Fiji diving with Kid Sea Camp

So what sort of diving can you expect at Beqa Lagoon in Fiji?

Here’s a quick summary of the top ten dive sites at Beqa Lagoon.

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  1. 1. SHARK DIVE: 95 to 105 ft.; Rated as one of the best shark dives in the world. 
  2. FANTASEA: 70 ft.;  Amazing colors, soft corals and acres of Gorgenian Fans in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colors.
  3. CARPET COVE: 100 to 110 ft.;  A carpet of anemones filled with clown fish. Also 80ft Chinese trawler wreck at 100 ft.
  4. JOHN TUNNEL: 80 ft.; A 30 foot tunnel, 5 to 8ft. wide lined with rich and colorful soft corals. There’s also a wreck at 80 feet.
  5. JOE’S BEST: 90 ft.; A 40ft. by 90ft. coral head with a giant swim through in the middle.
  6. SOFT CORAL PLATEAU: 90 ft.; A reef sitting right in the middle of the north passage to Beqa Lagoon, eagle rays, blue ribbon eels and miles of healthy soft corals.
  7. SHINING GLORY: 70ft.; Three coral heads, one of which is cracked at the very top offering spectacular light reflections.
  8. SEVEN SISTERS: 70 ft.; Seven coral heads lined in a row each with it’s own unique features.
  9. BLUE WALL: 130 ft .plus; The wall on the south east side of Beqa Lagoon rises amazingly from 150 ft to 15 ft. Sharks, mantas, eagle rays abound and the dive always has at least 100 feet of visibility.
  10. FRIGATE WALL: 130 ft. +; Similar to the Blue Wall. Lots of cracks and alleyways in the wall. Also home to the “Fiji Pipeline” a world famous surf spot.


The dive map

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