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The 2017 KSC Palau family week: July 8th to the 22nd SOLDOUT!

2018 JULY 21 – JULY 31


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New found friends are made at every Kids Sea Camp

 Palau is an incredibly unique country and had been on Margo’s destination list for the past seven years. Home to more than 1,300 species of fascinating fish, 700 species of colorful coral, and approximately 130 rare sharks and stingrays, Palau is recognized for being the world’s first shark sanctuary. Plus, Palau’s Southern Lagoon has earned a place as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Palau’s diverse marine and terrestrial ecosystems are perfect for families because they cater to all levels of divers, and can also be enjoyed by non-divers. Palau is rich in WW II history. Ship wrecks and sunken airplanes dot the reef and can be viewed in as little as 8 feet of water. Everyone can experience the history and culture of this destination. Parents and kids can see and dive the relicts of an earlier time and have the opportunity to dive German Channel, where they can encounter manta rays at a cleaning station, or perhaps even see sharks, turtle or dolphins.

Diving: Sam’s Tours has six boats to choose from, so parents and kids can dive with friends and others their age. Youth between 10-12 years old are certified to 40 feet, so there is plenty for them to see and explore. It’s one of the few places in the world where they can safely dive wrecks, reefs and see big animals.

Sam’s Tours also has a boat for young adults that dives 70 feet and caters to youth 14-17 years of age.  Plus, a boat that dives 40 feet for kids ages 10 and 11 who are already certified, or for those who just want to snorkel. In addition, kids 8 years old with Seal Team, get to do the nautilus dive. See if you can spot mandarin fish alongside the dock at Sam’s Tours or opt for a treat, such as, a family swim in Jellyfish Lake or shark dive at Blue Corner.

Kids can even take their PADI Advance Diver or Jr. Advanced Open Water certification in Palau. Just log onto and sign up for the eLearning ahead of time. You will get your quizzes out of the way and we will do the rest for you in Palau. This does need to be pre booked, so give us enough notice and we will include the course in your child’s package for Kids Sea Camp PALAU 2016.

The adult diving program satisfies all dive levels, from deep wrecks and walls to shallow reefs and wrecks. There are an abundance of turtles and big schools of fish, so it’s picture perfect for photographers. Warm water and calm seas this time of year make it wonderful to enjoy. The Palau Royal Resort is just across the street from Sam’s Tours and transportation is provided daily. Dermot Keane (father of four) and Marc Bauman manage Sam’s Tours and are always very happy to do whatever they can to help. Adults and kids will have a blast painting throughout the week – one of the many highlights of this trip!

Non-Divers: Non-diving family members have the benefit of enjoying other great land and water activities including; island tours, history and cultural tours, surfing, snorkeling, shopping or spa services.
The meals are truly incredible and breakfast includes a large variety of Japanese and American cuisine. Want to request a specialty omelet? Just inform the on-site chef to add your favorite fixings.
palauCulture: Families will be privileged to witness traditional Palauan dancers and dinner shows throughout the week. These shows are very entertaining and will provide insight into Palau’s vast history and culture. VIP guests are invited to speak and the possibility of meeting the President of Palau is an added honor and very special experience. He is truly inspirational.

We’ve done this trip with 2 and 3 year olds and they have enjoyed the kids’ program, along with all the Sassy kids’ ages 4 and up. We normally have about four or five in this group. There are approximately five or six Seal Team kids’ ages 8 and up, five or six Jr. Open Water certification course students and 15-20 certified diver kids ages 10-17. With fun adventures longing to be had and new friends waiting to be met, Kids Sea Camp/Family Dive Adventures will take you to a pristine environment that will make the travel time well worth it.

I’m very happy to talk with you about Palau. Please feel free to give me a call. Traveling as a group gives everyone the perfect opportunity to meet each other and get acquainted, so there is no shyness on arrival. Each family will receive a T- shirt and hat. We look forward to seeing you this summer. Thank you for sharing your family with ours.

Contact us: 803-419-2556.

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