What an amazing week at Kids Sea Camp, Bonaire

Dear Kids Sea Camp,

I wanted to thank you, KSC and the Buddy Dive staff for an amazing week.  Matteo and I had such an amazing time and Pascal was a great instructor and extremely attentive and dealt with Matteo’s numerous foot injuries (hahah). Matteo absolutely adored him.  I never worried about Matteo and that made all the difference.  I was actually able to relax knowing my child was in good hands, safe and learning.

Everyone, including KSC and Buddy Dive staff made us feel completely comfortable. Everyone was warm and welcoming, we had such a great time.  I felt even more comfortable diving this year, all the crew and dive masters were amazing and helpful.

It was great hanging out with you and the trip to the grocery store was quite memorable! I am glad Margot is up and diving and she is back on track.

Lori Bobak