Kids Sea Camp one of the greatest vacations ever!

Kids Sea Camp the greatest vacation ever!  Dearest Margo and Kids Sea Campers, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for Kids Sea Camp the greatest vacation ever. For this trip, of course, but mostly for devising such a wonderful program that enriches not just the kids but the adults too. My wife had one of the greatest vacations of her life (and is begging me to bring them back next year), and my daughters both cried when we left saying they wanted to go to...[ read more ]

What an amazing week at Kids Sea Camp, Bonaire

Kids Sea Camp in Bonaire! I wanted to thank you, Kids Sea Camp and the Buddy Dive staff for an amazing week in Bonaire. Matteo and I had such an amazing time and Pascal was a great instructor and extremely attentive and dealt with Matteo’s numerous foot injuries (haha). Matteo absolutely adored him. I never worried about Matteo and that made all the difference. I was actually able to relax knowing my child was in good hands, safe and learning. Everyone, including KSC and Buddy Dive staff, made us feel...[ read more ]

When we heard about Kids Sea Camp, we knew it would be perfect for our family

The perfect family vacation with Kids Sea Camp To say my family is passionate about travel would be a huge understatement. In fact, we feel that travel is perfect for our children’s educations and personal development that we took a year off to travel around the world with our two sons (8 and 11 at the time), visiting 28 different countries along the way. Now that we’re back in the “real world,” we truly cherish those few weeks a year we get time off and select our vacations very carefully....[ read more ]

The kids simply love Kids Sea Camp! Thanks again for another great week

Kids Sea Camp is love Our family just got back from Bonaire and had a fabulous time and just loving Kids Sea Camp.  Your crew, as usual, do a great job hosting the week and everyone seemed to have a really great time!!  We are all thinking about where to travel to next year.  We have quite a large group of people that are all interested in finding a place for us all to travel to next summer.  Many of us still have small kids so we really all want...[ read more ]

The National Geographic moment in Roatan

National Geographic experience at Kids Sea Camp The Bay Islands Kids Kids Sea Camp (Bay Islands Honduras), I am writing rather belatedly to tell you that my family had a terrific time at your camp. It was the best trip we’ve taken since our “pre-child” diving days. We enjoyed 3 dives a day and saw some amazing sights. I was there for the National Geographic moment when a large octopus and a 4′ moray wrangled in a life or death struggle before our eyes (the moray escaped). We saw turtles...[ read more ]

Kids Sea Camp is the best of both worlds for a family vacation

Kids Sea Camp is simply the best Margo, I have always meant to write you a note to thank you for Kids Sea Camp. We have now enjoyed Grand Cayman, Fiji, Roatan and Bonaire with our kids through you.  You have enabled us to dive with our children in wonderful locations that we would never have been able to do without Kids Sea Camp!  With  5 children in all the age brackets, our children have been able to enjoy SASY through Teen Diving and have been able to get certified by...[ read more ]

“Kids Sea Camp was the most awesome vacation we’ve ever had!”

Another awesome Kid Sea Camp adventure Kids Sea Camp allowed us as parents to awesome great morning dives each day knowing that the kids were well attended to. Upon returning to the hotel each day after diving around lunchtime, the kids were so consumed with the content of their own marine programs, they barely recognized our return! The afternoon allowed us, adults, to get out and enjoy some more activities before returning to get the kids at the end of their afternoon sessions. As if the scheduled kids’ activities weren’t...[ read more ]

Kids Sea Camp just made days fly by on our vacation!

Kids Sea Camp as good as they say it is! We have taken our son James with us on every dive trip we’ve taken — sometimes with and sometimes without babysitters — and it’s usually worked out for us. But when we learned about Kids Sea Camp, we knew it was exactly what we were looking for all along. So much so, in fact, that we began to wonder, “Could it really be as good as they say?” Well, it was better than advertised! Animal encounters, ocean art, stories, snorkeling,...[ read more ]

Kids Sea Camp Mom: I highly recommend that any family go to Kids Sea Camp

Thoughts from a Kids Sea Camp mom Reflections from a Kids Sea Camp family that has gone to these KSC trips: Curaçao  2003, Curacao 2004,  Curacao 2005,  Honduras 2006, Honduras 2007, Fiji 2008, Palau & Costa Rica in 2009 and joined 2010 Belize. By Trish, mom of Corley, then age 8 and now age 19 I had been debating whether to put down my deposit for our Kids Sea Camp in Curaçao. We couldn’t decide whether we wanted to try a new location or take a year off. But after...[ read more ]

Kids Sea Camp set the bar pretty high

Looking forward to our next Kids Sea Camp vacation Greetings! Hope you and all Kids Sea Camp family are surviving the winter. We are approaching the record for winter snowfall here in West Virginia. 77 inches is our record, we are just a few short of that now. On behalf of Trey, Anna, Christy, Jenny, and myself, I just want to thank you for the wonderful time we had at Kids Sea Camp in Honduras this past summer. As the months, and the snow, have accumulated since then, we have...[ read more ]