How to become a Dive Master on a KSC week

Kids Sea Camp Dive Master courses and non-paid Internships.

Yes, Kids Sea Camp offers divemaster and non-paying internships at our Kid Sea Camp trips. The DM course is one of the most comprehensive and complete courses in the dive industry.  Because at Kids Sea Camp we have SASY, SEAL, DSD’s, Open Water, AOW, and Rescue courses running simultaneously during our weeks. Unlike most dive shops whose DM programs are 3 to 6 months, ours can be done in 14 days. For example, young adults ages 18+ with a min of 40 dives at the start of the course and a minimum of 60 logged dives by the end of the course are required to enroll and complete this program. We offer these divemaster program courses in Bonaire, St. Lucia, Dominica, Roatan, Philippines, and Cayman Brac. Those are the destinations that we have two weeks together and can run the full DM course.  

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If you are interested in the Divemaster courses, you would be rooming with other students in that program in either double or triple accommodations. You can request a single as well, that is an option, however single supplements from the resort or room will apply. During those two weeks, you would be participating and completing the PADI Dive Master program. You would also be gaining as much experience as possible in the water with certified divers. Once you have completed your Dive Master course and are registered and insured as a PADI DM. We, then do provide opportunities to pair new Dive Masters with a KSC dive team instructor to shadow and learn and gain experience with real-life situations. 

Kids Sea Camp requires a DM to pay for their trip since during that trip they will be under the direct supervision of a PADI Instructor or experienced divemaster, learning to work with special needs, assisting instructors with other students, being trained to navigate and lead in a variety of conditions from open ocean boat dives, shore dives, and con-ed dives. We train our divemasters in areas of being a travel guide as well as a divemaster. Since they will also be learning how to provide and host top side activities as well as in water activities.  

Once a PADI DM has completed 3 weeks of KSC internship with myself, I will open up the opportunity if all qualifications have been met to join a Kids Sea Camp trip with all travel expenses paid the company.  Once the candidate becomes an instructor, we then pay expenses for travel, diving, meals. And we pay the instructor $500 per week to be apart of our exclusive Kids Sea Camp dive team.  

There are a few Divemasters that we currently do this with as well, such as Max Lavinsky, Jacob Shaffer, Kylie Carrington, Kendal Williams, and Holly Wakely who are working toward their PADI instructors with us. Our dive team members are treated like guests, when they travel with us, staying in guest accommodations and enjoying all parts of the KSC package such as excursions, meals, etc.  

We have high expectations of professionalism and leadership skills that must be shown to meet the approval for becoming a KSC dive team member.  Once an instructor has been with us for a few years and is comfortable and well trained, we will then offer them the opportunity to run a trip on their own, such as a Galapagos liveaboard or Bonaire. At that point, you become apart of the lead team, like Woody Tinsley, Fraser Purdon, Olivia Rapisand, Josh Comay, Conrad Rucker, Sven Blanc, and you are paid each week and all expenses covered. In some cases where it’s available, we can provide discounts or comps to family members. 

Professionalism is a constant training with our program as our dive team is traveling with guests 24-7 so drinking, drugs, inappropriate behavior, inappropriate dress, flirting, using non-kid friendly language is not allowed. Kids Sea Camp dive masters refrain from all topics of faith, politics, or sexual content. We are constantly training our team on customer service scenarios and being safe in the water dive team. Remember at Kids Sea Camp, we depend on each other, and building trust and friendship is the key.

What the PADI Pro training and internships can offer:

  • Divemaster training and certification: Two weeks course is $700+ trip cost
  • Certified divemaster 3-week internship including dive and adventure travel guide training (discounted trip costs- dbl or triple share room)
  • Instructor development course: Becoming a PADI instructor course, training, and materials from $1900+ trip costs.
  • KSC Instructor volunteer travel guide training and internship (no cost, instructor expenses paid by KSC)

Kind Regards, Margo & Olivia and the KSC dive team