Bonaire Activities

Bonaire Kids Sea Camp
July 21-28, 2012


Kids Programs: All include: Dive rental gear, 6 days if diving + family day at Klein Bonaire
PADI hats, T-shirts, tote bags, slack line, and tubing in addition to all that fallows:

Young Adult Diver program : for kids 14-17 divers
Private boat with 70ft profile,  Have fun diving with your friends!
Sea scooter & night dive and Boat dives!

PADI AOW & Jr. AOW program ages 12+ divers
Private Boat, Certification card and crew pack
night dive and photo dives.

PADI Adventure Diver Program ages 10 &11 divers
Private Boat, Certification card and crew pack

PADI Jr. Open Water program:
for kids that are age 10 or higher before the class starts. In Bonaire, we feature the PADI E: learning program
Kids are on vacation, so now they don’t have to worry about reading a 250 page book or taking a written exam.
You can go to and click on e: learning and Jr. Open water and Buddy Beach and Dive Resort Bonaire
Your Buddy Dive instructor will receive your quizzes and test and be available to assist you as you learn on line. When
arrive in Bonaire, its water skills and pool skills and enjoying your new world as a PADI certified diver in beautiful Bonaire.
Moms and dads will have several days to dive with kids.

SASY program: ages 4-7
This is such a fantastic program in Bonaire. The little ones get lots of sun block and suited up in mini gear as they learn
all about the ocean and its critters. Treasure hunt, Donkey sanctuary to feed and even ride a donkey.
Slack line, Tubing,  and lots of pool and ocean time.

PADI Seal Team: Program Age 8+
This program gives kids that are 8 years old or older at the time the program starts, a sample of what its like to be a diver.
This is pure fun, no test! Kids will learn to do some basic skills, and learn how to use scuba gear through some fun activities called
Aqua Missions. In Bonaire, Seal Team kids also get to do a Salt Water dive at the Buddy Dock and schools of fish and log a real dive.
There are 5 missions to be completed along with a crew pack and certification that is provided.
Slack line, Tubing and photo fun, treasure hunt and Pizza movie night are also apart of this great program in Bonaire.


When it comes to diving, we know what we are talking about. Bonaire has over 80 dive sites to explore by boat or from shore and has set an example in marineconservation which is exactly why Bonaire is one of the top dive destinations in the world. Bonaire is home to more than 350 species of colorful fish, as well as over 120 types of coral, with visibility reaching 90 to 150 feet. Most importantly, the waters around the island have been designated as a national park and are managed by the Bonaire Marine Park, protecting them year round for your enjoyment, as well as for future generations.

Your holiday will be unforgettable if you decide to snorkel or dive and see the beautiful underwater park of Bonaire.


Mangrove Snorkel

In addition to a weekly boat snorkel trip, Buddy Dive also offers several guided snorkeling tours. One is along the edge of the mangrove forest, which serves as the “nursery” of the ocean. Among the highlights are the three inch long Barracuda and the bottom dwelling upside down jellyfish. Another equally appealing tour involves a night snorkel amidst the famous Town Pier piling. Abundantly decorated with sponges, these pilings serve as a colorful background for their nocturnal inhabitants. Other tours combine snorkeling with activities such as kayaking or cave exploration.

Sport Fishing

Slowly but surely Bonaire is starting to become known as a sport-fishing destination. There are several good outfits that can take care of the most spoiled fisherman. Do not expect the seven story high flying bridge boats, rather somewhat smaller boats, with crew that are even more eager to catch fish than the paying customer is. Try it and you’ll find out Bonaire has it all: Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, and even great bone fishing!


This is one of the most popular activities on Bonaire, and there are all sorts of ways to experience it. Take a guided kayak tour through the mangroves or to nearby Klein Bonaire. Combine the Klein trip with a guided walk and exploration of the island, or a snorkel along the island shallow terraces – a perfect place to spot turtles at rest! Or go for a leisurely paddle and explore on your own as you tour the coast in front of the resort.

Mountain Biking

Miles and miles of trails have been laid on Bonaire specifically for this sport. Literally around every hilltop there are different vistas to enjoy. With such a wide variety of routes to choose from, we’re sure to be able to put together a tour that best suits your interest and fitness level and although there’s not much traffic on Bonaire to begin with, this sport really allows you to get away from it all!


The trade winds on Bonaire are legendary, providing for the most stable winds in the world and making the nearby area of Lac Bay famous as a top-notch wind surf destination. We schedule weekly introductory classes with one of the local outfitters at Lac for those with limited or no experience in the sport. So if you have ever thought of trying, now is your chance. Don’t miss it!

Parasailing: See beautiful Bonaire from a bird’s view! The Island colors come alive while you float in the sky looking for turtles and dolphins playing in the waves. From a couple of feet to 1200 feet, you decide how high you want to go. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss!

Half or Full Day Charters

Check out whole Bonaire and Klein Bonaire from the seaside, do some parasailing and other activities. This luxurious charter gives you the perfect opportunity to spend your time on the water between dolphins and flying fish.

Good Old Rest & Relaxation

If total relaxation is what you had in mind, you’ll have plenty of time to bask in the sun, swing in a hammock and maybe enjoy a good book. We have a wide selection of books available in our Dive and Activity Center in many different languages. Help yourself to our library and please feel free to leave your books or magazines when you are finished with them for our future guests (and staff!) to enjoy.