Bonaire Thanksgiving 2018 Poetry

The Divers Dream

Lloyd Kaufman

(Set to phrasing and lyrical styling of "the Gunner's Dream" by Roger Waters)

Floating down, to the ocean floor
Memories come rushing to great me once more.
But in the space between the corals
And the vis limit of the ocean blue
I had a dream
I had a dream

Dolphin culls
Plastic trash
Seems inevitable that many species are going to crash
With 24 hour news and documentaries singing the blues
We witness all the signs
And many still deny
But we hold on to the teachings of groups like PADI and kids sea camp
We take a surface breathe
And hold on to the dream

A place to swim
Good food to eat
A place where buddy dive allow all species safety on the reef
Where we can speak out loud
About our ocean fears
And no one will discount observable science with political rhetoric as we witness the beauty offered...above and below

We can relax
with surface interval to the max
Friends and family abound, common goals and good all around
And with all goodwill shown my mind is at ease
That our children will save the seas
All of our children will save the seas

Night after night
Going round and round my brain
This dream cannot be in vain
In the corner of this beautiful dive resort
The diver sleeps tonight.
What's done is done
We cannot just write off this final scene
Take heed of the dream
Take heed.

Thanksgiving 2018 Bonaire Roger Cruz

Roger Cruz

Thanksgiving in Bonaire with KSC was so cool,
And I got to skip 3 days of school.

My dad said it was a life lesson,
So I came tol get my advanced certification.

I met my instructors, Lars and Menno,
And quickly got some gear for a demo.

I learned to find directions,
With a compass and sea formations.
I also got a camera to try
And spend my dive as a spy
Some amazing shots were had
So you better watch out Brad!

My first night dive was quite exciting,
And nothing at all frightening.
My dad lent me his video light,
Which turned darkness into daylight.
Not happy was a moray eel,
hissing at me for how I made it feel.
So I turned down the brightness,
and used a red light for politeness,
Making happy the sea creatures
which now could sleep without seizures
Best of all, was beating my dad
By finding an octopus, a seahorse and a crab

After my dives, I met with my new friends,
To jump off the wall for rapid descends
Though we never touched the bottom
My dad constantly worried about hitting the rocks with our bottoms

Donkeys were fed some moldy bread,
but some wanted some fingers instead

The soccer match was run, run, run
But leaving behind the out-of-breath adults was so much fun

Woody, Woody, Woody leaves you guessing,
About his next underwater dressing.
Santa Claus and a tuxedo,
Maybe next time a torpedo?

Finally, I say thank you to Margo and Tom,
For making this vacation the bomb