Little Cayman: Little Cayman Beach Resort


November 17th to 24th 2019:

Every year Kids Sea Camp looks for the best new place to host the annual Kids Sea Camp Thanksgiving week. This traditional holiday is always one of the best weeks of a dive vacation. You’re away from the cold and snow, you’re surrounded by divers — not drivers handling the ice and snow! Little Cayman Beach Resort is the perfect place to celebrate the coming together of families from around the globe.  Kids Sea Camp Thanksgiving week is being hosted here at Little Cayman Beach Resort.  7 nights with 6 days of diving. A week full of turkey, football, diving, and fun for the whole family.

The resort reflects Little Cayman’s quaint charm and intimate warmth. Little Cayman Beach Resort is a secluded oceanfront oasis with a relaxed island ambiance, a boutique spa, Caribbean-inspired cuisine, and gracious personal service that treats guests to the true island experience.

Little Cayman had been named a top dive site in the Caribbean. The island’s iconic Bloody Bay Wall and year-round perfect diving conditions, pristine coral reefs, and spectacular marine life is ideal for diving. The resort’s unique valet diving service, all aboard the resort’s fleet of custom Newton-built dive boats. This wonderful beach resort brings this magnificent experience beneath the sea directly onto the sand. Join us for a Thanksgiving to remember forever.

Want to go sooner to Little Cayman in 2018? Call us about your individually designed family dive vacation 803.419.2556

Welcome to our Kids Sea Camp Thanksgiving week in Little Cayman

We are ready to create another memory to last a lifetime.  The Cayman Islands are #1 in the Caribbean for diving and perfect for family.  Just a quick flight from the US mainland with 6 flights a day, it's easy to get to and very affordable.  Join the adventure and book this Thanksgiving with us.


Thanksgiving family dive vacation 2019

  • 7 nights Little Cayman Beach Resort
  • 6 days of diving 3 boat dives daily
  • All meals including the Thanksgiving feast
  • Turkey Bowl football game 
  • Presentations
  • PADI courses: SASY, Seal Team and Jr. Open Water
  • Private boats
  • A full charter resort full of like-minded families
  • Airport transfers
  • Biking
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Yoga
  • Fly fishing with Tom (basics of fly fishing)
  • Digital photo classes
  • Marine presentations
  • Island tour
  • Kids gear includes fins, mask, and snorkels
  • Kids Sea Camp tote bags, T-shirts, Flap straps and other giveaways (giveaways vary per sponsors)
  • Hosted by Margo and Tom Peyton

Not included:

  • AOW ($200)
  • Rescue ($350)
  • Divemaster course ($675)
  • Nitrox (e-learning is free)
  • All e-learning
  • Drinks package

Once you arrive on island

This is a general schedule that can change depending on the weather or other things beyond our control. Other activities such as lionfish hunting, photo dives, PPB dives, boat and drift dives for certified divers can be included in the normal schedule for activities.

  • Saturday: Arrival day and orientation
  • Sunday: 2 boat dives and Sasy, Seal, JOW and AOW training
  • Monday: 2 boat dives and Sasy, Seal, JOW and AOW training
  • Tuesday: 2 boat dives and Sasy, Seal, JOW and AOW training
  • Wednesday: 2 boat dives and Sasy, Seal, JOW and AOW training and Pizza Movie night
  • Thursday (Thanksgiving day): 2 boat dives and then the eight KSC annual Turkey Bowl!
  • Friday: Family dive day and closing celebration
  • Saturday: Travel day — back to reality!

The beach and ocean is everywhere

The Cayman Islands Resort guest rooms include new furnishings inspired by tropical colors and textures, Caribbean themed artwork, newly decorated bathrooms, fixtures, and flooring. The resort has a total of 40 air-conditioned, spacious rooms situated in two-story ‘palm-tree height’ buildings and surrounded by lush tropical foliage.

Features of the 28 Pool view rooms that encircle the pool

  • Two doubles or one king size bed
  • Individually controlled air conditioning and ceiling fan
  • Flat screen television, DVD players and alarm clock
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee-maker complete with Wolfgang Puck brand coffee
  • Beverage center
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Hairdryer and deluxe bath amenity package
  • Room safe
  • Free Wifi

12 Oceanfront Rooms

These rooms are located directly on the beach with spectacular views of the turquoise water and reef. 

Here are the additional amenities:

  • Private balcony or patio with sun loungers
  • Microwave
  • Wet bar
  • Seating area with couch and coffee table
  • Housekeeping service is provided daily.

Please Note: All rooms and buildings within our Cayman Islands resort are smoke-free.

Rates include 7 nights in room type chosen, 6 days of diving 3 dives daily, 3 meals daily, with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, 1-night dive, Little Cayman airport transfers to and from Little Cayman Beach Resort, Gear rental for kids, private boats, private instruction, T-shirts, presentations, free Sealife cameras to use all week, photo dives, 3 tank trip to Cayman Brac, treasure hunt, karaoke, Volleyball, Pizza Movie night, Photo album with photos to keep for the week, tote bags, hats and Fins, mask & snorkels for SASY & Seal Team kids.

Room TypesDiver Per personNon-Diver Per Person   
One bedroom DBL rate$2999$2699
One bedroom (single & 2 bedroom dbl)$3500$3200
Two Bedroom quad rate$2999$2699
Two Bedroom (triple)$3299$2999
Three bedroom luxury Club quad rate$3999$3699
Seal Team/ Jr Open Water$2599
Sassy- same room as adult$1700
Diving kids: age 10-17$2599
PADI courses available to add-on to adult and certified diver rate. E:learning, crew pack materials and training included.Advance Open Water Course add-on to adult diver package $300 Deep, Night, PPB, Fish ID, Boat dives includes E:learningNitrox- E:learning required and included add-on to certified diver package or adult diver package must be completed prior to arrival with unlimited Nitrox tanks $350 per diverRescue diver with E:learning include, crew pack, and training add-on to certified diver package or adult diver package $300PADI digital photo/video course add-on includes use of underwater camera $150Deep Diver Certification, 4 dives, age 15+ includes crew pack and training $250

Almost too many to list, but we are gonna list them anyway.

3 dives per day and 1 Three tank day over  Cayman Brac

Barracuda Bight: This is the next to last site in Bloody Bay.Little Cayman Dive Sites We have in this area fingers or outcroppings from the wall. In the shallows, you will find the Sailfin Blenny and many other juveniles and small fish. There are many crevices and overhangs to explore here. Lobster and Spider Crabs are found here, quite often along with Nurse Sharks, Green Moray and Black and White Moray Eels

Blacktop Boulevard: Named for the Blacktip sharks that have been seen on occasion, you are likely to see Caribbean Reef sharks and Eagle Rays. A Manta Ray has also been seen cruising the blue at this site. Look into the deep crevices and come face to face with big-eyed Squirrelfish, Lobsters and a variety of blennies and gobies. Huge barrel sponges dwarf divers as they glide by. In the sand, look out for the tiny garden eels that retreat into their sand burrows as you approach.

Bus Stop: Large barrel sponges, Blue Chromis, and other schooling fish make this site busy and colorful. A sand chute down into the deep also makes Bus Stop a great dive – keep your eyes open for passing Eagle rays, Turtles and Stingrays and check the Vase Sponges for Goby cleaner fish, Crinoids, and Arrow Crabs.

Cascades: This is the first and most northern point in the Jackson Point area. Once you’ve entered the water and started down you will understand the meaning of Cascades. This is the area where it all cascades down to “La La Land”. You will find turtles, sharks, Eagle and Stingrays on this far out site, as well as conch. The coral heads in this area look like small mountain ranges. 

Coconut Walk: This spectacular site toward the west end of the Bloody Bay Wall is like a smaller main wall split in two – a mini-wall at a depth of 30ft and the main wall at 60ft. As you navigate the site – keep your eyes open for pillar coral and the turtles and stingrays that swim around them. Angelfish (Gray, Queen, and French) and Parrotfish can usually be found on the mini-wall. Juveniles of all sort (including Butterflyfish, Spotted drums) can be found. Occasionally the Lemon (or yellow) ray can also be found here. Off the main wall is a favorite place to spot cruising reef sharks.

Cumber’s Caves: Definitely request this site if you like swim-throughs, there are two or three that will take you from the sandy boulevard and spit you out on the sheer wall at about 80-100ft. Aside from the exciting swim-throughs, you can also see a variety of juveniles on the mini wall and if you stick to the sandy area look out for eagle rays feeding, Southern stingrays and numerous garden eels.

Donna’s Delight: Donna’s Delight is very much like Marilyn’s Cut. One thing that seems to be abundant on this site are Flamingo Tongue shells. Nurse Sharks are frequently seen along these sites. You may find Flying Gurnards in the shallow areas, too. Sailfin Blenny are common, but you really need a trained eye to find them. They are only about 1-1/4″ to 1-1/2″ long. They dance above their burrows and fleet back into them when approached.

Eagleray Roundup: This site is a large sandy area typical of Jackson Bay. Occasionally we find more than one or two Eagle Rays here. The area is surrounded by large coral head formations and bordered by the wall reef. You will find large Parrot Fish munching on the sand as well as Sting Rays and Hog Snapper. There are also friendly French Angels and Grouper here.

Great Wall East & West: There is only one word you can use to describe the Great Wall West & East dive sites – AWESOME! The majestic vertical wall is unbelievable and in the shallows, you will find large coral heads teeming with life. Make sure you swim away from the wall to appreciate the wall in its full glory. Black coral, large sponges in yellow and red and critters dot the wall making a great photo and if you look closely, you might see the occasional Seahorse or Lettuce-leaf Seaslug.

Jackson Reef: This site abounds with marine life. During the day you will find some very friendly French Angels that will be more than willing to have their pictures taken. Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, Yellow Sting Rays and Moray Eels (both green and black and white), are frequently seen here. In and around the rubble area, you will find many small fish such as Yellow Headed Jaw Fish, Sand Tile Fish, Sand Divers and a variety of juveniles. For the night diver there are a lot of night dwellers to be seen – Octopus, Basket Starfish and Orange Ball Anemones to name a few.

Joy’s Joy: The last dive site in the Bloody Bay area, with coral fingers and a mini wall, is a great place to spot the Caribbean spiny lobster. Eagle rays and sharks can be seen cruising through on your dive and be sure to check all the nooks and crannies for huge Green moray eels and smaller Spotted morays. The schooling fish such as Yellowtail Snapper and Blue-striped Grunts will keep you company throughout the dive.

Lea Lea’s Lookout: Lobsters, Arrow Crabs, Yellowhead Jawfish & Sailfin Blennies are among some of the critters that can be seen. Sailfin Blennies live in holes on the hardpan between the coral outcrops and the Jawfish live in cylindrical burrows among the rubble and sand – hovering vertically above their homes. Sharks and Eagle Rays can be seen cruising the site along with Hawksbill & Green Turtles. Check cracks and crevices for green or spotted Moray Eels.

Marilyn’s Cut: There are some excellent swim-throughs on this site where two fairly deep canyons cut into the reef. Lots of yellow tube sponges along with red rope sponges dot the wall. The friendly resident Nassau grouper (Benji) and her friend will happily accompany you throughout your dive and even pose for a photo if you are lucky!

The Meadows: The Meadows is one of our favorite shallow dive sites. With sand at 35 feet full of Southern Stingrays, Conch, Garden Eels, Razorfish, and a maze of beautifully encrusted coral heads sitting right under the boat, you could spend your whole dive without straying far from the boat. For those who prefer deep dives, the wall is a few kicks away through some short swim-throughs and out into the amphitheater, which is a large natural part of the wall. 

Randy’s Gazebo: The chimney and archway are the greatest points of interest here. The entrance to the chimney is around 40 ft and then its 40 ft straight down. A great opportunity to then head west on the wall around 75ft where you can check out the large and plentiful barrel sponges. You will then come across a great photo op – a striking archway that makes the perfect frame for divers or fish hovering in the blue water. There are also a few caves and a mini-chimney to be discovered. Look out for Black Durgons, Butterflyfish and turtles throughout the dive.

The Mixing Bowl: Named Mixing Bowl because this is where the Jackson’s Bight section meets the Bloody Bay section – which in turn makes for a great site with a sheer wall and rugged coral fingers. Swim through here are great and can pop you out on the wall to admire the purple, red, yellow and oranges sponges. Schools of blue Chromis, grunts, and snappers will be in the shallows, and look out for the huge barracuda that will be under the boat.

Mike’s Mount: There are many things to discover on this dive site. As you move in a northerly direction out towards the Cascades site, you can take a look at some history. The first thing to be found is a small cannon on this site. Moving to the north, there are many anchors to be seen. You will have to look for these artifacts, for they have been transformed to look like their surroundings. There are tunnels through the wall (to “La La Land”) as well as a cannon in the shallows. We’ve seen sharks, turtles, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sting Rays, eels, etc. There are friendly Queen Trigger and French Angels, as well as Grouper.

Sarah’s Set: This site affords both deep and shallow diving. You can take the drop-off to “La La Land” or cruise through many canyons and sand flats. You will find friendly French Angels and Queen Triggers. In among the rubble areas you will find Jaw Fish, Sand Tile Fish and many other small dwellers on the reef. You may also find sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sting Rays and turtles swimming here from time to time. There are some great tunnels that open onto the wall. 

Dive Training

  • PADI SASY program: 6 mornings of activities from 8 am -1 pm daily. SASY kids keep fins, mask, and snorkel.
  • PADI SEAL TEAM: 6 mornings of activities from 8am-1pm daily includes all 5 aqua missions. SEAL kids keep fins, mask, and snorkel.
  • PADI Open WaterAll dives needed for certification (eLearning is not included.  For eLearning, you will have to pay PADI directly.  The link will be sent to you 4 weeks before departure to be completed prior to arrival.)
  • PADI Dive Master course: RSVP 14 DAYS REQUIRED $675 add-on to package price/Contact Margo 803.419.2556 for more information. PADI C Card, E: learning and Crew Pack included
  • PADI Dive Rescue Diver: RSVP $175 add-on to package price/Contact Margo 803.419.2556 for more information.PADI C Card, E: learning and Crew Pack included.

See more about Kids Sea Camp dive training


Great food in a great location

The Bird of Paradise Dining: Staffed by an international team of trained Chefs, the Bird of Paradise appeals to the most discerning taste buds and serves a wide variety of gourmet international and Caribbean-inspired cuisine. Choose to dine in our air-conditioned dining room, screened lanai, or al fresco on the patio with our resident iguanas! The Chef will be happy to accommodate those with special dietary or vegetarian needs.

Beach Nuts Bar: Beach Nuts is centrally located at the resort and adjacent to the pool and overlooking the Caribbean Sea beyond. This is the hub of island activity and you will find something for everyone. The menu includes a vast selection of local and imported beer, fine wine, tropical cocktails, premium spirits, and Cuban cigars.

The week at Kids Sea Camp can include events such as; a Manager’s Rum Punch reception, karaoke, trivia, and other theme nights. Beach Nuts Bar also features a pub-inspired menu of lighter fare.

For the artistically-inclined, collect a piece of driftwood from the beach, and use the selection of paints to add to Little Cayman Beach Resort's ever-growing collection of Bar Art. 

Dining hours are tailored to dive schedules, including extended hours to accommodate night dives.

Grand Cayman  then to Little Cayman 

Getting to Grand Cayman is as easy as flying to any major city in the US. Almost every major US airport has a direct flight to Grand Cayman. Once you get to Grand Cayman you will need to take a flight on Cayman Airways to get to Little Cayman. 

The main airport in the Cayman Islands, Owen Roberts International Airport, is located on the largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman. The sister island of Cayman Brac also has its own airport, Charles Kirkconnell Airport. These two airports serve as the Cayman Islands main ports of entry for visitors. Little Cayman is served by daily inter-island flights.

There are approximately 116 weekly flights into the Cayman Islands including 42 flights each week between Miami and Grand Cayman with connections to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Non-stop service from Miami is provided by Cayman Airways and American Airlines.

With 8 different airlines flying into Grand Cayman from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, it’s easier than ever to book your Cayman Islands experience!

Inter-island service between Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman is provided by Cayman Airways and Cayman Express, making the Cayman Islands travel quick and easy.

Once your family is on island

Kids Sea Camp will arrange for all transfers to the Little Cayman Beach Resort upon arrival. After on island the best way to getting around this tiny island is by foot or riding a bike.

There's more than diving at Little Cayman

Little Cayman is not all about diving Bloody Bay Wall, it is but it isn't. On island you can you can fishing, get a massage, hiking in a national park, kayak, paddleboard, spend an afternoon in a unique island Museum or get a wonderful massage. 

Fishing: Little Cayman Beach Resort offers several different fishing experiences for anglers of all levels and is a great way for people to experience the entire island. Little Cayman is really an angler's dream with Bonefish, Tarpon, and great Tuna fishing. Call Tom about booking an afternoon or a full day charter 803.419.2556.

Please note: Little Cayman Sport Fishing is closed seasonally between August 15th – October 31st.

Other water sports: The South Sound offers protected shallow waters for enjoying kayaking and paddle boarding. 

  • Single Kayak 
  • Double Kayak
  • Paddleboard 

All watersports are available during the dive shop opening hours 7am-5pm.

Biking: Beach cruiser bicycles are available for guests during the day and with an elevation of only 40ft (12M), there are not too many hills to worry about on Little Cayman!

Hiking: The Salt Rocks Nature Trail is located on the Western end of Little Cayman. Here, migratory birds, rock iguana, butterflies, orchids and tropical plants can be found. It is also a historic site with abandoned phosphate mines and a railway track.

Tennis & Basketball: Feel free to get some exercise and have fun on the floodlit tennis and basketball court! Playing hoop and tennis at night is recommended, due to the heat.

Hammocks: Relax and unwind in the hammocks located along the beach. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a book or catch an afternoon nap.

Little Cayman Museum: Founded by Linton Tibbetts, this quaint museum displays over 150 years of historic information, artifacts and an inside look at Island life. Mr. “T” was born on Cayman Brac in 1923 and has been a major contributor to the preservation of the island’s history. He has a great passion for the rich culture and heritage of both Little Cayman and Cayman Brac and has established these museums to share with island visitors.

Little Cayman Marine Museum: Also founded by Linton Tibbetts, the museum pays tribute to the many sea captains who called the Cayman Islands their home and offers a glimpse of their colorful past.

National Trust House: The National Trust is dedicated to the preservation and education of the natural environment on the island. The National Trust Visitor’s Centre offers library services, local crafts, homemade ice cream and viewing platforms for bird watching.

The Nature Spa: Nature Spa offers a unique spa experience for both men and women. Carefully selected products ensure you are at one with nature. Each visit is a combined endeavor for you and your spa therapist. Whether your goal is to relax, rejuvenate, or renew, our experienced and licensed professional will help to take you on a journey that promotes a healthy mind, body and skin.

Massages offered at the Nature Spa

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Acupressure
  • Reflexology