Roatan poems

2017 Poems from the Kids Sea Camp at Roatan

Here are the poems from the two summer weeks at Mayan Princess Dive Resort in Roatan during our Kids Sea Camp week. Kids Sea Camp always has a poetry presentation on Friday the closing celebration. 

Our favorite things (At Kids Sea Camp)

By the Head family

Jumping off dive boats, and finding sea turtle,

Seahorses, stingrays, wreck dives and big wall.

Sasying, night dives and seeing our friends,

These are a few of our favorite things

When the work calls, when the school bell rings,

When we’re cold and sad,

we simply look forward t the next Kids Sea Camp

and then we don’t feel so bad.

Kids Sea Camp is its name — o

By Gennaro  and Evelyn Giradi

There’s a camp where kids can learn to dive and Sea Camp is its name—0




And Sea Camp is its name-o

Sasy, Seals, JOW Advanced, and Rescue divers,




And Sea Camp is its name-o

Margo rocks and leads us well all over the world’s oceans




And Sea Camp is its name-o

People come from far and wide and all become great friends here,




And Sea Camp is its name-o

Teachers help us learn the skills to dive the ocean safely,




And Sea Camp is its name-o

We’re sad to say we have to go but hope to meet next year,




And Sea Camp is its name-o

By Liles family

(Everyone comes out but Kami from behind the stage)

Liane says “Kids”

Andy says ” camp”

Brayon says ” Roatan”

Liane says “2017”

Kami says ” What do you see in a Kids Sea Camp, you can see a turtle, a stingray, a lobster and an eel.”

By Sawyer Lee

My first day I found some treasure with pleasure.

I became a PADI Seal with some thrill.

I sang some Karaoke and it was Okey Dokey.

I did a mission with all my gear.

And Mr. Patrick let me drive and steer. 

Finally, on the last day, it was hard to get out of bed,

but it was so much fun to have a monkey on my head!

By unknown author

Kids Sea Camp

monkeys, diving


make happiness.

By Kathy Cooper

In the land of Kids Sea Camp,

young and old come to play.

Around the world, they will travel,

diving oceans all day.

New friendships are made,

as the days pass by.

Fun and adventure lead as the rallying cry.

So sad are we that the trip has to end.

But just wait till next year and it all starts again.

Oceans connection

By Goldin family

Why are there so many songs about coral and what’s on the other side?

Coral is pretty and next to the deep blue and coral helps lobster to hide.

The reefs are old and some chose to preserve it.

They won’t last forever wait and see.

Someday we’ll fix it and we will enjoy it.

The divers, the friendship and me.

Why are there so many songs about coral and what’s on the other side?

Coral is pretty and next to the deep blue and coral helps lobster to hide.

The reefs are old and some chose to preserve it.

They won’t last forever wait and see.

Someday we’ll fix it and we will enjoy it.

The divers, the friendship and me.

The lovers, the dreamers and me!


By the Martin family

K is for kind, which the whole Mayan Princess staff was.

I is for incredible dive sites.

D is for the great diving

S is for Seal team, which was super fun and fantastic.

S is for sunburn, which I got on my face.

E is for Edgard, who helped me become a better diver and made my week amazing.

A is for Amanda, who helped me along the way.

C is for Carlos, an awesome dive instructor from the teen boat.

A is for a week to remember forever.

M is for Margo, who made this whole week possible

P is for Patrick, who taught me to be a master seal.


By Brenna Kaufman

Aaaahh. . .Vacation it’s what this mom needed.

The countdown started when the flights were booked,

headed out diving because we got the whole family hooked.

Roatan KSC with the whole family,

Summer fun under the sea.

Three dives a day on Maite.

Until she blew her engine.

No fear for all there’s plenty of room on Ariel to keep us all divin’

The captain kept a sayin’ he has a guarantee.

we will for sure see fish and coral on each dive under the sea.

The sun was hot and got us,

But Jared saved the day with magic juice to cure the burn,

not sure how we can repay.

And finally, I have to say I am a bit paranoid of swim-throughs

But Patrick scheduled another on a dive and I just forwarded my Alec through.

Sunburns, lost shirts, mouthpieces that hurt.

Dropping weights, misplaced flip-flops… because karaoke was great.

So many memories we have made, and old and new friend too.

Perhaps we’ll all meet up again

on another KSC along the ocean blue.


St. Lucia poems

Giving prose over Thanksgiving in St. Lucia 2017

Here are the poems from the Thanksgiving Kids Sea Camp on the island of St. Lucia at Anse Chastanet.

Da, Da, Da, Dan, Da, Da, Da, Dan, Da, Da

By Benoit, Nathalie, Vincent & Maelie

Hurry up, then wait

So hot, in the black wetsuit

Everything that you’re gonna learn now.

Close enough for you to see,

But you just can’t touch.

One breath at a time,

There’s no need to rush.

It’s just learning to dive,

And floating just right.

It’s gonna happen and it’s supposed to happen,

that we clear the mask just right,

One breath at a time.

Diving with you (parody of Shape of You)

By The Gerdts

The club isn’t the best place to find a diver.

So Kids Sea Camp is where I go . . . hmmm.

Me and my friends on the Lucky T with Garfield,

Talking fast and then we swim slow.

Come over and start up a conversation with just me,

And trust me I will give it a chance now,

Take my gear, stop, put my BC on the boat.

And then we start to dive, and now I’m swimmin’ like

Boy, you know I want your air

Your air compressed for someone like me,

Come on now, share your air please,

I may be crazy, don’t mind me

Say, boy, let’s not swim too much,

Grab on my tank and put that rescue to me,

Come on now, follow my lead.

Come, Come on now, follow my lead . . . hmmm.

I’m just loving diving with you,

We stay buoyant like good divers do.

Although my air is falling too,

I’m in love with diving.

And last night you were in my group,

And now my wetsuit smells like Ewwww

Everyday hunting lionfish with you.

I’m in love with diving

Oh-I- Oh-Oh-I -Oh -I

I’m in love with diving

Oh-I- Oh-Oh-I -Oh -I

I’m in love with diving

Oh-I- Oh-Oh-I -Oh -I

Surviving zombies diving with you

I’m in love with diving

Come on, be my buddy, come on.

Come on, with us Kenton, come on.

Come on, with us Davis, come on.

Come on, Danny divers, come on,

Come on, Kenton, come on.

Come on, Davis, come on.

Come on, with us Albert, come on.

Come on, with us Woody, come on.

Come on, Gigi & Jay, come on.

Come on, Heather & Mary, come on.

Come on, Felix & Denzel, come on.

Come on, Margo & Tom, come on.

Come on, everybody, come on.

K.S.C. camp lyrics

By the Johnson family

Young family, there’s no need to feel down

I said, young family, pick yourself off the ground

I said, young family, cause you’re in a new town

There’s no need to be unhappy

Young family, there’s a place you can go

I said, young family, when you’re unsure where to go

You can stay there, and I’m sure you will find

Many ways to have a good time

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

They have everything for families to enjoy

You can hang out with all the fish

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

You can get some great dives, you can have a good meal

You can do whatever you feel

Young family, are you listening to me?

I said, young family, where do you want to go?

I said, young family, you can make real your dreams

But you got to know this one thing

No family does it all by themselves

I said, young family, put your pride on the shelf

And just go there, to the Kids Sea Camp

I’m sure they can help you today

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

They have everything for families to enjoy

You can hang out with all the sharks

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

You can get some great dives, you can have a good meal

You can do whatever you feel

Young family, I was once in your shoes

I said I was down and out with the dive blues

I felt no family cared if I were alive

I felt the whole world was so jive

That’s when someone came up to me

And said, young family, take a walk up the street

There’s a place there called the Kids Sea Camp

They can start you back on your way

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

They have everything for families to enjoy

You can hang out with all the turtles

K.S.C. camp . . . It’s fun to dive with K.S.C. camp

Young family, young family, there’s no need to feel down

Young family, young family, get yourself off the ground

K.S.C. camp you’ll find it at the K.S.C. camp

No family, no family does it all by themselves

Young family, young family, put your pride on the shelf

K.S.C. camp . . . just go to the K.S.C. camp Young family, young family, are you listening to me?

Young family, young family, where do you wanna go?

K.S.C. camp…you find in the K.S.C. camp…

No family, no family does it all by themselves

Young family, young family, put your pride on the shelf

K.S.C. camp…just go to the K.S.C. camp…

Young family, young family I was watching your shoes

Young family, young I was down with the blues

What an amazing night of poetry in St. Lucia

The St Lucia poetry night always held on the last night of the Kids Sea Camp week is normally a special night. But this week the St. Lucia poems seemed even more remarkable than normal. Maybe it was the gentle rain with the moon dancing in-between the clouds that brought our families prose and verve a little more to the surface. There was a little more energy and edge during the night.

As Dylan Thomas would say: No one went quietly into that good night. Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.Though wise men at their end know dark is right because their words had forked no lightning they. Do not go gentle into that good night.
This poetry contest live up to the Thomas’ poem. A memorable night — a special night — that Margo and I will remember forever. Thank you all for putting so much effort into the evening.

First place: Teen Boat Dive Briefing

By Tyler Jenss

Today our dive will go sixty feet deep,

And forty-five minutes is the time to keep.

To get in the water, just do a big stride,

Then fill up your BC and wait for your guide.

When you get the Ok, you can start to go down,

And put in your regulator so that you don’t drown.

Watch for rocks and sand, because they can go fast,

And if you see an eel you may get harassed,

But if it starts coming towards you just give it a kick,

And keep an eye out for some slippery dick.

When you get two thumbs up, start to head to the surface,

But don’t go too fast ‘cause you’ll make Kenton nervous.

Swimming straight to the boat can lead to decapitation,

This would undoubtedly ruin your family vacation!

When you get to the ladder, go up one-at-a-time,

First take off your fins and then start to climb.

A bang from the boat means an issue atop,

So ascend at one-foot-per-second with no safety stop.

If you hear there’s a problem, don’t ask any questions,

Just go to the surface and then wait for directions.

Keep an eye on your air, and let it be known,

Seven hundred pounds is our caution zone.

If you run out of air, do not be upset,

And the number one rule is, try not to get wet!

First place

By Emma Svitil

When swimming around in the deep ocean blue,

I’ve found some thoughts that just come to you.

Granted some are silly, like my hot dog joke.
But others are profound and need to be written.

We’ve reached many epiphanies down there in the blue,

and now I’d like to share one of mine with you.

The first dive I went on I saw many a thing.

I saw corals, rocks, and some long-lost ring,

but the one thing I saw that really stood out…

Was none other than the trumpetfish with his long snout!

I remember him clearly as I swam through the arch.

He was silver and shiny and made my heart lurch!

Afterwards, as I swam on, thinking on this,

I realized with me, there was something amiss.

See I’ve always thought I was different and special,

much like this fish, I was shiny and precious.

But I suddenly realized that no one else cared.

They didn’t remember that trumpet fish there.

No one on a dive boat says “Did you see that?”

About the poor trumpet fish and others like that.

All everyone cares about is rarity and size.

But they don’t believe unless they see it with their eyes.

I think some of us believe we are fish in the pack.

We’re trout’s and the guppies and the goldfish snacks.

We’re here for a while, we swim around, float.

Then we get eaten or kidnapped or both!

And we think no one cares, we think no one has noticed.

We see the divers swim on, and we see them demote us.

They turn us into another object, a thing.

A backdrop for all that they want to be seeing.

And maybe it’s true.  Maybe we are just some fish.

But that’s not important, what’s important is this:

I will never forget that one trumpet fish.

That fish was so special, he couldn’t be missed.

At least by me, see, that’s where it counts.

I can travel the world; I can make my rounds,

 But I won’t forget him and that’s where its true

That that is how somebody feels about you.

For most of the divers, you may not be special.

They’ll swim on by, and then they’ll just board the vessel.

They’ll leave and forget and move on to the next. But for one person, just maybe, they’ll stay and they’ll rest.

They’ll take all the pictures; they’ll put you in logs.

They’ll remember there depth and the exact time and all.

Or the things that happened the moment they saw you

That one special fish

The best of all You.

60’s Diving Medley: (sung to the tunes of Nat King Cole’s “Love” and The Weavers “Lion Sleeps Tonight”)

By the Molkentin Family

S: is the Sea that we explore.
C: keeps us Coming back for more and more
U: is the Underwater life galore
B:  The Bubbles
And A: we sure Adore. Kids Sea Camp.

Divin’ trips with kids sea camp are just the best
They fulfill our family’s diving quests.

Kids sea camp’s shown us  new spots on the map
Utila, Bonaire,  Palau
The Grenadines, St. Lucia and Yap
Come, along and join the family fun
Kids dive safe
Under Margo’s thumb

Grab your mask, your fins.
Strap on your BCD
See the peacock flounders, trumpetfish
And anemone

Dive KSC from dawn to dusk each day
Night Dive with the  needlefish that dot the bay

We  love the fringing coral
And the fish
That this trip would never end
Is our only wish…Because

We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh,  We came to dive

St. Lucia is a small sovereign island
in the East Car rib Be a Sea
Land of cultural history, gracious, smiling people
The Pitons and  Anse Chastanet

Anse Chastanet offers sanctuary, a safety haven
For turtles, fish, and ray
St, Lucians protect and honor
their living treasures
So ecology will stay

We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh,  We came to dive

We saw glass eyed  snapper and parrotfish
And yellow headed wrasse.
spiny lobster, big crusty crabs
And spotted eels in the grass.

Our kids’ favorite fish swam along the rocks
It was called the slippery dick
The green sea turtle and octopus
Were my own most favorite picks!

We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh,  We came to dive

The ca- ta- Marran took us all on a voyage
To see the sunset and bats fly
A little champagne, appetizers, and dancing
We wish we could have stayed all night

 We learned herbal healing

rode bikes through the Jungle
Sampled chocolate and played in the sand
Dining right next to the beach was cool
As was listening to the steel drum band

We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh,  We came to dive

Thanks, Kids Sea Camp
Thanks, Scuba St. Lucia
This Thanksgiving week was really cool
Anse Chastanet is a special place
A real Caribbean jewel.

We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive. We came to dive
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh,  We came to dive

Kids Sea Camp (sung to the tune of theme song for the Spiderman cartoon)

By Peter Hays

Kids Sea Camp

Kids Sea Camp

Loves to get their divers damp

Aquatic life of every size

Swimming by before their eyes

Look out- here comes Kids Sea Camp!

Can they dive?

Take it from me,

They’ve been diving in every sea

Can they swim through the waves?

Dude, these divers are really brave!

Look there- there goes Kids Sea Camp!

In the darkness of night

Their dive lights will shine

With the beams of their lights,

The reef life they will find.

Kids Sea Camp

Kids Sea Camp

International Kids Sea Camp

Everywhere they explore

Every diver comes back for more

Let’s go- diving with Kids Sea Camp!

With Margo and Tom and their crew

Kids Sea Camp explores the deep blue

With each dive, there’s something new

If you want to get wet,

Your very best bet,

Is to dive into Kids Sea Camp!

The Non-Divers Experience

By Jessica Hart, Bailey Lavinsky, and Susan Hultgren

Kids Sea Camp news: A recount request sent to the KSC poetry panel 

We’re so lazy,

We don’t want to go.

We’re on vacation,

Leave us a-alone.

We’re so lazy,

Can’t you see we’re slow?

We heard it’s fun, we still don’t want to go.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls,

Stick to the oceans and beaches that you’re used to.

We know you’re gonna hike it yourself or nothing at all,

But we got two babies to haul.

Bike, bike baby

Jungle bike, bike baby

Jungle bike, bike baby

Jungle bike, bike baby


Can’t climb this!

Look, man, we can’t climb this.

These killer steps up and back down, No!

We can’t climb this!

Ring the shuttle. Bring it down.

It’s breakfast time!

We sleep in late, got nothing in our day.

That’s what divers say hmm-mmm,

That’s what divers say hmm-mmm,

We went to a mud bath,

But could find no mud- uh-uh! Uh-uh!

At least that’s what divers say (hmm)

That’s what divers say (hmm)

By Emma Przybylo and Audrey Sarin

Now we’re all here, the whole family, all 8

Although 1 of us was a little bit late

She was detained by the wind and snow

But finally was allowed to go

We’ve all been doing our own special thing

For Raman that meant playing the guitar so Tom could sing

The kids were playing volleyball, paddle boarding and such

And Nani was relaxing, not doing too much

Sunita’s favorite part was the chocolate tasting

Tina talked about saving the ocean and not wasting

Phil’s gotten better, so now he’s around

So now all 8 are here laughing, one happy sound

Thank you Kids Sea Camp,

We’ve had so much fun

Nani, we’re ready for another one!

By Rainer Jenss 

Thanksgiving was upon us,

To give our spirits a lift.

There really is no question,

Kids Sea Camp is a gift.

 A friend is many people

Throughout our given life.

Some always seem to top the list,

And that’s Rob and his wife.

But there are many others,

The ones we met right here.

Maybe if we’re lucky.

We’ll meet up with them next year. 

Thanksgiving this year was special,

It gave me time to think;

How special Kids Sea Camp really is,

Even though it went by in a blink!

 By Zachary Nathanson

I love octopi

They are really great

They are super smart

And they can open jars

This poem is ending

So remember this!

By Gahan Family

The velvet ocean, the emerald peak

Kid Sea Camp arrives, but Margo can’t speak!

We carried on, thanks to Tom

And learned a lot- we didn’t stop!

Ear infections won’t get us down

We will equalize before we leave this town

Under the sea, fish will be

Fish will be, right next to me

Eels around, I swim around

No sharks in sight, all is good tonight.

Biking the mountain above the sea,

Oh no! I fell down- blood I see!

And now the week is gone-

Just when we learned how to put our wetsuits on.

Goodbye, for now, we will meet again,

The sun is down, I’m leaving this town.

 By Montgomery,  Thorsten and Remington Hart

I am a coral in the deep blue sea,

Everyone wants to come see me!

I am big, white and awesome,

Come see me so we can have some fun!

I am an octopus swimming in the sea,

Divers are always looking for me!

There is no place I’d rather be,

But hiding in a reed instead of a tree!

I am the waves crashing in,

Everybody wants to hop in!

Carrying shells and sand, with every crash,

High tide, low tide, it won’t be my last!

Diving vacations go so fast!

By Lilly Blakey

Climb aboard the Lucky T and come explore the ocean with me

60 foot below you’ll see Stuart is lower than he should be

Jim’s at the surface with no air

Asa’s flailing with no care

Trey’s fast asleep on the boat

Jim’s barely got enough air to float

Susan is as cold as can be

And they all wish they could dive like me.


Dominica Poems

From Fort Young Hotel on the island of Dominica 2017

Here’s are the poems from the families from the Kids Sea Camp in Dominica.

Ryan’s song

By Ryan White

Tom is the bomb,

Kids Sea Camp is best

Ryan is calm,

when he is with Tom.

So come to Kids Sea Camp and friends will abound.


By Lisa White

Waitukubuli, how you move me

Speak unto her English, French or Caribe.

Her salty breeze

Traveling down I soar,

Privates hidden love,

Nine depths of earth’s core,

Arise, Arise, I must wake!

My air supply is running low,

Time now is my foe.

Waitukubuli, living grace.

First KSC

By The Erkart Family

Our first Kids Sea Camp,

was so much fun.

We traveled to Dominica

to scuba with our son.

Mrs. Margo and Mr. Tom,

organized the dives,

and  created the adventure,

that changed our lives.

The staff was amazing,

and the food was great, 

together among our new friends,

for the next Sea Camp I cannot wait!

By unknown

Sponges eels rays trunkfish,

undersea another world,

If you clear your mask!

By unknown

Kids Sea Camp was great!

The last dive, we saw a turtle.

But no camera!

By unknown

I’m gonna tell ya story,

and it ain’t no jive!

About Dominica,

and learning to dive!

We learn from the sea,

But of the people too!

We travel to beautiful places,

and islands that are new!

I enjoyed our week of discovery,

Both on the land and on the sea!

Travel is education,

and learning with Kids Sea Camp is the key!

Wakatobi poems 2017

Poems from the Kids Sea Camp at Wakatobi

Here are poems from the 2017 Kids Sea Camp week from the week at Wakatobi resort. 

(Sung to “My Favorite Things”)

Unknown author

Black-banded sea kraits and large tiger cowries.

Leaf fish and stonefish that scoot cross the floor seas.

Whip coral.
Gobis and yellow jawfish smiles for all,
These creatures dive traveled the miles,
Schooling black snapper and Chromis wearing jammies,
Bubble coral shrimp and anemone fish families,
Hawksbills and spotted rays that fly if, on wings, these are a few of my favorite things,
When the dive ends,
when its surface time,
when we need a break,
I can’t wait to go back to the restaurant resort to eat what the staff has baked,
Pancit and dragon fruit and fresh tuna poke,
Josh Comay’s photo tips,
our, kids singing karaoke,
sarong tying lessons and a village tour stop,
Kids Sea Camp, Wakatobi really does rock.
So if you’re thinking about a family trip and really want to dive,

Ask Margo and Tom about Wakatobi resort for an adventure to come alive.

By Joe Abad Santos
When you go diving in Wakatobi many feet below.
Did you check your dive tank and your buoyancy?
Get your dive mask so you can see?
We’ve got the best dive crew and made some new friends,
what else would I need?
Did you see the cool cuttlefish,
that ever elusive cuttlefish,
Diving in Wakatobi
We went exploring the reefs every day, 
3 boats dive per day,
Tiger flatworms nudibranchs, spotted rays,
nemo clownfish and a shark that swam away
So many creatures so weird and so cool,
what else did you see?
Did you see that seahorse, 
that tiny pygmy seahorse diving in Wakatobi?
Here at Kids Sea Camp, 
kids learn how to dive with friends from near and far.
Adventures and great food are guaranteed.
Margo and Tom in-charge of all that you’ll need.
You won’t have any worries,
you will have a blast,
Oh, when can I come back?
To the best diving for trip adventures of a lifetime.
Diving at Kids Sea Camp!

Diving with Kids Sea Camp

Sung by Wakatobi V + Wisconsin

(Sung to the tune of “Proud Mary”)

Evening Everyone,
No need to rush,
You’re on vacation,
Let’s take it nice and easy…
Left the US for Wakatobi,
Seeking bluer water and sunny skies,
Now we’re here in Indonesia,
Can’t wait to hit the water,
Catch up with KSC friends,
And dive, dive, dive,
Kids Sea Camp brings us new pleasures
Exploring vast ocean treasures.
Year we’re diving, diving,
Diving, Diving, Diving with Kids Sea Camp
Diving with Kids Sea Camp
Wake up every morning at 6 o’clock,
Hurry eat your breakfast and get down to the dock.Oh, the teen boat’s gonna leave,
And we’ll have,
fun for the day.Ditching sons and daughters yeah, it’s our turn to play
First day out… There was a banded sea krait,
Winding through the house reef like a black and white snake,
On the house’s own reef I saw orangutan crab, a crocodile fish, and gobies doing the dab.
Symbiosis is going on with gobi fish and their shrimps, pufferfish, and cleaners, anemone and clownfish,
Brad’s gonna try to take our picture,
Jesse’s got the right light, snapping all our memories, making our smiles bright.(Chorus)

The Bonaire Poetry winners 2014

Let it go! Steals the show!

What a first poetry contest of Kids Sea Camp of the KSC summer! We had everything; deep thoughtful, personal and funny poems — and then we had Tanya Conklin. And she stole the show at the Bonaire poetry presentation at Kids Sea Camp.

(To the tune of Frozen’s Let it Go)

By Tanya Conklin

The wind blows strongly on Bonaire tonight,

Not a frogfish to be seen,
It’s a kingdom of wrasse and blennies,
Look, there goes a Queen,
The current’s raging like the kids at drop off time,
I know they would like it,
If only they would try, 
I must get in,
I must go see,
Be the good diver I always have to be,
No touch, No take,
The rules for me,
I’m free!
Down Below, 
Down Below,
Can’t stay topside anymore.
Down Below,
Down Below, 
Put my gear on and giant stride
Here I dive into the night or day
Let the boat capsize!

Depth never bothered me anyway.

Sacred Shapes

By Jess Reese

In an arid world,
searching for a Golden Mean.
The maple’s triangle,
Orion the Hunter’s hourglass,
The river’s sinuous serpentine.
This thirst is only quenched in a drenched domain.
Lost in the labyrinth of boulders.
Transfixed by a jelly’s translucent shoulders.
Ascending the spirals of feathery Christmas trees,
I marvel at the harmony of spheres,
And allow myself to be seduced by the symmetry
Of encrusting creatures.
The perfect circle of the inhale and the exhale.

God’s Geometry.

Cowfish, hogfish, Eels, oh my!

By Vernon White’s 

Then it appeared: Charlie’s giant eye!!I swam, he swam.

I looked, he looked back at me.
Two bodies, enjoying the Carribean sea.

Thanks, Kids Sea Camp!

By Jackie Horak

New friends, new swims

Scuba = Yes!
Smoothies, parrot fish, Donkeys = Check!
And glass-bottom jellyfish fields= Let us never forget!

Thank you Kids Sea Camp!

Life Is

By Darrel Reese)

Life is a series of splashes smiles hidden by snorkels and masks giggles heard only by fish.

Life is a descent into the unknown leaving a trail of bubbles the sorrow of certain ascent.
Life is the sinuous swim in seeking a slow paddle of curiosity dances choreographed in a universal language.
Life is a feeding frenzy a spectrum of fleeting apparitions memories recorded by the circuitry of eye and mind.
Life is the clink of conversation, classy stories and classless jokes, beacons of light painted on a dark canvas,
Life is an album of many collections filled with personal reflections shared celebrations and disappointments.
Life is the inhale at sunrise meandering footprints in the sand the exhale of sunset.
Life is fun.   

Life is familyFamily is life.

Kids Sea Camp in Bonaire

By Daniel and Zsolt Orban, read by Daniele

My June affair.
Diving first time at age 12 is serious fun under the Sun.
Sure we feel we’re on the run,
the Early morning after we rise,
Adventure is ahead of us.
Campers we all are,
Adults and kids alike.
Make the best of ourselves,
Pack away fun and experience.


Kids Sea Camp news: Poetry recount!

Poetry Recount!

A formal request for a recount comes the day after the annual poetry contest in St. Lucia.

Anse Chastanet Beach

Dateline: Columbia, South Carolina, Kids Sea Camp offices

In a rare and unusual request from an anonymous source received the letter was sent to Tom Peyton, Vice-President of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures on Saturday, November 29th. The letter clearly states a feeling of discrimination from the “non-divers” by the Kids Sea Camp “all divers” panel that could possibly impact the choices made by the judges.

The poem in question was written and performed during the poetry night on Friday, November 28th. In fact, the team, in protest would like to relinquish their prizes. This is the first time in the 15 year history of the contest such a request has ever been made.

“We are looking into the seriousness of the accusations,” Tom Peyton responded to the letter, “It is our corporate policy to look into any dissatisfaction with any of our families. Even the appearance of any prejudice would be considered a major issue for us. We have a private investigations team dealing with the issue.”

The protest letter even calls into question the accuracy of Peyton’s homemade clap-o-meter. The device, made from the Vice-President’s two arms, two hands and ears reflects the power of the applause by the group.“My clap-o-meter, yeah, it’s part of the issue,” Peyton laughed, “We have been looking for an affordable replacement for it for years. But we have not been able to find a solution.”

When asked about changing the outcome of the contest Peyton responded, “We believe in our contest and the outcome will not change. But, it doesn’t mean some sort of corrective action isn’t going to take place.”

Utila, Kids Sea Camp poems

Poems from Kids Sea Camp weeks in Utila

Here are the poems from the Kids Sea Camp weeks in Utila. Kids Sea Camp has a poetry presentation every Friday night at the closing celebration.

Perfect 10

By The Ward family

Oh, beautiful Utila, what an adventure you’ve been,

Laguna Beach resort has earned a “perfect 10.”

The whole staff was so kind, the crew second to none,

Underwater or on land we couldn’t have had more fun.

Critters and creatures everywhere, with no rhyme or reason,

They even found us Whale sharks and it’s not even the season.

The mosquitoes and no-see-ums tried to spoil our dives,

Bu the Zombie Apocalypse had them running for their lives.

Every dive was amazing, there’s no way we couldn’t win,

Kids Sea Camp Utila, we can’t wait to do it again!

Whale Shark

By Annie Myron

Whale shark, Whale shark

What do you see?

I see a human snorkeling by me.

Whale shark, Whale shark spots to and fro,

Whale shark where did you go?

Utilean Waters

By the Schaffer family

Up from the depths of the Utilean waters,

A majestic spotted beast glides past.

Up on deck of the boat, we sought her,

Mask, fins, and snorkel put them on fast.

Jump into the water and follow her down,

Hold our breaths with cameras steady.

Aim, point, and shoot for the best picture in town

But if you blink your eyes, she will be gone already.

Passport in pocket

By The Myron family

Come, divers, come snorkels,

All family and friends.

It’s off to Kids Sea Camp,

Where the fun never ends.

Passport in pocket,

Dove bag in hand.

The adventure begins,

When our feet touch the sand.

A sweetheart named Margo,

Is there from the start.

A smile so big,

And a magnificent heart.

A bold guy named Woody,

Takes our kids for a dive.

We all think ourselves,

Please bring’em back alive.

A Whale shark, a seahorse,

Our week comes to an end.

We leave Laguna Beach resort

Having made a new friend.

She walks on four legs,

And Coco’s her name.

She surely belongs,

In the Dog Hall of Fame.


By the Tappero family

U: Unlimited fun diving, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and four-wheeling.

T: Terrific times seeing whale sharks, rays, turtles, eels and many exotic fish. Special Thanks to all who work for Laguna Beach resort for all the hard work and great service this week.

I: Intense pressure, learning the Zombie Dive and Water signs. Thanks to Woody and Kevin for all the hard work.

L: Landing and having fun with all the interesting families from all over the world. Hope we see you all again at another Kids Sea Camp.

A: Awesome time on a great vacation thanks to Margo for all the hard work to make this such a wonderful vacation for all of us. 

2014 Galapagos Poems

2014 poems from the Kids Sea Camp Galapagos dive adventure 

Here are the poems from the Kids Sea Camp dive vacation in the Galapagos in 2014. Kids Sea Camp host a poetry presentation every Friday for the closing celebration even on a liveaboard.

The Galapagos  

by Marie Eve Leclerc 

When the plane first landed in the Galapagos,

I had tears in my eyes

I couldn’t believe that I was here

Breathing the same air as the Galapagos’s animals

That I would walk on those mythical islands

Following the steps of so many explorers before me

That I would dive with whale sharks and other giants of the sea

Tracking back the evolution of life to their roots

Those tears were just the beginning of something amazing and incredible

And now that I look back on what I’ve seen

I consider myself lucky

Lucky to have lived this adventureLucky to have seen that much in my life at such a young age

Lucky to have dived into those seasLucky to have met all of you

Those tears were meant to be When I will leave

Those tears will be in my eyes again

But I will be smiling

Thinking about all those moments passed with great people

Those tears aren’t sad tears

But nostalgic tears

This another Kids Sea Camp trip will be sealed in my memory foreverAnd all of this because of those tears.

Pack, Pack, Pack Our Gear

by Lloyd and Brenna Kaufman  

(to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

Pack, pack, pack our gear
We’re headed on a trip.
To the Galapagos,
It’s on our bucket list

One, two, three plane rides
In Ecuador, we arrive.
We board the mighty Wolf Buddy
It’s run by Buddy Dive

Board the ship, stow our gear
Get ready for our first dip.
Diving with the sea lions
It really was a trip!

Off, off, off we go
To Wolf, we are bound.
Just like promised by Peter,
Schools of hammerheads we found!

Then it’s on to Darwin’s island,
Whale sharks we desire.
In two days we found seven in all
Salon and Peter they’re on fire!

On the last dive in shark bay,
It was a little rough
We lost Bruce,
but then found him floating in the sea so rough!

Next it was back to Isabel,
A cold dive we did do.
Seahorses, sea lions, and a bullhead shark,
Punta Vicente Roca we love you!

Onto Fernandina Island,
To swim with the iguana.
And on the way back to the boat,
We saw the fin of a mola mola

Our journey continues,
Back north of the equator.
The captain stopped at 0 0 0
We’ll show the pictures later.

Land, land, land we touched
On Punta Albemarle.
Lava flow, mockingbirds
And remnants from the world war.

Then we had one last dive,
At little cousin’s rock.
Sea lions, white tip sharks
still sleeping on the reef rock.

Bartolome Island,
we did go.
Penguins blue-footed boobies,
It was quite a show.

Off to Santa Cruz, we went,
To the highlands.
Nice walk to Darwin station,
mojito and cerveza it ends.

Love love loved this trip,
What a beautiful time.
Wolf Buddy Crew hats off to you,
It’s been worth every dime!

Grand Cayman poems 2013

2013 Grand Cayman poems at Kids Sea Camp 

Here are the poems from the Kids Sea Camp  Grand Cayman in 2013. Kids Sea Camp has a poetry presentation every Friday at the closing celebration.

Short and Sweet

By Lorie Johnson

The warmest of welcome from Arrie when we arrive

Under a gorgeous blue Cayman sky.

To the dive shop to meet,

The most knowledgeable divemasters found on the Cayman beat.

No offense Atatude peeps

But the Tanata gang will make you laugh to weeps!

There is Christian, historian, skippers, artist and so much more

Then you have sweet Toni with divemaster joke galore.

With pirates, presentations, photos, and smores,

No one really wants to stay indoors.

Great dives, stories and unforgettable memories while dining.

Eagle rays, turtles, coral, tow lionfish culls and bonding on the “pee” tow line.

Kids Sea Camp at Cobalt Coast is a quaint, friendly and relaxing vacation.

The sounds of children playing adults laughing most certainly will make it a future destination.

 Cobalt Blue

 By Vivian Rogers

Cobalt Blue

Tanata with Attitude

Every day we’re diving

Down below

There we go

Making memories to cherish

Kids Sea Camp

Grand Cayman Isle

Bless these deeps walls forever

Cobalt Blue

DiveTech too

Missing all y’all forever.

Here Here 

by James Gerdt

A run in the morning, two dives before noon.

Has anyone seen our kids?

I’m sure we’ll see them soon.

 Another dive or maybe a beer,

I wonder how long, we could stay here.

Now I’ve seen my son, but no sign of my daughter,

I’m sure she’s diving a wreck or snorkeling or something in the water.

Catching lionfish with Toni sure was fun,

We’re her first students who didn’t get stung!

Rescue diver. . .that’s what we now call David and Jim,

When I grow up I want to be just like them.

I’m hungry again —Cobalt Coast has good food,

Add a coffee smoothie and friends to brighten your mood.

It’s been a great week, but it’s time to head back to work again,

Though I’m not sure I can find my way without a drawing from Christian.

I finally found both of my offspring.

One’s almost sleep and is that both have a new turtle thing.

Farewell friends, we’ll see you next year.

Let’s all raise a glass and shout “Here, Here.”

Twinkle Camp

By Allison Ameo

Twinkle, Twinkle little star,

Time to go very far.

Playing, laughing and making friends,

The fun at Sea Camp never ends.

The Ocean by Chloe Mei

The ocean is a great place to swim.

You can snorkel, dive and sassy.

It’s fun to do all those three but especially with your friends.

And all you can see are fishes and trees and all the other sea animals.

It’s really cool to go in the ocean and so it’s fun for me.

 Graduation Time

By Jocelyn Ameo

When I am in the water

I tell my father

Five more minutes to go

Before my graduation show.

The time I had was very fun,

I laughed and played in the sun.

I had fun making friends

And I am sad because it’s about to end.

Kids Sea Camp Lane

By Nick Arnel

In Grand Cayman, there’s a place that they call Cobalt Coast,

Where Kids Sea Camp is having great fun every day

All the families like to come and play

It’s an awesome stay.

On the corner, there’s a dive shop they call DiveTech

Where the staff is always happy to oblige.

When you say you want to go and dive

They say A-O-K

That’ the way.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back

At Cobalt Coast, there is a boat they call the Attitude

It will take you to the sites you want to see.

Ghost Mountain and the Kittiwake

And the Half Pipe too.

There is also a fun place that they call Turtle Farm.

Where the Sassys and the Seals went to play

Conservation is the point of view, very cool.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back

Nanette and Fraser set their sites on “Sting Ray City.”

Where we’re guaranteed to have a great ol’time

We got to feed the stingrays bits of squid,

It’s great to be a kid.

Now the time has come for us to sing a fond farewell

To all the new friends that we’ve made a long way.

We’ll be planning our next holiday

Maybe Utila Bay,

What d’ya say.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back

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