Bonaire summer of 2018 Poems

Ryder Sircy

Ryder Sircy

Kids Sea Camp Bonaire

Was just right for this brothers’ pair

Matthew Sircy

Matthew Sircy

Always be nice to a diver

We know places where nobody can find you

Smith Family Poem

Smith Family

My first Kids Sea Camp in here
The ocean adventure is near,
But first I must know the facts
From Pepe, Menno and Dax
Got my snorkel
Got my mask
Got my gear, I know the tasks
With my friends and teachers,
We leave behind the land and beaches
To the jungle down below, we search for animals galore
Lions – Parrots – Porcupine fish and more
My parents, they share,
Of the seahorse and frogfish they stare
And I can’t wait to see
With my own eyes and BCD
… But … if it weren’t for my darn ear,
I’d be able to clear
I guess I’ll be back to Kids Sea Camp again next year
- Dara, Clay, & Sierra Smith

Helena Lubnow

Helena Lubnow

Sunday was the first day of it all

Everyone’s excitement was either too big or too small

There was introductions and diving to be done

We all had fun, that first day

And there were more adventures on the way!

For the rest of the week, there were activities galore

From night diving to tubing from kayaking and more!

I don’t think anyone could bore!

It was even tough to stay alive in Woody’s zombie dive

When Saturday comes, pack up your stuff,

The fun had gone on for enough,

Come on everybody, let’s say farewell,

Goodbye, Kids Sea Camp Bonaire, See you next year!