on Palau, which I had been told by the famous underwater photographer David Doubilet has some of the best diving on earth. We called Margo and booked the Palau family adventure.

One of the biggest draws to KSC is the fact that they can fully train and certify any adult or child ten years or older during their trip. Our original plan was to have the boys (who are now 11 and 13) go through the PADI certification program included on the trip. After all, how cool would it be for them to become certified in the waters of Palau, teeming with marine life and practically unlimited visibility?

We certified the kids over the summer so they could join the other teen divers on the trip and take full advantage of the amazing reefs surrounding this Micronesian island. Our kids had a fantastic time experiencing their first ocean water dives with their fellow certified teen divers; however, I did take note of the fact that the kids who were getting certified during the trip had done the PADI e: learning prior to arrival and didn’t miss a beat.

For children under ten, Kids Sea Camp also have programs there’s SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth) with lots of underwater pool adventures as well as fun educational in ocean activities. Children ages 8-10 can participate in the PADI SEAL Team Program, a course that only with Kids Sea Camp includes dive time in the ocean where they learn the basics of diving. But regardless of how old they are, the whole point is not just to supervise them, but get them exposed to scuba diving and have them share the experience with their parents and other children their own age.

Palau has some of the best diving in the world, and the good news is that the hassle of getting there is more than worth it. Since we were traveling with Kids Sea Camp, the long flights and three layovers allowed us to get acquainted with some of the other families in our group. Since KSC has been in operation for 14 years now, most of the dozen or so families represented had been on one of their trips before. It didn’t take me long to realize why they returned. The kids, regardless of age, seemed to bond immediately, while the adults shared a quick camaraderie. This really was the best of both worlds for Carol and me: fun with the kids combined with the freedom to pursue our passion for diving.

One of the beauties of Palau is that its premiere dive sites are not particularly challenging, in other words, you don’t need advanced open water training or Nitrox tanks to enjoy them.  The water temperature was a balmy 84 degrees while the visibility on most dives was easily 100 feet.  Even when it rained, which could happen quite suddenly in this tropical region, it didn’t bother us too much since we spent most of our time underwater.

We signed up to explore the islands with Sam’s Tours, and our first stop as a group was to Jellyfish Lake. The marine lake is the bizarre consequence of thousands of years of evolution–over time millions of golden jellyfish were isolated in its waters and they migrate horizontally across the lake each day following the sun’s rays to capture their nutrients. What makes these jellyfish so unique, however, is the fact that you can swim freely among them, since they lost their stingers from never having to fight off any predators.

But perhaps Palau’s most famous dive, and thus most visited site, is the Blue Corner. Before swimming out to the corner itself, we descended to about 90 feet (the kids were limited to 45 feet) to see some magnificent gorgonian fans, anemones, giant clams and soft corals along the sea wall, which stretches thousands of feet down.

We were immediately greeted by a cruising gray reef shark, a precursor of things to come. We floated with the current like a bunch of kites in a strong wind. The concentration of marine life, including large schools of jacks, trevallies, and barracuda swimming all around you was just incredible.

Perhaps the only downside to our first family dive trip was that it set the bar incredibly high for the kids.  With time to savor the wonderful week we shared together and remind them not to expect marine life like that every time we go diving, which we all hope thanks to Kids Sea Camp will become a regular family activity for us from now on.

To read more about  Rainer Jens family travel :http://intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com/2011/02/09/family_diving_palau_part_2/

Utila, Kids Sea Camp poems

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Perfect 10

By The Ward family,  Week one winner

Oh, beautiful Utila, what an adventure you’ve been,

Laguna Beach resort has earned a “perfect 10.”

The whole staff was so kind, the crew second to none,

Underwater or on land we couldn’t have had more fun.

Critters and creatures everywhere, with no rhyme or reason,

They even found us Whale sharks and it’s not even the season.

The mosquitoes and no-see-ums tried to spoil our dives,

Bu the Zombie Apocalypse had them running for their lives.

Every dive was amazing, there’s no way we couldn’t win,

Kids Sea Camp Utila, we can’t wait to do it again!



Whale Shark

By Annie Myron

Whale shark, Whale shark

What do you see?

I see a human snorkeling by me.

Whale shark, Whale shark spots to and fro,

Whale shark where did you go?


Utilean Waters

By the Schaffer family

Up from the depths of the Utilean waters,

A majestic spotted beast glides past.

Up on deck of the boat we sought her,

Mask, fins and snorkel put them on fast.

Jump into the water and follow her down,

Hold our breaths with cameras steady.

Aim, point and shoot for the best picture in town

But if you blink your eyes, she will be gone already.


Passport in pocket

By The Myron family

Come divers, come snorkels,

All family and friends.

It’s off to Kids Sea Camp,

Where the fun never ends.

Passport in pocket,

Dove bag in hand.

The adventure begins,

When our feet touch the sand.

A sweetheart named Margo,

Is there from the start.

A smile so big,

And a magnificent heart.

A bold guy named Woody,

Takes our kids for a dive.

We all think ourselves,

Please bring’em back alive.

A Whale shark, a seahorse,

Our week comes to an end.

We leave Laguna Beach resort

Having made a new friend.

She walks on four legs,

And Coco’s her name.

She surely belongs,

In the Dog Hall of Fame.



By the Tappero family

U: Unlimited fun diving, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and four-wheeling.

T: Terrific times seeing whale sharks, rays, turtles, eels and many exotic fish. A special Thanks to all who work for Laguna Beach resort for all the hard work and great service this week.

I: Intense pressure, learning the Zombie Dive and Water signs. Thanks to Woody and Kevin for all the hard work.

L: Landing and having fun with all the interesting familys from all over the world. Hope we see you all again at another Kids Sea Camp.

A: Awesome time on a great vacation thanks to Margo for all the hard work to make this such a wonderful vacation for all of us.



Grand Cayman poems 2013

Grand Cayman poems 2013

“Short and Sweet” By Lorie Johnson

The warmest of welcome from Arrie when we arrive

Under a gorgeous blue Cayman sky.


To the dive shop to meet,

The most knowledgeable divemasters found on the Cayman beat.

No offense Atatude peeps

But the Tanata gang will make you laugh to weeps!


There is Christian, historian, skippers, artist and so much more

Then you have sweet Toni with divemaster joke galore.

With pirates, presentations, photos and smores,

No one really wants to stay in doors.


Great dives, stories and unforgettable memories while dine.

Eagle rays, turtles, coral, tow lionfish culls and bonding on the “pee” tow line.

Kids Sea Camp at Cobalt Coast is a quaint, friendly and relaxing vacation.

The sounds of children playing adults laughing most certainly will make it a future destination.




“Cobalt Blue” by Vivian Rogers

Cobalt Blue

Tanata with Attitude

Everyday we’re diving


Down below

There we go

Making memories to cherish


Kids Sea Camp

Grand Cayman Isle

Bless these deeps walls forever


Cobalt Blue

DiveTech too

Missing all y’all forever.


“Here Here” by James Gerdt

A run in the morning, two dives before noon.

Has anyone seen our kids?

I’m sure we’ll see them soon.


Another dive or maybe a beer,

I wonder how long, we could stay here.

Now I’ve seen my son, but no sign of my daughter,

I’m sure she’s diving a wreck or snorkeling or something in the water.


Catching lionfish with Toni sure was fun,

We’re her first students who didn’t get stung!

Rescue diver. . .that’s what we now call David and Jim,

When I grow up I want to be just like them.


I’m hungry again —Cobalt Coast has good food,

Add a coffee smoothie and friends to brighten your mood.

It’s been a great week, but it’s time to head back to work again,

Though I’m not sure I can find my way without a drawing from Christian.

I finally found bath of my off spring.

One’s almost sleep and is that both have a new turtle thing.


Farewell friends, we’ll see you next year.

Let’s all raise a glass and shout “Here, Here.”


“Twinkle Camp” By Allison Ameo

Twinkle, Twinkle little star,

Time to go very far.

Playing, laughing and making friends,

The fun at Sea Camp never ends.


The Ocean by Chloe Mei

The ocean is a great place to swim.

You can snorkel, dive and sassy.

It’s fun to do all those three but especially with your friends.

And all you can see are fishes and trees and all the other sea animals.

It’s really cool to go in the ocean and so it’s fun for me.


“Graduation Time” by Jocelyn Ameo

When I am in the water

I tell my father

Five more minutes to go

Before my graduation show.

The time I had was very fun,

I laughed and played in the sun.

I had fun making friends

And I am sad because it’s about to end.


“Kids Sea Camp Lane” By Nick Arnel

In Grand Cayman there’s a place that they call Cobalt Coast,

Where Kids Sea Camp is having great fun everyday

All the families like to come and play

It’s an awesome stay.


On the corner there’s a dive shop they call DiveTech

Where the staff is always happy to oblige.

When you say you want to go and dive

They say A-O-K

That’ the way.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back


At Cobalt Coast there is a boat they call the Atutude

It will take you to the sites you want to see.

Ghost Mountain and the Kittiwake

And the Half Pipe too.


There is also a fun place that they call Turtle Farm.

Where the Sassys and the Seals went to play

Conservation is the point of view, very cool.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back


Nanette and Fraser set their sites on “Sting Ray City.”

Where we’re guaranteed to have a great ol’time

We got to feed the stingrays bits of squid,

It’s great to be a kid.


Now the time has come for us to sing a fond farewell

To all the new friends that we’ve made along way.

We’ll be planning our next holiday

Maybe Utila Bay,

What d’ya say.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back


The Galapagos song

Pack, Pack, Pack Our Gear

by Lloyd and Brenna Kaufman  (to the tune of Row, Row,
Row Your Boat)

Pack, pack, pack our gear
We’re headed on a trip.
To the Galapagos,
It’s on our bucket list

One, two, three plane rides
In Ecuador we arrive.
We board the mighty Wolf Buddy
It’s run by Buddy Dive

Board the ship, stow our gear
Get ready for our first dip.
Diving with the sea lions
It really was a trip!

Off, off ,off we go
To Wolf we are bound.
Just like promised by Peter,
Schools of hammerheads we found!

Then it’s on to Darwin’s island,
Whale sharks we desire.
In two days we found seven in all
Salon and Peter they’re on fire!

On last dive in shark bay,
It was a little rough
We lost Bruce,
but then found him floating in the sea so rough!

Next it was back to Isabel,
A cold dive we did do.
Sea horses, sea lions and a bullhead shark,
Punta Vicenta Roca we love you!

Onto Fernandina Island,
To swim with the iguana.
And on the way back to the boat,
We saw the fin of a mola mola

Our journey continues,
Back north of the equator.
The captain stopped at 0 0 0
We’ll show the pictures later.

Land, land, land we touched
On Punta Albamarle.
Lava flow, mockingbirds
And remnants from the world war.

Then we had one last dive,
At little cousin’s rock.
Sea lions, white tip sharks
still sleeping in the reef rock.

Bartolome Island,
we did go.
Penguins blue footed boobies,
It was quite a show.

Off to Santa Cruz we went,
To the highlands.
Nice walk to Darwin station,
mojito and cerveza it ends.

Love love loved this trip,
What a beautiful time.
Wolf Buddy Crew hats off to you,
It’s been worth every dime!

Kids Sea Camp poems from Costa Rica

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica at Kids Sea Camp.

Ode to Ocotal

By the Sutherlands family

Diving days, sharks, eels, enormous rays,

even turtles in the haze.


Hot and cold, cold and hot,

Thermoclines in every sport.


Pat Patel, rain like hell,

Can’t get a towel in Ocotal.


Neighborly sounds through the door,

Hope to god we didn’t snore.


Up and down the steep incline,

could have used a zipline.


Volleyball in the pool,

all the kids acting cool.


Surfing beach, youngster good,

Parents doing what they could.


Meeting early, leaving late,

Next time let’s just plan for eight.


Mud spa, riding horses,

Zooming down the zipline courses.


Margo home with her back,

Nanette kept it all on track.


No Wakely’s here to make a rhyme,

We’ll all have a chance this time.


Now we’re dome with river rafting,

Last activity poem crafting.


Enjoyed the time we all spent here,

Perhaps we’ll see back next year.


Kids Sea camp again

By the Olsen family,

Summer again, Kids Sea Camp— it’s now five years,

Lots of diving, beautiful fish and never a fear.


Food, friends and fun—much to learn and share,

With Nanette and “Scuba”, we have a care!


White tips, puffers, starfish and eels galore,

Great diving, many photos, new sites to explore.


Beautiful country, nice people, sunsets of very hue,

Great week all-in-all, except for the early curfew.


Up the hills we went, fine horses to ride,

Then to the bottom we zipped—a total glide.


Rafting last day, great week for all,

Flying home tomorrow —safe travels to all!



Costa Rica Pura Vida

By the Suwczinsky family

A pool with a view; a bar with drinks,

Smoothies made whats on hand; rum tequila and coconuts found in the sand.


Up hill, down hill; diner breakfast and lunch,

“What, there was a shuttle?” asked a tired diver from the bunch.


Visilibity is clear, no surge at times; great dive masters and a little thermocline,

Four boats, three dives a day, sharks, eels and lots of rays.


It’s raining, it’s pouring; surfing is anything but boring; push up stand up, ride the waves, guys,

Keep your balance, for the Tamarindo vibes.


Slather on the volcanic mud; Jacuzzi spa, then rinse with suds,

A horse ride up a scenic hill; the thirteen ziplines for a thrill.


Whitewater rafting with a 12 foot drop,

Paddle backwards, forwards and then a stop.


We talk to teens via morse code,

Then brought them home, although they had to be towed.


A slamming bathroom door made long trips on the bus,

After all that — “All-inclusive” is a plus.


As the week in Costa Rica ends,

We say goodbye to new and old friends.


We are all so different, but share our love to dive,

And agree on one thing — curfew is 8:45.





By Grant Kobes

Lionfish must die,

Into the pan they will fry,

Oh, how fine is thy.

Kids Sea Camp: B-O-N-A-I-R-E

By Morgan Burkhard

B: Beautiful

O: Outstanding

N: New

A: Amazing

I: Inspirational

R: Rocky reef

E: Beautiful

E: Exciting

We are family

By Karen Binns-Loveman

(Chorus) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.


Buddy Dive is cool as can be.

House reef just offshore

with endless coral and fishes galore.

I’m not telling no lie.


Learning is extra fun, playing beneath the sun.

Seals and sassy make a splash

While juniors and teens have a bash.

We’re loving diving in Bonaire the most, Yeah.


(Chorus) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.


Bonaire breeze and green sunset flashes,

Complete with flounders, puffers, eels, turtles and octopi

As they all swim on by.


All of the people around us to say

Old friend and new

Through Sea Camp we gather near,

We ‘re loving camp until we meet next year.


(Chorus, repeat twice) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.