Aerial shot of Islands (Seventy Islands)


Palau Additional Activities to what is included in your family dive adventure week with Sam’s Tours and Palau Royal Resort weeks.


Our Planet Blue kayak tours offer a wonderful way to experience the beauty of Palau’s rock islands. Palau boasts more than 300 emerald islands set in crystal clear, turquoise lagoons. Our kayak tours provide the perfect medium to explore Palau’s hidden network of marine lakes, mangrove channels, marine tunnels, tropical beaches, and marine caverns, all in the serenity of nature. No paddling experience is necessary. All tours begin with paddling instruction and speedboat shuttles to and from the kayak site to maximize fun and adventure while eliminating long, tiring paddle distances. Planet Blue offers a variety of day tours through the world-famous rock islands. All of the tours are a well balanced mixed of light paddling through calm waters with a combination of birding, snorkeling, hiking and exploring. The tours are led by naturalist guides, armed with maps, books, specimens, and binoculars to help highlight the treasures of this Micronesian paradise.

Planet Blue uses the highest quality kayak equipment available. We offer all of our guests the freedom of choosing single or double Perception sea kayaks. These open-top sea kayaks are equipped with dry storage hatches, thigh straps, and incredibly comfortable seats for full-back support. We’ve chosen lightweight paddles, which are perfect for novice or professional paddlers. We provide you with dry bags and boxes to waterproof everything from T-shirts to video cameras. Our service is first class. We offer free shuttle service to and from all hotels in Koror. Every tour begins with a review of our tour menu and we do our best to honor requests. After a brief orientation to the kayaks and paddles we are swept into the rock islands by speedboat shuttle to begin our adventure.

ROCK ISLAND TOURS- Included in our Kids Sea Camp Family dive Adventure package

Discover Palau, the Eighth Wonder of the World! Of the thousands of idyllic islands that dot the mighty Pacific Ocean, Micronesia’s westernmost island chain known as the Palau archipelago, is perhaps a best kept secret. Rich in natural beauty, steeped in ancient culture, Palau is truly Mother Natures’ work of art! Our guided rock island tours offer an exciting full day of sightseeing, snorkeling and exploring throughout Palau’s enchanting islands and a bounty of beautiful sights & scenes to numerous to be included in just one tour. Snorkel vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life. Swim with the prehistoric inhabitants of mysterious Jellyfish Lake. Relax on white sandy beaches. Hike through tropical rainforests. Visit hidden marine lakes and fascinating natural wonders. Marvel at ancient stone money carved by intrepid voyagers from the nearby islands of Yap. Cruise through the fascinating geological formations of the Rock Islands.

Our rock island tours include a selection of attractions, snorkel spots and beach stops including but not limited to Big Drop-Off, German Channel, Jellyfish Lake, Milky Way, Mandarin Fish Lake, Rainforest Walks, Rock Island Beaches, Risong Bay, Yapese Stone Money, Soft Coral Arch, WWII Zero Fighter Plane and more! All tours include Snorkel Gear, Lunch & Refreshments. Choose from:

Jellyfish Lake Tour: Visit the amazing Jellyfish Lake followed by a scenic leisurely cruise through the beautiful Rock Islands with a wonderful selection of snorkeling, beach time and photo opportunities. Not Included: Rock Island Permit INCLUDING Jellyfish Lake access: $35 per person. Valid 10 days.

Rock Island Tour: A scenic leisurely cruise through the beautiful Rock Islands with a wonderful selection of snorkeling, beach time and photo opportunities. Not Included: Rock Island Permit Only WITHOUT Jellyfish Lake access: $25 per person. Valid 10 days.

NOTE ABOUT PERMITS: $25 Rock Island permits cannot be upgraded to $35 Jellyfish Lake permits once purchased. If you plan to visit Jellyfish Lake please purchase a Jellyfish Lake permit which includes access to the rock islands. Permits are available at Sam’s Tours. We request that permits are paid in cash only. Thank you!

Tour Details A minimum of 4 passengers is required to ensure tour departure. We are happy to combine bookings to meet required number of passengers. Contact Sam’s Tours to confirm departure details. Complimentary hotel transfer service at 8:30 a.m. Afternoon return to dock 4:30 p.m. (approx). Customized tour schedules available upon request.

What to Bring: Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat & light rain jacket; Good footwear that you don’t mind getting wet; And don’t forget your camera! Footwear: Hard-soled booties are available for rent at Sam’s Tours. Cameras: Easy-to-use CANON Digital Cameras and MiniCams complete with underwater housings and available for rent at Sam’s Tours. Rental includeds a CD or DVD of your images. The Fine Print Route & site access subject to weather & tidal conditions. We reserve the right to substitute routes or sites accordingly. 4 passengers minimum required to ensure departure. Prices are subject to change without notice. Reservations required.


A trip to Jellyfish Lake is a must for every visitor to Palau! For those who are diving with Sam’s Tours we offer frequent complimentary side trips to the lake while enroute to and from the outer reef dive sites but we don’t actually dive in the lake at all, we only snorkel.

For those who are not participating in dive trips, we offer visits to Jellyfish Lake as part of our guided Rock Island Tours which also include visits to a wide selection of Palau ‘s other natural highlights including beautiful beaches and snorkel spots. Tours are lead by a Naturalist Guide and include hotel transfers, lunch & refreshments & complimentary use of snorkel equipment.

Getting to Jellyfish Lake requires a short but somewhat steep hike up and over a rocky limestone path followed a short swim / snorkel from the dock out towards the center of the lake where the Jellyfish tend to congregate. A minimum of 4 passengers is required to ensure our Rock Island tour departures. We are happy to combine bookings to meet our required number of passengers. We also offer customized tours and departures for private charters and group bookings upon request. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, hat & light rain jacket; good footwear that you don’t mind getting wet and don’t forget your camera! Hard soled dive booties are available for rent at Sam’s Tours.

And don’t forget your camera! Sam’s Tours Photo Center rents simple-to-use Canon Digital Cameras and Mini Video Cams complete with underwater housings for those who want to shoot in the lake.

Not included:
Koror State Permit, $35 pp, valid 10days.
Permits are readily available at Sam’s Tours.


  • Ngardmau Waterfalls
  • Badrulchau Monoliths
  • WWII History Tour

Palau has much to offer in addition to diving. With a wealth of beautiful scenery, ancient culture, traditional villages, historical sites, tropical flora and fauna, and many endemic birds and other creatures, there is much to see and do outdoors. Sam’s Tours offers a variety of scenic trips to a variety of sites, including the spectacular waterfalls at Ngardmau, the ancient stone monoliths at Badrulchau dating back to 161 A.D., tropical jungle trails to German Lighthouse or the WWII sites and reinforcements of Peleliu island. Sam’s Tours can customize a one-day tour or a weeklong adventure to offer you a pleasant mix of fun, adventure and relaxation.

Palau is filled with World War II history. We’ll make that history lesson fun and informative by taking you to some of the most interesting sites in Palau . The trip to German Lighthouse is just one of many places you can experience first hand Palau ‘s role in World War II history.

This forested walk follows a path constructed by the Japanese during WWII and leads to forgotten relics from the war; secretive bunkers, massive cannons, and the rock island headquarters filled with relics. Along with other hidden treasures, this exploration is guaranteed to satiate the WWII enthusiasts.

The reward at the top of the island is a century old coral-built lighthouse constructed during the German occupation. The look-out from the top of the lighthouse gives you a birds-eye view of most of the archipelago.


Palau isn’t just for adults or scuba divers … it’s a great place for kids too and guaranteed to leave them smiling from ear to ear!

Sam’s dive center is very “children friendly” (most of the staff have children too!) and most  tours can be arranged to accommodate everyone from infants to grandparents. Our staff is professional, friendly, easy-going and ready to make your visit to Palau a trip of a lifetime.

White sandy beaches, clean, clear warm water, lots of colorful fishes, lush tropical jungle and all kinds of interesting creatures for kids (and adults) to learn about.

Sam’s staff can teach the kids to snorkel. They can learn about corals, fishes, turtles, bats and birds. Spend the day on a beach playing in the water, building sand castles or learning about Palau’s amazing natural environments above and below the water. Sam’s will bring the beach toys and pack a lunch!

We’ll even take the kids exploring if you want to just relax on the beach! Want to go exploring yourself? Want to dive while we watch the children?

They can learn to wake board and water ski. Take a photography course. Learn how to fish. Do all of the above. The possibilities are endless.

Sam’s Tours specializes in customized itineraries and personalized service. Just let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll give you a good selection of ideas and work out a great plan for the whole family.

Babysitting services are available too!

Hope to see you in Palau !