Palau Poems

Palau poems from the Kids Sea Camp week 

Here are the poems from the Kids Sea Camp week. Kids Sea Camp has a poetry presentation every Friday night at the closing celebration.

Out of the blue

The Baylee Adair family

Out of the blue

Into the ocean

All so brand-new

Into more blue

Under the sea

Just me and you, feeling so free

Deeper into the ocean blue

To black to dark

Nothing here for me and you.

Then gliding through the blue, a Manta!

So real and so true, a Manta!

Now I’m here

Just me and you

Under the sea in the ocean blue.

Good night Palau

The McClure family 

Goodnight Palau with your beautiful sea,

Goodnight to the divers, that’s you and that’s me.

Goodnight Milky Way with your white mud and day,

Goodnight to yet another wonderful day.

Goodnight little jellies in Jellyfish lake,

Goodnight birthday kids and chocolate cake.

Goodnight Blue Corner and the late flying there,

Goodnight to the sharks, and walls, oh so fair!

Goodnight Ulong Channel, away we all go!

Goodnight simple life, with its ebb and it’s flow.

Goodnight sing mermaids and your underwater flips,

Goodnight to our new friends — until our next trip.

Goodnight Sam’s, Frazier, Margo and Tom,

This trip to Palau has truly been the bomb.

Kids Sea Camp isn’t one color it’s a rainbow

The Sarin family
There’s red,
On the diver flag and fingernails.
On the roofs of boats, sunburnt kids,
Even on adults toes.
What’s here that’s blue?Every shade of blue in every drop of sea,
Curtains, bedspreads, sam’s boat tops.
Pools and fins and so much more!
Now the orange we shall explore!Orange clownfish and coral,
The pool barrier, if you go lighter.
There’s yellow to see,
sunshine and sand and a nudibranch baby.
Raisin cake we devour,
And straw baskets we wear,
It’s also green that’s filling the air!Green means nitrox and mangroves, grass mangroves
Grass necklaces and mats.
Mandarin fish,
Jellyfish Lake and turtles galore,
Now black that’s that.There are wetsuits and mantas and all sorts of gear,
And silver zippers, sharks and dolphins, and tanks.
And lastly, there’s gold in the hearts of everyone here.

Kids Sea Camp isn’t one color it’s a rainbow.

Finding our Scuba Sensei

The Quast & Jones family  ( write about finding their scuba sensei in Palau.)

There once was a gray shark for Nantucket

Some Mandarin fish in a bucket,

Nudibranchs here, there and everywhere,
Giant sumo wrestler clans that bit me in the derriere.
Half moon, quarter moon, rastaman jellies,
Fourth of July feast that filled my belly.
You see we are here in Palau,
Where the best time to here is “right” now.
With all our friends from Kids Sea camp,
And our Scuba sensei Margo who is a true Sea camp Champ.
And though our time here is running down,
We are quite sure will be back in town. 

Dreaming of fish

By The Abad Santos family (The Santos family have been to over six family weeks with Kids Sea Camp. They dream of fish every year.)

“I dream of fish”
I dream of fish that all swam by.
Of jacks and my napoleon wrasmer,
Of spiny urchins and anemones of giant clams and squid and stingless jellies.But the sharks came out at night,
How I dreamed that they would eat me,
But I soon learned they were nice,
]And they all became my friends.One more dive, another day another destiny,
another chance to test my buoyancy.
One more dive, another day at Kid Sea Camp
Oh, it’s the best,
I’m afraid it couldn’t lastOne more dive with Margo, Frazier Sven oh what a team,
With JC and Leon, oh what a dream.
One day more,
One more swim,
One more dive!