Day 4: Kids Sea Camp Utila, Silence

Where are the Zombies?

As the boys drove up to the Kids Sea Camp office I noticed the yellow crime tape wrapped around the small brick building. All the windows were either cracked or broken. To be honest it looks like a bomb had gone off.

“Man,” I whispered under my breath.

“I told you it was off the hook, Tom,” Manny said as Tyler’s large 1995 black  Ford F250 pulled up into the parking lot.

I walked under the crime scene tape as the guys follow behind me. Glass crunched and cracked and we slowly walked around the office. Three of the ceilings fans were broken on the floor, desks were overturned and pens and paper littered the small, the at one time cute office.

“Tom,” Tyler asked,” You Ok?”

I moved to my desk and bent down to pick up a small picture that had Jen and Margo smiling and hugging after one of her horse shows. My thoughts raced to how beautiful my two favorite women in the world were. The loving thought was quickly replaced by questions; “Are they OK? Are they safe? Are they alive?”

“Tyler, have you heard from Jen or Margo over the 12 hours?” I asked as I continued to check the damage. It was a total loss. All the laptops and very big box Macs were smashed into large pieces.

“Uh, no,” Tyler paused as he spoke.”Why?”

“Mike?” I asked,” Any texts from Jen?”

“Nope,” Mike responded.

“Nothing,” I walked outside the building and looked directly into the bright South Carolina sun,” Guys we have a problem. Try now.”

We started sending little text messages to the Jen and Margo to get any kind of a response. Nothing but silence. In the modern mobile world, the one thing that always works is texting. I thought to myself. The boys for a few minutes texted a series of messages to both women. Still nothing. Not a single letter, not a single word.

All four of us stood their silence. I’m sure the younger much hipper than I men were thinking, “How can this happen? No texting. This must be the end times!

We all knew what was next we had to go to Utila!