Kids Sea Camp Fish & Dive guides

Kids Sea Camp and Franko Maps join forces

New for 2014: Kids Sea Camp travels to some of the greatest diving spots on the planet. Here’s some easy guides and maps to know where your diving and what creatures your enjoying. Great stocking stuffers for the whole family!

Palau sharks and rays side1_4up_Kidscamp

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2014 Utila Kids Sea Camp

The dolphins are back for Kids Sea Camp Utila

Part of an email Margo sent to me last night. All those who booked Utila are having some of the best diving of the year, already!

Dear Tom,

We had a great first day in Utila! We did get awaken up by a huge school of dolphins that surrounded the boat.

I had asked the captain if he would allow us to jump in with them. Josh, the first mate and dive instructor said, no these dolphins were spinners and they do not stay around the boat at all.  As soon as you get in the water they will leave.

I said, I’ve been coming here for almost 19 years and I have been in the water with these dolphins for years. I really think they will stay around.  Is there any harm in trying? I mean if they don’t, then, Oh well.

So everyone got in the water and snorkeled with the dolphins for hours and just had a ball.  Then we did 2 dives that were fantastic,  We had a big nurse shark and amazing reefs, eels and even saw an eagle rays.

I am truly relaxed and just soaked up being in the ocean.  Even if it was 8 a.m. in the morning.   That afternoon we had a very nice lunch of shrimp bisque and salad.

Diving in Utila is some of the best diving in the world. I’m lucky to know it’s one of the best kept diving secrets in the Caribbean. Miss you and wish you were here with us.

How’s the girls?

Love, Margo

Great Kids Sea Camp images from the 2014 summer trips

Photos worth a thousand Kids Sea Camp words

Not everyone gets to go to every Kids Sea Camp. But with all the incredible moments from all the amazing adventures we end up with excellent images. We hope you enjoy the show. For more images

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Some of the best videos

Kids Sea Camp: B-O-N-A-I-R-E

By Morgan Burkhard

B: Beautiful

O: Outstanding

N: New

A: Amazing

I: Inspirational

R: Rocky reef

E: Beautiful

E: Exciting

We are family

By Karen Binns-Loveman

(Chorus) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.


Buddy Dive is cool as can be.

House reef just offshore

with endless coral and fishes galore.

I’m not telling no lie.


Learning is extra fun, playing beneath the sun.

Seals and sassy make a splash

While juniors and teens have a bash.

We’re loving diving in Bonaire the most, Yeah.


(Chorus) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.


Bonaire breeze and green sunset flashes,

Complete with flounders, puffers, eels, turtles and octopi

As they all swim on by.


All of the people around us to say

Old friend and new

Through Sea Camp we gather near,

We ‘re loving camp until we meet next year.


(Chorus, repeat twice) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.

Kids Sea Camp Galapagos in June 2014!

Kids Sea Camp 2014

We’ve added another yacht!

Due to the popularity of the Kids Sea Camp Galapagos we’ve added another trip from June 21st to June 28th for 2014. Kids Sea Camp families have filled two of the Buddy Dive yachts already for 2014.

Why not experience a trip beyond your wildest dreams? Why not go were scientists, naturalists and world-travelers have explored for decades. Why not booked the newest and best yachts in the Galapagos for a trip of a lifetime.

Check out our newest information on the Galapagos;


Day 2: Kids Sea Camp, Utila prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse!

ZombieSorry for the delay in the post, but I’m writing from the bed of the Lexington Hospital in Columbia S.C. Saturday evening. I’m unclear why I’m here or how I even got in this bed. But, I felt it was important for all the Kids Sea Camp families to understand what may be happening in Utila over the next two weeks. To be honest maybe Margo and I didn’t know what we were getting into with the Zombie Apocalypse.

I’m going to warn you there are gaps in my memory from Friday to Saturday. What i’m going to tell you is the best I can remember. Which is not much at the moment.

But this is how much I recall from Saturday morning.

8:00 A.M. Saturday: “Good morning, Mr. Peyton” A doctor walks into the room, he is tall, thin, a bit pale and grey at the temples. “I’m doctor Poztal, that’s Nasty bruise you have on your  back of your head.”

I touched the base of my skull and felt a bump the size of a large golf ball, ” How did I get that?”

“Hmmmm,” The doctor stroked his chin and paused,” That’s why I was asking. You have had a mild concussion. No long term memory damage, but short-term memory should be effect greatly. Who was the last person you spoke too?”

“Woody!” I said abruptly sitting up in my bed and falling back on the pillow feeling quite dizzy,” Where’s my cell phone? I think I can get some answers. What day is it?”

“Saturday and the cell is right here,” The doctor said calmly and handed my phone to me,”  You know your not ready to leave just yet. I need to keep you one more day for observations .. . I’ll give you a moment.”

I pick up the phone and immediately called Woody.

“Woody, what the hell happened?” I yelled into the phone.

“Well, hello to you too Mr. Peyton,” I could see him smiling as he spoke,” Not a nice way to say Hi, to someone who save your life last night.”

“What?,” I paused,” What do you mean?”

“You don’t remember?” He laughed, “I guess I hit ya too hard.”

“It was you?” I asked,” You know I’m in the hospital.”

“Oops,” He laughed again.” It’s all that law enforcement training. Sorry.”

“Where at you?” I asked, ” And is Margo with you?”

‘Atlanta, heading to Kids Sea Camp,” Woody said, suddeningly changing his tone to a whisper,” Oh no, I’ll call you back.”

The cell phone went dead. I looked through my messages and texts to looking for any communication from Margo.  I saw a series of texts from Friday night to Saturday morning.

Text 1: Hi, sweetie, in Atlanta at airport, Looking forward to diving again since the back surgery. Call me. How are the dogs?

Text 2: Sweetie?

Text 3: Met with Woody. He seems nervous. Acting odd.

Text 4: Why aren’t you answering me?

Text 5: Are you OK?

Text 6: Are you at the Karoake bar, again?

Text 7: Alright, now I’m worried.

Text 8: Cell phone running low. I don’t know where you are, but you have to call me in the morning.

Text 9: Luv u.

I immediately called Margo.

“Hi, honey,” I said, ” Before you get mad at me I’m in the hospital and I don’t know why. You need to talk to Woody about the Zombies. I think there’s more too this thing than we know.”


“Margo, Margo,” I repeated her name too numerous to mention,” Find Woody. Ask him what happen Friday night. I don’t remember. I have a mild concussion. Find Woody. Find Woody”

“Damn, ” Margo snapped,” My cellphone is dying, again.”

“Sweetie,” I repeated again,” Find Woody, He knows more than he is telling us.”

” Delta Flight 575 now boarding,” I heard over the cellphone, ” Sweetie, I’ll be fine. Just talk to Woody.”

I hung up the phone and then Woody called.

“Tom?,” Woody said in a hushed toned, ” They’re everywhere.”

“What are you talking about,” I asked.

“The Zombies, stupid.  Oh my god, you don’t remember Friday at all, do you? They were in the KSC office! It was terrible. You have to go back and look at what they did.” Woody said with some panic in his soften voice, “They are following me to Utila!”

“To  Kids Sea Camp?” I said.

“Yes. Yes, damn it Tom they are “real”. They’re everywhere and they are coming to Utila,” He said in a hushed tone, ” But don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.”

Then the phone went dead. The silence was haunting. The words “they’re everywhere” bounced and punched around inside my mind like a ping-pong ball. And what the heck did he mean. . .he’s got a plan?

To be continued. . .






Margo Peyton has been cleared for diving in Utila!

Kids Sea Camp news alert!

On July 11th, Margo Peyton, owner of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures had back surgery. Well-known for her high energy work ethic and passion for the ocean there were moments of doubt she would dive again. In fact, before surgery on her trip with KIds Sea Camp to Yap and Palau she dove every dive she could, because of her fear each dive maybe her last. Her fears would be unfounded.

Today, July 31st, a mere three weeks since surgery this remarkable women has been cleared by to dive! The elated Margo was all smiles as she walked to the car with her husband, Tom Peyton.

“I’m looking forward to yoga on the beach, swimming with dolphins, doing the Zombie certification and learning new underwater seasigns.” Margo said at her office in Columbia, South Carolina.

“I also want to thank all the Facebook messages, the cards and letters from so many the Kids Sea Camp families,” Margo added, “It was quite overwhelming to know how many and how much people cared.”




Top Ten Kids Sea Camp travel tips!

The top ten dive tips for your Kids Sea Camp week!

These are some of the things most travelers have forgotten on of our trips.

1. Check you equipment!

Make sure you have it all! Mark your equipment with your name or symbol before your on the boat. iIt all sort of looks the same once your on the boat.

Don’t forget toothpaste, for your mask. And just in case get your defog before heading to the island.

2. Pack your Cerification card and log book.

3. Bring your boat items, like sunglasses, rain gear and comfortable boat shoes of some sort.

4. Bring your medical items

5. Passports

6. Check your flights the day before.

7. Credit cards; call before you leave and tell them your in a foreign country.

8. Ziploc bags

9. Passports (in case your forgot already)

10. Have fun, but expect delays. Traveling to any island really is a delay waiting to happen. So have fun, be patience and enjoy Kids Sea Camp.


Goodnight Palau

The McClure family (2013)

Goodnight Palau with your beautiful sea,

Goodnight to the divers, that’s you and that’s me.

Goodnight Milky Way with your white mud and day,

Goodnight to yet another wonderful day.

Goodnight little jellies in Jellyfish lake,

Goodnight birthday kids and chocolate cake.

Goodnight Blue Corner and the late flying there,

Goodnight to the sharks, and walls, oh so fair!

Goodnight Ulong Channel, away we all go!

Goodnight simple life, with it’s ebb and it’s flow.

Goodnight sing mermaids and your underwater flips,

Goodnight to our new friends — until our next trip.

Goodnight Sam’s, Frazier, Margo and Tom,

This trip to Palau has truly been the bomb.