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    COVID-19 Protocols

    A message detailing COVID 19 protocols while traveling during the COVID crisis. Destinations are opening across the globe, all of which vary in different enter and existing requirements. We wanted to provide you with the link we find helpful to keep up to date with the countries we travel to with new protocols.

    We at Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures have been working with our resorts, dive operators, and tourism officials to help create a safe and friendly environment for our families during the pandemic.

    Click here for the newest CDC requirements and guidelines

    Click for newest testing requirements for international entry and exits

    Click here for the newest CDC travel news

    CDC airlines testing

    Find a clinic while traveling

    Tripadvisor: What you need to know about traveling during COVID

    15 minute at home COVID testing:

    Airline waivers and refund policies

    Protocols for our Kids Sea Camp Partners



    The Cayman Islands



    • Fiji Government (Nadi International airport is closed)
    • Jean Michel Cousteau resort has been closed since March 2020.

    Galapagos Islands



    • Palau has closed its borders until further notice.


    The Philippines

    Turks & Caicos

    Roatan Bay Island

    St. Lucia

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