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    All the forms you love to fill out

    The forms below are required to confirm your Kids Sea Camp reservations. Please complete each form and email or fax these PADI and Kids Sea Camp forms with your payments to confirm your space. (fax# 843-353-2537).Call us if you have any questions. 803-419-2556

    Kids Sea Camp

    Reservations forms needed to book a Kids Sea Camp trip

    Forms 1-5 must be printed, completed, and received by Kids Sea Camp to confirm a reservation. Documents will not be provided without signed forms being received prior to travel. In order to go on a KSC week, you must fill out the 2018-Terms-Conditions form. You can also try our new Online family application, you will still need to fill out the 2018-Credit-Card-Authorization-Form if you are paying via credit. 

    Our New Digital Online Application

    Electronic family application form. If you would rather use this electronic form instead of printing form 1. below please click on this link: Online Family Application form

    Printable Kid Sea Camp Forms

    1. 2018 FAMILY APP: (1 form per family) If you are a repeat client, please understand, that this form still needs to be filled out.

    Why? Families do not always bring the same members each year, kids sizes and gear needs change, medical conditions change and kids and family member sizes and addresses change as well.

    Sorry: We understand how much you dislike filling out forms. But in order for us to provide you all the KSC goodies, correct dive gear, courses and room types for your family, you will need to confirm your needs for each trip you book with us. Thank you for your understanding.

    2. 2018 Credit Card Authorization Form:  This form is required if you’re making any payments with a credit card or multiple credit cards and if you want to pre-authorize your final payments to be auto charged.

    3. 2018 Terms & Conditions:  (This form is required 1 per family.)  It is each families responsibility to inform all family members traveling the terms and conditions of your trip.  This form should be completed by the adult participant providing payment.

    4. PADI_KSC_Waiver(1 form per certified diver) Parents or guardians are required to fill this form out for each certified diver between the ages of 10-17)

    5. Advanced adventures KSC_WAIVERThis waiver is a big animal waiver and is mandatory for, Indonesia, Fiji, Philippines, Palau, Yap, Galapagos, Mexico, Australia and Grand Cayman.  If you have any questions about the types of animals you will encounter or concerns please contact us. 803-419-2556

    6. Equipment Rental Request Form: If you need to rent any dive gear for adult divers, or we are providing gear for your kids, please include this form for sizing 1 per diver. Kids dive gear rental is included on all land-based destinations.

    Kids Sea Camp is an authorized Scubapro dealer as well as many other brands. Please give us a call if you would like to purchase dive gear, luggage, lights, cameras or more for your trip.

    We offer special rates for our clients. SASY, Seal & Jr. Open Water students are provided some Scubapro gear in their package for them to keep. Call us to find out what gear is free for kids.

    PADI forms: These forms must be printed, completed and brought to you to be turned in at the PADI dive shop.  If you do not bring these forms with you, you will be required to fill them out upon arrival, before participating in any dive activity. All PADI forms can be found here: Dive Waivers

    COLLEGE CREDIT: Receive College credit for up to 15 PADI courses learns how. Click here

    Kids safety : Traveling with Kids outside the US, be informed. Read our travel with kids documentation information required.

    Travel Insurance: Regardless of our commitment to the highest safety standards in the dive industry. We highly recommend DAN Trip and DAN Dive Insurance in the event something unexpected happens on the island or a liveaboard. Please note: Most liveaboards won’t let you on their boat without dive and trip insurance. Here are important links: Dive Insurance  or  Travel Insurance.

    Payments, promotions, discounts and special offers

    Kids Sea Camp occasionally creates special offers to sell last-minute unsold space in garden rooms, or studios, etc. We will also run last minute specials if for some unforeseen reason a family needs to cancel and we need to resell the space.

    We try to help out resorts and families with last minute changes. No promotions, discounts, special can be combined. Offers and promotions have started and stop dates and are for new reservations. Countries often have VAT taxes, marine park fees, and departure taxes. These are not included in any pricing unless otherwise stated in your invoice and price quote.

    Other Downloadable Forms