Dive Komodo, Raja Ampat &

The Forgotten Islands (offered once every 5 years).

Indonesia is a long way to travel we know.  However, Indonesia diving is some of the best diving the world has to offer. It is perfect for families with kids younger at our land-based resort Lembah and Banka or for older kids age 12 and up that are Jr. advanced divers or advanced divers, Indonesia is ready to share with them and you a bigger adventure. You will experience truly healthy coral ecosystems and pristine reefs like you have not seen unless you have been to the Philippines. Kids Sea Camp is offering you The Arenui experience as a family. A luxury 5 diamond liveaboard dive trip to both Komodo & Raja Ampat. 

Tom and Margo Peyton have scheduled the first available trip to the Forgotten Islands Aboard the luxury yacht Arenui, April 9-17 2025. This trip will not be available again until 2030, with Arenui, so DONT WAIT.   “Tom will be 60 that year, Wow! ”

We know it a long way off to think about, but maybe one of the last opportunities to do this amazing trip that books out 5 years in advance.  So give Margo or Tom a call if you’re interested in any of our Indonesia Arenui dive trips.  We will experience with you a class of service, food, fine Italian wines and great people to dive with, like no other. Call to talk to us today. 803-419-2556. 

 8 full charters on the Arenui: 2020 sold out,   2021, 2022, 2023 and 2025 have a few cabins remaining on each charter, so call us for up-to-date information. We do provide optional assistance with round trip air into Bali,  Pre or post hotel add-ons are available and we offer complete on the ground care if needed.  We are ready to meet and greet you and make sure your trip is fully escorted and handheld if you require it.  Let us know your desires and needs and we will be ready to assist.

Margo has written & published extensively about travel and diving from a liveaboard dive cruise as well as dive safety and diving. She feels this trip on the Arenui is one of the safest liveaboards in the industry, next to the Explorer Venture fleet, that we also highly recommend and travel with.  Arenui is 143ft with a total of 16-19 passengers as there is a total of 8 very spacious cabins and 3 of those are triple rooms. 2 are masters suits with king beds.  

We look forward to diving with you and growing with your family.   Family Dive Adventures is our year-round travel agency offering dive vacations to individual families to any venue we work with at any time of year.  We are the experts in Dive Trave and family travel.  Why go anyplace else when you have experts like us to talk to.

Welcome to the most luxurious Kids Sea Camp Ever.  Aboard the Arenui with Tom and Margo Peyton.

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The Forgotten Islands trip:

(Kids Sea Camps) Indonesia:  KOMODOOn the ArenuiJune 26th to July 5th, 2020 and July 7th to July 15th KSC staff: Tom & Margo (OUT BOTH WEEKS)

(EMPTY NESTER) 2020INDONESIA — LEMBEH: (7 nights Lembeh Resort) Sept 26th to October 2nd 2020, and Bangka Resort (4 nights), Oct 2nd-6th with Murex Resorts. The total duration of this trip from September 26th to October 6th 2020. Travel with KSC Adventure guide, photographer & Instructor Josh Comay 

INDONESIA: 2021 KOMODO — FOCUS: With Tom and Margo.On the Arenui: July 17th – July 26th, 2021From $6,450 per person for regular cabins ( 9 nights) ( upgrade charge of $600 per person for master cabin)

(New, 9 nights) 2022 KOMODO — SUMBAWA: On the Arenui: June 24th – July 3rdFrom $6,550 per person for regular cabins (There is an upgrade charge of $700 per person for master cabinKSC staff: Tom & Margo Peyton

per cabin.

(New, 13 nights) Private Christmas and New Years charter: 2022 and 2023 GREATER RAJA AMPAT and SORONGDec, 22nd, 2022 – Jan 4th, From $9,300 per person for regular cabins (+ $650 per person for master cabin)Hosts, Tom & Margo

Indonesia: 2025 The Forgotten Islands Arenui, April 9-17 2025. ( 9 nights) ( upgrade charge of $700 per person for master cabin) KSC staff: Tom & Margo Peyton

CURRENT gentle to moderate
DIVING DEPTH -15-90 ft 
SEA CONDITIONS -generally calm
SUITABLE FOR - intermediate-advanced
VISIBILITY-30 - 120 ft
WATER TEMPERATURE 24-28℃ (75-82°F)

In Komodo, expect encounters with pelagics, such as manta rays, eagle rays, sharks, mola-mola (sunfish),
tuna and even whales.

Get your macro lens ready for unusual critters such as ornate ghost pipefish, different kinds of pygmy seahorses, rare clown frogfish, weird and wonderful nudibranchs (if lucky, the ridiculously cute Pikachu nudi), blue-ringed octopus, pipefish, scorpion leaf fish, coleman shrimp, boxer crabs, zebra crabs.

Fill your memory cards with bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, juvenile batfish, stonefish, devilfish, seahorses, dragonets, turtles, cuttlefish, banded sea-snakes, snake eels, stargazers, slipper lobsters, fire-urchins and the aptly-named ‘sea-apples’ (a very colourful and round-shaped type of sea-cucumber).


Raja Ampat is the world's epicentre of marine biodiversity!

Stunning hard corals and exquisite soft corals, giant clams, sponges, fire urchins, sea cucumbers, barracuda, bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, frogfish (all colors), scrawled filefish, anemonefish, lionfish, unicornfish, flounder, angelfish, gobies, lizardfish, snapper, trevally, fusiliers, sweetlips, surgeonfish, cardinalfish, triggerfish (titan, clown, red-tooth etc), batfish, boxfish, cowfish, pufferfish, anthias, needlefish, glassfish, scorpionfish, jawfish, hawkfish, goatfish, bannerfish, Moorish idols, robust and ornate ghost pipefish, waspfish (including the photogenic cockatoo waspfish), dragonet, seamoth, pygmy seahorse, pipehorse, cuttlefish (big ones, small ones and even the tiny but vibrantly coloured flamboyant cuttlefish), bobtail squid, mantis shrimp, squat lobster, zebra crabs, reef octopus, morays, banded seasnakes, turtles, wobbegong sharks, epaulette “walking” shark, reef sharks, manta rays (including some striking all-black mantas)

Raha trip: INTERNATIONAL airport-Jakarta (CGK)
CURRENT-gentle to moderate
DIVING DEPTH 30 - 120 ft
SUITABLE FOR- beginners-intermediate-advanced
VISIBILITY 30 - 150 mt
WATER TEMPERATURE- 27 - 31℃ (80-88°F)