Roatan: Turquoise Bay Resort

Turquoise Bay offers the best value for your family diving dollar in Roatan. 

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Turquoise Bay, the sister property to Mayan Princess is located on Roatan’s Northeast shore, Turquoise Bay Resort is the only dive resort in this lush and remote area of the island with its own private white sand beach. This property is newly refurbished, handicap accessible and special needs friendly.

Turquoise Bay Resort features 26 hotel rooms nestled throughout a spectacular 30-acre tropical oceanfront property.

This resort is perfect for small groups, family reunions, weddings, and private scuba diving trips.  Kids Sea Camp fully charters this resort each year for our family dive weeks as well as offers year-round reservations for individual bookings.  

This location provides you with the opportunity to enjoy quiet time with your family and friends without the crowds or noise that other resorts endure. You can dive to uncrowded, pristine dive sites every day. We consider this property a boutique-style resort, it is charming, personal, and offers a more exclusive experience.  

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras. Discover an island with authentic Caribbean and Latin American lifestyles. The Islanders are warm with friendly greetings you wherever you go. Everything is good on “island time.” in Roatan.

2023 Spring break: March 18th-25th

2023 Summer week: August 12th-19th

The resort is set on a hillside with spectacular ocean views and a protected bay, making the water calm and perfect for swimming and kayaking. Beach lovers will enjoy our private, tranquil, 500 ft white-sand beach. You will enjoy the very individual and personal service that only a small dive resort can offer. The resort’s friendly local staff takes pride in getting to know the guests and making them feel at home. In fact, by the end of the week, you very much feel you are a part of the resort’s island family.

We can arrange reservations here year-round for our individual family trips, your small group trips, and all your other dive trip needs.  This resort is perfect for small private groups and can cater to any food needs and training needs.  There is also world-class Bonefishing and Permit fishing around the island. Roatan is also known for its deep-sea chartering. We can arrange private charters or fly fishing adventures while you are on the island.


  • Carry out the immigration pre-registration, Complete the information here
  • Health surveillance file
  • Render a sworn statement that will be submitted to the sanitary provisions of the country.
  • Customs form
  • Vaccinations are required

Roatan Tourism information

Mayan Princess and Turquoise Bay COVID information

Terms & Conditions No refund policy applies to all payments made to Kids Sea Camp inc. This includes disruptions due to weather, illness, pandemic, epidemic, acts of God, war,  government mandates, canceled/delayed flights, and all unforeseen circumstances outside of Kid Sea Camp inc control. Travel insurance is highly recommended for all trips. Kids Sea Camp is not an insurance company and does not collect payment for any insurance purchased with DAN, MASA, or USI. We  provide links  to sources that may assist you on our website 

Why Turquoise Bay Resort?

Welcome to Kids Sea Camp's Turquoise Bay Resort 

We are very happy to provide you with this beautiful boutique-style resort for one of our family dive group weeks.  The owner purchased this little resort as a private retreat for his own family.  He decided to allow guests to come and created a perfect family package for all to enjoy. The private chef, dive team, and resort staff are top-notch! Very service oriented and are just waiting to serve you and put a smile on your face.  Kids Sea Camp dive team comes from around the world to make sure education and safety are a top priority for the week.  Keeping your kids safe and having fun is what we do best.  Join the adventure today, you will not be disappointed, as a matter of fact, we are quite sure we will exceed your expectations.

The main reasons to choose this resort for your family dive vacation or quick getaway are

  1. A very affordable family vacation at this PADI 5 star all-inclusive resort.  This is our most affordable Kids Sea Camp destination and package.
  2.  Families will be diving on the second largest barrier reef in the world. Divers have the opportunity to see nurse sharks, tons of turtles, large schools of snapper, thick green moray eels, hunt lionfish, and the often heard but rarely seen Toadfish. Yes, indeed you can hear the Toadfish burp or bark underwater.
  3. Dive sites are as close as 10 minutes away.
  4. Free horseback riding daily.
  5. Turquoise Bay has one of the most beautiful private white-sand beaches in Roatan with a shallow bay perfect for snorkeling, paddleboarding, and swimming. 
  6. Kids Sea Camp takes the entire resort private to our group of families and offers private dining, kids can even help cook.
  7. Subway Watersports is a PADI 5 star dive operation with a family-friendly staff, combined with the Kids Sea Camp dive team, families are pampered to no end.
  8. Private swimming pool for kids to do confined water training and enjoy afternoons.
  9. Volleyball is the game at this resort and often every afternoon at 4 pm.
  10. Turquoise Bay is handi-cap accessible and special needs friendly.
  11. Turquoise Bay is a quiet and Charming resort, with its very own private white sand beach.
  12. This resort offers the perfect vacation for families who want a smaller group and a more intimate family vacation.

"Turquoise Bay is one of the most peaceful resorts we book for our KSC weeks. It has the unique tranquility of a yoga retreat that feels like home." Tom Peyton, Vice President of Kids Sea Camp says, "I'm glad we are back, it is one of my favorite places in the Caribbean to watch a sunset and go diving in the morning. Plus, there is world-class Bonefish fishing only minutes away."

Unlike its luxury sister resort, the Mayan Princess, which sits on a more vibrant Caribbean beach near West Bay, Turquoise Bay is embedded with remote stillness. Your family will have the run of the resort with other Kids Sea Campers. There are no other resorts around Turquoise Bay so the huge white sand beach is yours for the week.  The dive sites are uncrowded and the diving is warm with great visibility.  What are you waiting for 803-419-2556 call now!



Every week is different at Kids Sea Camp

  • 7 nights oceanfront or garden accommodations
  • Private boats
  • SASY - fins, Mask, snorkel- to keep
  • Seal Team- Fins, Mask, snorkel-to keep
  • Jr. Open Water-5 confined dives & 4 open water dives (eLearning is NOT included and must be purchased before the trip-
  • Treasure hunt
  • Private dining
  • Live entertainment
  • Fire dancers
  • 5 days of diving w/ Subway Divers: 2-tank in the morning, 1-tank in the afternoon w/ family
  • (1) dive on Friday
  • 1-night dive
  • 1 day of diving on the south shore
  • 3 meals daily: All-inclusive meals, snacks, and beverages
  • Unlimited alcoholic drinks
  • West End 2-tank dive
  • On-site horseback riding is available every day
  • Mayan Jungle Park or Gumblimba (depending on availablility), including Zip Line
  • Welcome party opening
  • Local speakers and presentations on Roatan
  • Poetry presentation and closing celebration on Friday
  • Kids Sea Camp tote bags, t-shirts, flap straps, and other giveaways (giveaways vary from sponsors)
  • All kid's dive rental gear and course materials are included, with private instructors.
  • Volleyball
  • Roundtrip airport/ hotel transfers
  • Hotel taxes

Turquoise Bay Kids Sea Camp schedule

Arrival: Our Kids Sea Camp family vacation arrival is on Saturday. This day is just to allow guests to get settled in throughout the day, check into rooms, and set up at the dive shop. Families can arrive a few days early or even stay a few days later if they like.  Just let us know and we will arrange a special Kids Sea Camp rate for your additional days. If you would like to consider making your trip a 2-week vacation, join us at our sister property Mayan Princess the week before or after and you will receive a 10% discount off your second week.

Saturday night: Kids Sea Camp orientation, You will meet KSC and resort staff and be given detail scheduled information, meet the other families and kids from around the world, and enjoy a good night's rest.

Sunday: Dive gear setup and distribution for all those that need rental gear. Paperwork and waivers for training and diving with being handed in, boat assignments are already made and you will be introduced to your crew and captains.  Kids will meet their instructors for the week.  Our ratios for kids and diving are 1 instructor for every 2 kids training age 11 and under. Kids 12 and up we have a 1 instructor to 4 kids training.  We do offer adult dive boats and kids dive boats.  The kids dive boats are set up with their profiles in mind.  Kids age 10 & 11 have a 40 ft max profile, Kids age 12-14 are 60ft profile unless they are Jr Advanced then they are set for a 70ft profile again based on their experience and comfort level as well as age.  Once kids are 15, they are allowed to dive adult profiles.  Adults can dive with kids any time, however, we do not allow the kids on the adult boats under the age of 15 without advanced open water certification.  There is much time together as families and time apart to make new friends and dive buddies.  Sunday is a day where all are a bit nervous and shy, but before the day ends, all are friends and enjoying their vacation.

Sunday -Thursday: We schedule  3 boat dives daily depending on conditions and training.  There is a night dive on Wednesday for adults and any certified kids age 12+ who want to join.  We have a Karaoke night, Pizza Movie night, and also some live presentations and music scheduled throughout the week.  There will be fire dancers and professional sand sculptures classes during the week, as well as a trip to the Sloth Sanctuary.

Friday: Friday is Family Dive Day where everyone enjoys diving as a family and at night a closing ceremony with a slideshow and poetry presentation. Parents of Seal Team kids will have one dive as a regular dive and one shallow dive with their Seal Team kids.

Saturday: Travel day — it's back to reality! Blog, post and share your words and photos about how awesome Kids Sea Camp is.  Get thinking about your next family adventure and give us a call to arrange it as well as all your other dive trips too.  The best way to say thank you is to keep coming back and to share your experience with others,  We appreciate the recommendations.

General Schedule information

  • Three meals daily are included in your package.
  • Breakfast is served buffet style each morning from 7-9 AM with eggs made to order, ham, potatoes, pancakes, fruits, cereal, along with local juices.
  • Lunch is served off the menu with a wide variety of foods from burgers to salads, pasta, or fish. A special kids menu is also available from 1-2 PM.
  • Dinner is available from 6:30-10 PM daily and also served off the menu with fresh daily seafood.
  • A special farewell dinner is scheduled for Friday night.

Please note: The kid’s programs end at 2:30 PM, so if you chose a shore dive or an additional afternoon dive at 2:15 you will be responsible for making sure your kids are attended to. It should not be a problem as we are always available but it will need to be arranged with prior notice.

This is a tentative schedule and will change, please contact us for up-to-date information. To view the schedule from the Roatan Turquoise Bay trip click on the link- Roatan, Turquoise Bay 2020 spring schedule

 Turquoise Bay Beach and Dive Resort rooms

Turquoise Bay Resort features 26 rooms nestled throughout a spectacular 30-acre tropical property. The resort is built on a hill on the bay that embraces the rooms with amazing sunsets and expansive views. 

Room types include:

Ocean View King Rooms and Ocean View double rooms are set close to the water and offer spectacular views of turquoise waters – the namesake of our resort.
A beautiful tropical retreat

  • Connecting Ocean View rooms #1 & 2. Room 1 has one King bed and connects to room 2 with two double beds
  • Connecting rooms Ocean View rooms #5 & 6. Room 6 has one King bed and connects to room 5 with two double beds
  • Rooms 1-12 are Ocean View Rooms all on one level
  • Hillside Rooms feature two double-beds and offer spacious accommodations with stylish Caribbean décor, as well as sweeping views of our picturesque tropical grounds.
  • Rooms 14-21, Hillside, up 45 stairs to rooms 14,17,18,21
  • Rooms 15,16,19, 20 are downstairs
  • 6 garden rooms: Garden View Rooms are smaller rooms, close to the dive shop, pool, and beach and feature two double beds.

2023 rates for the March 18th to 25th (fly-fishing is an add-on) and summer week August 12th to the 19th.

Room TypeDiver rateNon-diver
1 adult in a Deluxe room$2,600$2,200
2 adults in a Deluxe room$2,100$1,800
Youth pricing
Sasy (Ages 4-7)$1,249
Seal Team (Ages 8-9)$1,549
JOW program (Ages 10-17)$1,649
Diving kids (Ages 10-17)$1,749

A great place for divers of all ages:

Turquoise Bay Beach resort offers some of the most unique diving experiences in Roatan.

Roatan, Kids and diving, Kids Sea Camp

Dolphin DENT: The shallow cave-like swim-through Dolphin Den takes you from the inside of the reef to the outside. The maze of tunnels and caverns is so extensive that you can spend your whole dive inside it, still, it is simple enough not to get lost. There are plenty of openings in the ceiling to make this dive save, still one may want to stay close to his dive buddy. Inside the cavern, one may find thousands of silversides and other creatures like moray eels. The silversides seem to have been the reason for the tragic death of a pod of dolphins whose remains were found inside the cavern. They must have followed the silversides inside and got disoriented. Depth range: 5 – 12 meters (15 – 40 feet). Experience required: Intermediate

UNDERGROUND: Located alongside one of the channels through the reef, this dive site turns into a tunnel at 20ft with numerous cracks letting sunlight stream in, opening out into the deep channel reaching 80ft, where you can find starfish, anemones & rays. Depth range: 5 – 25 meters (15 – 80 feet). Experience required: Beginner, intermediate for swim-throughs.

SPONGES: At this amazing wall you can find many different sponges and corals including huge barrel sponges and spectacular pillar corals. The drop-off is at 60 feet and drops to 180 feet. Very often there are turtles, nurse-sharks, and eagle rays passing by, as well as morays. During the dive, it is common to find several cleaning stations, and the safety stop has some beautiful Elkhorn. Depth range: 5 – 40 meters (15 – 130 feet). Experience required: Beginner

Andy's WALLA: Colourful wall with soft and hard corals, often visited by groupers, schools of chubs, creole wrasse, horse-eye jacks, and black durgons among others. The wall starts at 60ft, dropping to 160.Depth range: 5 – 40 meters (15 – 130 feet). Experience required: Beginner

LABYRINTH: There’s something for everyone at the Labyrinth, it starts with a shallow area of 40ft perfect for beginners and slowly slopes down to 60 feet. Hidden in a big hole in the rock, a spotted drum patrols his territory among schools of glassy sweepers. The sandy canyons winding through towering rock formations provide thrilling swim-throughs. Depth range: 5 – 18 meters (15 – 60 feet). Experience required: Beginner, intermediate for swim-throughs.

FISH SPOT: This site has two names it was named the view as it is directly out from the view restaurant. It has also been named a fish spot for its abundant amount of fish around the top of the reef between 15 to 20 feet. Depth range: 5 – 25 meters (15 – 80 feet). Experience required: Beginner

Moray eel, Kids and diving, family and divingSEA STAR CHANNEL: This site is ideal as a training site as we begin our dive in the sandy shallows at around 7ft, we weave our way through the shallow coral heads to the west and down into the channel. The channel has got its name from the abundance of cushioned sea stars that lye in the base of the channel, this is a good area for spotting southern stingrays which on murky days are many. Follow the channel out keeping to the slope in your right-hand side the sand slope soon turns into coral heads which multiply until you reach a shallow wall at around 25ft, follow this till you reach an entrance between two coral heads which take you into a wide canyon bowl. Around the entrance, we have seen eagle rays on numerous occasions. The middle of the bowl goes down to around 80ft and the topography inside changes into a rocky environment, look under the rocks for toadfish. After exploring the canyon bowl, take the same route back. Depth range: 5 – 25 meters (15 – 80 feet). Experience required: Beginner

"Odyssey" Wreck: Roatan’s biggest wreck lies at 110 ft in a big sand patch next to a beautiful reef wall. The bow of the wreck is sitting upright while the superstructure of the stern is sitting at a 30-degree angle which makes swimming through it quite interesting. The midsection has collapsed from the powerful surge of several cold fronts. Depth range: 18 – 40 meters (60 – 130 feet). Experience required: Advanced

EL AGUILA WRECK DIVE: A 210′ cargo boat perfectly sunk at 100 feet of water on a sandy bottom full of deep garden eels. It has been adapted for penetration diving so you can descend onto open large compartments where you can surprise a number of fish in their homes. Adjacent to the boat runs the wall to finish off the dive among the shallow water tropical fish. When El Aguila sunk in 1997, it was upright in 110 feet of water. In October 1998, Hurricane Mitch arrived and battered the north shore, breaking it into 3 pieces but Mitch provided a service to the wreck divers of Roatan. The 3 pieces created extra nooks and crannies to investigate. Depth range: 18 – 40 meter (60 – 130 feet) Experience required: Advanced

Home sweet, island home cookin' 

Let the imaginative and culinary talent of our head chef prepare delicious local and international creations for you, and experience the best of the authentic Caribbean and Latin American favorites. Order from our a la carte menu or enjoy our daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets in our air-conditioned dining room or outdoor patio with spectacular ocean views, perfect for enjoying the early morning sunshine, or a romantic warm, and starry night.

Start your day with a “typical” Honduran breakfast of eggs of your choice, rice, refried beans, fried plantains, and grilled pork or steak. Add a cup of full-bodied Honduran-grown coffee and freshly squeezed juice, and your day is set.

At lunchtime, dine casually at our poolside at the height of palm trees, offering spectacular views of the barrier reef and the Caribbean Sea. Let us serve you some fresh fish, pork, or steak tacos made with handmade tortillas, grilled chicken, and rice with a side of coleslaw, or maybe some steamed enchiladas with a cilantro and lime tomatillo salsa. Don’t forget to pair your lunch with a local frosty beer, or our special recipe rum punch. In local Garifuna the word “Udurau” means fish, and this fresh delicacy is served daily, in any number of ways, by our experienced chefs. While dining with us you may experience fish pulled right from our local waters – tuna, wahoo, dorado, jack, mahi-mahi, grouper, and king mackerel.

Direct flights from all around the US:

You can easily fly to Roatan from most U.S. cities. Direct flights are available year-round from Houston and Atlanta and during certain times of the year from Newark and Miami. Alternatively, you can fly into San Pedro Sula or La Ceiba and take a domestic flight to Roatan. The airport code for Roatan is RTB, for La Ceiba is LCE and for San Pedro Sula is SAP.

Sunwing offers air/hotel packages with direct flights from Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa from December to April.


All travelers must have a current passport, adequate funds to support themselves, and a return airline ticket to travel out of the USA. Travelers must have a passport that is valid for 6 months from the date of entry to any foreign country.

It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper documentation to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Please check with the appropriate consulate as well as your chosen airline carrier to ensure you have the proper documentation. Always check your passport and visa requirements. US citizens may go to the US Department of State website at for more information. The website also has information for consulates by country to assist with requirements.

There are special requirements for children leaving the US and many countries have adopted special requirements for the protection of children. If you are traveling with a child that is not your own, a single parent with a child, a child with a different last name, or traveling without both natural parents of the child, you will require documentation proving your right to travel with children. Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country and visit the immigration site of the country you are traveling to for the requirements. Kids Sea Camp Reservation Office and staff will not assume responsibility for passengers not having the correct documentation.


  • Carry out the immigration pre-registration, Complete the information here
  • Health surveillance file
  • Vaccinations are required
  • Render a sworn statement that will be submitted to the sanitary provisions of the country.
  • Customs form

Roatan Tourism information

Mayan Princess and Turquoise Bay COVID information

Roatan is more than just diving:

Please note: All these activities are add-ons to your KSC week. Most of the excursions will take a half-day to and from the resort. 

HORSEBACK RIDING: Meander on horseback along the slopes of Bonacca Ridge, feasting your eyes on panoramic vistas, then walk down to the beach and gallop along the coastline. You’ll amble through a tropical rainforest atop a well-trained, gentle steed and pass by our vegetable farm project. The ride is ideal for a first-time rider, mature riders looking to get back in the saddle, but regardless of your experience, you’ve never seen scenery like this on horseback!

MASSAGES & SPA: The finishing touch to a perfect day lounging, touring or diving is enjoying one of our spa services. Imagine a soothing massage on the beach under the shade of a palm tree with the Caribbean Sea gently lapping to shore. You can arrange a service at the front desk.


CANOPY TOURS: Looking for a little excitement? How about soaring above the treetops discovering the natural wonders of Roatan. This fascinating trip to the canopy rainforest offers the opportunity to see the natural flora and wildlife that exist on the island. You’ll have the opportunity to ride above the trees experiencing a unique ecological adventure.

LITTLE FRENCH KEY: Little French Key is a private Island Resort with various fun activities for day visitors only, and includes horseback swimming (yes, swimming), several white-sand beaches, numerous bars (including a swim-up bar in the clear Caribbean Sea), three restaurants (two on the water and one on the white sand beach) two Jump platform for your enjoyment; all created with the utmost respect for the environment and the wildlife that is part of this amazing place.

Roatan, Kids Sea Camp, Diving with Kids, Family VacationsBLUE HARBOR TROPICAL ARBORETUM: Roatan’s working “Tropical Eden” covers over 160 eco-friendly acres. Here you will find unique and spectacular tropical gardens, seasonal fruit and nut orchards, and the only tropical botanical “Conservatory” on Roatan as well as a 12 ft. waterfall into the Caribbean. This is also a working farm where you’ll see over 70,000 heads of lettuce and assorted herbs being grown using modern hydroponics.

"CARAMBOLA" BOTANICAL GARDENS: The 100 percent natural 40 acres of these gardens and their many jungle trails offer a perfect place for hiking, wildlife and scenic photography, eco-tours, bird watching, nature studies, and of course, relaxation. So “take a walk on the wild side” and watch playful Monkey La Las as you enjoy flowering plants, orchids, medicinal plants, exotic species, fruit and nut trees, including the popular “Chocolate Tree” and the world-famous Honduras mahogany tree.

SHOPPING TOUR: Visit the West End and Coxen Hole souvenir shops and during the cruise, ship season visits the terminals’ plazas, where you’ll also find local artisans and duty-free stores.

WEST SIDE: Visit the island’s tourist area and wander through the well-known West Bay Beach or just go bar-hopping through the island’s iconic West End village. West Bay Beach has been named one of the Best Beaches of the World, and this is where all-inclusive resorts, rental condos, and beach bars line a stunning white sand beach. Great snorkeling or just enjoying the beach.