The Kids Sea Camp Diver!

Big news for our company: The Kids Sea Camp Diver!

Margo Peyton founder of Kids Sea CampPADI has approved it’s first Kids Sea Diver Specialty course. The certification developed with PADI and KSC founder Margo Peyton is designed to make families that dive together to become better dive buddies.
The certification is to assist parents and other adult family members that want to uKids Sea Camp Diverpdate and refresh some of the basic skill divers learned during previous dive training. Also part of the program is education and becoming more aware of the environmental issues and concerns impacting regions they are currently diving.
A KSC reboot, by going through the course a new Kids Sea Camp Diver will show mastery in both diving and being a well-trained and confident parent and child buddy team. Divers will have training and education in environmental stewardship and waterman ship. There will be a emphasis throughout the course of safety, teamwork and conservation.

The goals of the Kids Sea camp Diver distinctive specialty training:

  • Reinforcement of the “Good Buddy” principles and practices.
  • Refresh basic signs and skills learned in their open water courses as well as update any skill changes or updates since their certification.
  • Educate students about the benefits of continuing education.
  • Encourage interest in leadership roles that promote responsible diving.
  • Discuss local eco-issues and concerns, customs and traditions and how this has impacted the environment.
  • Indentify local environmental issues, discuss solutions and create awareness.

After fifteen years of helping and caring for your families diving needs — we are encouraged that PADI see the value all our families have seen for more than a decade.